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  1. Luckily there was someone there, all sorted out! 😅 Looks like we will go to the ball after all.. 😂😂
  2. Thanks, fingers crossed there someone working there in a Saturday 🤞
  3. I've got the entry tickets, just no club car pass. In Eventbrite, where the cast pass should be, it says "The organiser has disabled PDF tickets for this ticket type". Not much point coming if I can't get to the club stand.
  4. Thanks, I thought there should be something. Is anyone able to resend it out to me at my current email address?
  5. I'm going to be there tomorrow - I've got my tickets from EventBrite but it mentioned that there should be another thing from the club. Is that right? I haven't received anything else apart from the EventBrite tickets.
  6. I had a couple of 1L EcoBoost Focuses and a Fiesta. I'd say that the gear change indicator can often be a bit optimistic in trying to get the best MPG out of the engine. Sometimes you've just got to ignore it and do what feels right. 30mph always seemed to be around the point of changing from 2nd to 3rd, but only if accelerating. Like @Marky146 said, they are small engines that need to rev to produce pulling power.
  7. Anyone got any information on what car events are on this year (particularly Midlands/South East)?
  8. Had this in my previous car 😭
  9. I've got the Airtec one fitted which looks similar to the Mountune one, but there wasn't much choice around when I bought that one. If I was doing it again, I'd probably got for the bigger Pro Alloy one instead.
  10. It's an impressive increase, I've ordered the upgrade today (I've got the m235 kit installed already). It'll be interesting to see how far they can push it, but the other brands seem to have topped out at around 260-270PS.
  11. The upgrade I've been waiting for, this brings it up to Revo/Collins levels for top end PS/BHP and torque. Mountune reveals new M260 package for Fiesta ST and Puma ST | evo
  12. Thanks guys, will be great seeing you there! 😃
  13. I just joined up last night, booked onto the club stand at Ford Fair in August! I've been driving Fords for a while (first one was a XR2i back in the day!). I've had a ST-Line Fiesta for the last couple of years and loved every minute of it - absolutely great fun to drive. I'm just about to pick up my new Fiesta ST-3 on Monday morning. A bit sad to see the ST-Line go, but really excited about the ST. The next thing will be to upgrade the ST with the Mountune m225 kit! 🙂 Are any other Fiesta owners heading to Ford Fair?
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