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  1. Is It The Head Gasket

    Thanks bigD,wase and FOCA you guys are wasted on here you should be running your own businesses or maybe you are.Going to have another look at van start her up and watch for developments.Only need it for this wee job tomorrow so going to chance it unless it blows up in ma face today. Have already got it on ebay as spares or repairfor a paltry sum ,what's really annoying is that I paid £250.00 fitted for complete exhaust system just a month ago. ed.stewart (rustneversleeps)
  2. Is It The Head Gasket

    Thanks BigD there is no sign of leakage from hoses /radiator would you agree that this all points to head gasket. ed.
  3. Is It The Head Gasket

    Van on a Y plate lost all its coolant and after RAC attending the operative said it was a cylinder head gasket that was the problem.He topped up header tank and followed me home (3mls only) Temp.needle was dangerously near the red and tank was almost empty .The thing is the oil is not contaminated at present ,so where does the coolant/water go. Need the van desperately on Sat. for a return journey of 15mls,would it be safe to drive if I stopped a few times and topped up with water. cheers ed.
  4. Is There An Easy Way

    Hi D/G/F followed your advice and eventually found the engine drain plug and removed (not without a few oaths being offered)Cut a long story short I now have working heater which I'm hoping will improve even more when topping up with more coolant (ran out and reckon am at least a litre+ short. thanks....ed.
  5. Is There An Easy Way

    Hi D/G/F thanks for your help so far.So are you saying that I defo must flush the engine block(presuming I get the plug/bolt off.it's in an impossible place on old escort van) If I do get the plug off where do I flush it from ie where does the flushing water go in. Will take a look at the fascia surrounding heater 2morrow. cheers ed.
  6. Is There An Easy Way

    Yea was till I flushed rad.new coolant added ,still no heat.
  7. Is There An Easy Way

    Red,but why would this be an issue
  8. Is There An Easy Way

    or ANYWAY to get to the cylinder block drain plug on escort van 55...(yplate) non turbo.bearing in mind that this is a driveway diy.Heater was/is not working ,flushed radiator and thermostat etc but could not get plug off to drain cylinder block..Heater STILL not working so was thinking that because I didnt drain/clean old coolant from block that this might be the problem ,am I on the right track ? ed.
  9. Van Seat Removal

    Cheers guys.....job done....eventually
  10. Van Seat Removal

    Hi guys/girls needing to remove drivers seat from van ,but Im reading in the manual about mechanical and pyrotechnic pre-tensioners,whats that all about.Seemingly there is a spring somewhere that will take yer fecking head off. Anyone confirm the best way to tackle this job safely. Y plate (2001)55van cheers ers51
  11. heater blower

    cheers p**finger,the blower does not work on the 1st and 2nd settings only on the third when heater is on
  12. heater blower

    Hi guys/girls have had a quick search of previous threads but cant find a suitable answer.Heater(which is pretty poor to say the least)is only blowing on the 3rd setting,any ideas what is amiss. cheers ers51 escort 55 van on a Yplate
  13. locking diesel cap

    If I get a new/used diesel locking cap will the original key fit it.Got a bit of a red neck at garage forecourt when I couldn't get the cap off,mechanic had to come out and eventually got it free,dont want this embarassment repeated. Ford escort van on a Y plate . cheers...........ers51
  14. 3rd gear problem

    cheers vinny,will take it to my own personal mechanic (been in there so often Im thinking of getting my voting papers re-routed) merry Xmas
  15. 3rd gear problem

    Christ,its a true saying ,you only get what you pay for.Since buying off ebay (£501) only a couple of months ago the van has cost me at least £1000 more to keep it on the road which brings me to my post title and the latest problem. 3rd gear is a pisser to engage and at other times when it is in it occasionally jumps out.What causes this and whats the repair. cheers and thanks from a member rapidly going off Fords