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  1. It would be interesting to know what problems the old sensor gave, i.e. was it not allowing the battery to charge quickly enough or just not recording the charge correctly. Sorry to bug you but do you know if the new sensor needs to be programmed into the system. Presumably the State of Charge is stored in the BCM. I'm not bothered about Start Stop but if it allowed the battery to be charged quicker instead of the pulsed 0 to 2 or 3 Amps that it often charges on when in conventional mode then I would buy one myself.
  2. There should be some helpful videos on youtube. If your car has rear Drum Brakes then the rear nipples are quite small and close to the Brake Pipe so you may need a slim ring spanner for them. I have a large selection of tools but I had to buy a slim spanner when I had the same car. The capacity of the system is probably less than 1 Litre if filled in the factory but there will be some waste and if you are using a conventional tube it will take quite a few pumps to empty the reservoir. If you want a cheap Bleeding Tube then I have been using one of these for years successfully, including repiping cars. It has a split in it that only opens when pumping the pedal so can be used without an assistant
  3. It's another Bot, hopefully the Admins will delete it's account.
  4. If you buy a suitable Adaptor and download FORScan then the true mileage is shown in some of the Modules, unless these Modules have been replaced at some time. You will see this when you first connect FORScan up to the car.
  5. Front tyres lost pressure?
  6. I know. I also know people who employ cleaners a few days a week but keep their houses spotless because they do not want the cleaner to think they are dirty😀
  7. That is not the greatest problem with some people being over zealous with their recycling.. Scottish Water have been running information adverts because the sewers were getting clogged up with the extra grease and other contaminates caused by people religiously rinsing their packaging and tins.
  8. There goes your chance of patenting that idea, someone has beaten you to it 😀 iC8000 Intelligent Control System (passivent.com)
  9. I agree. It is worked out using a very complex calculation that takes absolutely everything into account and compares the theoretical energy usage and co2 emissions to a base line and this needs to be bettered in stages over the years. One of the other things that counts is how airtight the house is, so about one in twenty on a large site are physically tested. That is why now our new houses need to have a Carbon Dioxide detector in the main bedroom (not Carbon Monoxide, which you need as well unless the house is all electric) because there is so little fresh air getting in that it could be harmful to health. These detectors do not give an alarm, instead you can get a continuous readout of how bad the air quality is over the last week so that you can open your windows and negate any gains that having an airtight house can give you. Unbelievable isn't it.
  10. It took me a little over 2 hours and that is with a USB 3.1 stick.
  11. That is because the Building Regulations up here have been a bit more onerous than the England and Wales ones and it is almost imposable to build a new house without some form of renewables and Solar Panels are the cheapest and easiest option at the moment, There are other other renewables that can be used but you would not normally see them. The rest of the UK will probably be doing the same shortly if they haven't already. It all stemmed from an EU directive some time ago that Scotland decided to speed up the implementation of and although it is probably not binding, I can't see it being dropped. It was probably not implemented in the rest of the UK earlier because large house builders give political parties and MP's a lot of donations so when it comes to changing regulations they squeal like pigs and the politicians make sure they are kept sweet. It is a pity car manufacturers don't do the same😀
  12. That file was not there this time when I updated my Focus too and the update worked fine. According to some other threads in the Focus section by members with more technical knowledge than me it is not important. I did do a full format of my stick before putting the new maps on it because I have been caught out before when doing updates when I only did a quick format on a stick that had the Sync update and other stuff on it.
  13. It does sound like a fuel related problem, and It would be useful to know what fault codes are being thrown up when the fault occurs. Your theory is as good as any other although I would expect it to have had a more immediate and severe effect. Rather than guessing and throwing parts and money at the problem if were my car I would swallow my man pride and find a Diesel specialist and let them at least do some proper diagnostics. The Common Rail pumps on modern cars are driven mechanically but are very complex electronically. Depending on the make of pump, some Diesel specialists may have the equipment to drive the pump electronically to induce the fault and even if they don't, they should have much more experience and knowledge than a general mechanic. It was not uncommon at one time for the fuel pickup in tanks to get blocked by debris, including rust and there are microbes that can grow in Diesel tanks and block pipes. I would try to make sure that you buy quality fuel from a modern outlet in case poor fuel is causing the problem in the meantime.
  14. Yeah, sealed in bags and kept there to take up space until the freezer was full. When I was young, like most kids I used to eat loads of wild raspberries and brambles straight from the bushes and still do sometimes when I'm out (this is raspberry season). I doesn't bear thinking about how many insects I've consumed without knowing about it.
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