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  1. Bought this off amazon ***** this morning is this a ok one to us with forscan?
  2. Aye a had to end up changing starter motor and pump as both ***** themselfs trying to start it up after filter change
  3. Forgot to say that this no start is all happend since tge day i changed the diesel filter now wont start or even sound like its wanting to start
  4. Coming up with engine systems fault and is like car is no firing at all changed pump and starter motor the day so starting ta get ***** off wi car now
  5. Got it coded in now the pump has ***** itself and starter motor on way oot car nytmares at this tym of year grrrrrr
  6. What's best forscan to buy mate
  7. Al have to get it coded to car before car will start tho won't I as it will cut other injectors off with having wrong code?
  8. Av got the old engine that ***** out the car sitting there mate so have everything spare. Old engine the head gasket went on it
  9. So would u say to change injector no2 mate then get it coded
  10. Can any1 help with these codes car always in limp mode and won't rev over 2500rpm can't drive it as wants to cut out
  11. It's annoying as a just put new engine in and had it all coded up by ford now it's hard to start and when does it's like it's running lumpy and has a diesel knock like it's missing if u stand at bak of car u hear like a bak fire ***** oot the exhaust if u get what a mean then sumtyms it cums out of limp mode and when u rev it up over 3000rpm it cuts into limp mode and won't rev over 2500rpm and sounds ruff
  12. There's no fault code cumin up mate had it on a snap on machine. The engine system message comes up and red light but no fault code
  13. Hope some1 can help car is really hard to start and when does sometimes is in limp mode and won't rev over 2500rpm and sounds like a tractor and it's in limp mode sumtyms it cums out limp mode bt when ubtry drive it under load it goes back into limp mode and no acceleration and wants to cut out any1 help what to check plz
  14. My project focus just had new engine fitted and getting mot end of month what bigger turbo can I fit on without having to change or modify loads to make it fit plz any1 help