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  1. Pleased you found it @ianincheshire. Thinking back I did remove the felt and pulled the carpet down a bit because I wanted to find an earth point to check the power supply to my Audio unit.
  2. I don't think you need to pull the carpet back. If you remove the plastic clips holding the felt in place and remove the felt there should be a black plastic cover plate that is contoured to fit the shape of the bulkhead. Remove this by pulling it towards you (it is held in with clips) and the Fusebox will be revealed.
  3. Asda regularly reduce their Magnatec oils to £20, but I have never seen it at £12, hopefully they are not just clearing their shelves because they are discontinuing it. For any locals the Livingston store normally has a good stock of oils.
  4. I've only owned mine a few weeks and the only time the stop/start does not work is when I have been doing a lot of stop/start town driving, but after a longer less stressful run it works fine. I don't think the warning sounds come through the Audio unit, because my Audio has stopped working (Radio, Phone Navigation instructions etc), but I still get warning tones and they are not distorted. Have you tried your other Key Fob?. One of mine works perfectly, but the other one does not for Keyless entry and it needs to be in the Backup position to start the car. I've booked my car in next week to get these problems fixed.
  5. I had the same problem trying to upload the Log file, it kept saying try again later. After about a week of trying everyday it eventually took the upload. Sorry I don't have a charging pad.
  6. Certainly isn't. Think I can even see the banana shape in the spring as Alex mentions! I didn't jack the car up but I did think the spring was a bit banana shaped. I'm awaiting a response from Ford and will keep the Forum informed
  7. Thanks for all the info iantt, Guy Heaton, Eric Bloodaxe and Alexp999 It definitely is not Multi-link, here is a photo of it. Luckily I'm still within my rejection period. The car is a 150bhp Petrol version. I will keep the Forum informed if I find out anything else. .
  8. Thanks iantt, The brochure that I'm reading is the same as the online one, so one of them may be out of date. All tyres are the same and there is only one size on the plate that is on the door pillar, which is the small size. Here is a copy from Etis for my car and it is strange that it does not mention Tyre size. I'm beginning to suspect that the chassis was built for the 1.5 Diesel, but I definitely have a 1.5 petrol.
  9. Oops, I meant 16 inch iantt. Etis does not mention Tyre size, just that it has 6.5x16 wheels, which I believe either size of Tyre can fit. In the brochure under the Driving Experience specifications all cars should have the Twist Beam except the Active, Vignale and all other cars with either a 1.5 Petrol or 2.0 Diesel engine. I suspect that there will be a get out clause regarding specification changes, I'm just trying to get my facts right in case the car has been built wrong.
  10. I recently bought a new Focus MK4 Titanium 1.5 Petrol, May 2019 build date. I first noticed that the Tyres were 195x65x15 (as per the plate on the door pillar) and not the 205x60x15 that the brochure says they should be, and after having a good look around I noticed that the Rear Suspension is a Twist Beam and not Multi-link as per the brochure for that petrol engine size. I checked with Ford Etis and it says my car is fitted with Standard Suspension, Rear Suspension Level 1 and Rear Spring Load Class-F. Before I start to make too much noise and reject the car does anyone know if Ford have changed the Rear Suspension and Tyres for this model or has my car left the production line with the wrong Suspension and Tyres. I would also be grateful if anyone knows if Level 1 Rear Suspension is Multi-link or Twist Beam.
  11. The switch is probably broken internally. I had a similar problem with a previous car and because the spring had broken internally it was not allowing the plunger to move to It's full range and make/break the electrical contact, although from the outside the plunger seemed to be moving freely. I didn't have the correct size of spring so I bought a new switch, which was quite cheap. It shouldn't take too long to replace, it is more of a skint knuckle and sore back job.
  12. Might be best to get this confirmed, but from memory the Tab in the Bearing/Spring seat should face to the outside when assembled, i.e. 3 o'clock for the right side one and 9 o'clock for the left side one when looking from the back of the car. The Tab is also on the thickest part of the Spring Seat if my memory is correct. The Rubber Mount is shaped to only fit in the bodywork mounting one way, so you should be able to work out what way it goes. I can't remember which way the Tabs should face.