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  1. This might be a silly question, but did you reset the Base Pressure in the Information Screen when you pumped up the tyres to their correct pressure. I have read elsewhere on this Forum that the warning comes when the pressure drops to below around 80% of the Set Pressure, so either it is not working or the car was set up incorrectly before you got it.
  2. I don't know, but my Titanium came with Led Tail Lights as standard but the Indicator and Brake lights are conventional. Not sure if that is the case with the Led Headlights option.
  3. No, they are more likely to get mangled if cheap spanners are used on them, but that should not happen on a young car like your one.
  4. Best to download the free Demo version first to see if your Bluetooth adapter is compatible, then if it works then you can buy the paid for version. Some of the cheap ones either do not work or don't work properly.
  5. Years ago I suffered a Brake Pedal to the Floor incident in an old car because one of my brakes was binding and the heat boiled the fluid (that probably had never been changed) and caused an airlock. It was a frightening experience and needless to say I have changed my Brake Fluid every since then.
  6. Do you know if your car is one of the later Euro5 ones?. I had a MK 2.5 Euro5 one and although I did not have problems, I used to do a lot of monitoring for reference purposes. My MAF values were always just below 6 g/s at Idle and I notice that your ones are a lot higher. If you have one of the earlier engines then that may be why, or maybe my readings were wrong. Another reason maybe because you have blanked off your EGR, so extra air need to be taken in the compensate. My MAP readings could get as high as 200-250 kPa under extreme load, but only for a short time. I believe that somewhere near 250 is the maximum for these engines. Your problems are likely to be one of the ones that @Tenko has pointed out, but for completeness have you had a look at the DPF Pressure values and that the Throttle Valve is behaving itself. I don't think that they are the source of the problem, but they may provide some further clues.
  7. You can't do Configuration and Programming with the Android version at the moment, although this may change at some time in the future. Here is a link to the comparison table. https://forscan.org/comparsion.html If you have a look on the FORScan website there are instructions there about Extended Licences.
  8. I would have thought that the inhibiting temperature is taken from the outside air sensor which is probably under the front bumper and it doesn't need to be below 0 for some or all of a cars windows to become frosty. I had to defrost my windows this morning as well but the outside temperature was +1 Degree, so if I had my Auto wipers on then they would have tried to clear the screen as well.
  9. My apologies, thinking back they were part of the Convenience pack on my car also.
  10. I have them on my Titanium, which was built after the May changes. I think they are only standard on Titanium and maybe Vignale and Active.
  11. I wouldn't cut the wires, you will need them if you have to replace the Latch. The connectors are normally spade shaped and you just need to make sure that they are in contact with each other electrically, so press the paperclip into both connectors so that they complete the circuit.
  12. That's good news, FORScan is awesome. Assuming that it is the switch in the Latch, the Electrical connectors should be easily accessible and you should be able to do a temporary fix by bridging them with a Paperclip, but you need to tape them up so that they do not short out on the bodywork and they will not trigger the alarm if someone opens your Bonnet. You should be able to get a new aftermarket Bonnet Latch complete with the Alarm contacts quite cheaply on eBay, just remember to mark the position of the old one so that the new one lines up.
  13. There are some instructions on the FORScan website under the Documentation heading, but they are a bit out of date and not that easy to understand. I normally use the Android version but the Windows version works on the same principles. You need to connect to your car first then open the Dashboard, then set up Gauges. The Alarm ones should be in the BCM or GEM Module, although in the newer versions of FORScan you can read PID's from all modules although there will be so many that it will take you ages to find the relevant ones, but there is a search function. Once you open the module you can scroll down and tick the ones you want, then press Start and the information you need should be there. As well as the Alarm PID's you should be able to check the status of the door/bonnet/tailgate switches and there may be further information but it is a long time since I have had to check for alarm problems that I can't remember.
  14. I don't know if the MK 2 is the same as the MK 2.5, but with my MK 2.5 you could change the steering assistance via the menu accessed from the indicator stalk, although this may have been because that car had sports suspension.
  15. I don't know about the MK3, but you can view the last 4 Alarm Events with FORScan on the MK2.5 and see whether the perimeter sensors are showing as open or closed. This may have changed for the MK3. I had the same problem with my MK2.5 and it was the passenger door sensor that was faulty. I followed some advice I found on YouTube and flooded the door sensor with WD40 everyday for a few weeks and the problem never came back.