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  1. Its like tbe diesel pump ant wurking at all on the car
  2. How do i get the ford pats system to let my diesel pump wurk and injectors
  3. Recently changed engine and gearbox as engines head gasket had gone so changed pcm and clocks and key aswell problem is its like even after getting diesel to the injector pump it will not start or even try its a 2.0 tdci focus any help would be grateful cheers in advance
  4. Guy just told me he had all injectors out to do seats and seals then when put back together car wouldnt start
  5. I bought a hand priming pump but tbh its a ***** yin lol so u recommend buying forscan? Can i give u my number and we speak 2moz mate?
  6. I bought it as a none runner project guy a bought it from said he done injector seats and seals then could t get it to go again do u know the bleeding order there is air in the fuel line yes easy start gets car to start but nothing at the peddle
  7. I have just bought a focus tdci 2.0 titanium st rep as a project the problem i am having is the car will start on easy start but soon as i stop spraying it it cuts out any1 help