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  1. This might be of interest. There isn't a link because the it was not a published peer reviewed article. https://respectfulinsolence.com/2021/11/24/how-antivaxxers-weaponized-an-abstract-by-a-goop-doctor-against-covid-19-vaccines/
  2. Another alternative if you have already bought the phone App is to keep the wireless adaptor in the car, it will pay for itself the first time your car develops a fault when you are away from home and don't have your Laptop with you, that is what a lot of us do. Incidentally the wireless ones that Tunnelrats sell can see all the Modules exactly the same as the wired ones. You will need a wired one though. Theoretically you could use the wireless one with your Laptop but it will most probably be too slow to do programming and may brick your car. The wireless ones are safe for everything else except programming.
  3. My view is that if the engine is charging the battery as well as the regenerative charging then there will be more emissions because producing electricity inefficient, to put 1Kw of power into a battery uses more than 1 Kw of engine power. This has always been my argument against Start/Stop, no one has published data about the extra emissions and fuel used to put the charge back into the battery that has been wasted when S/S is active, apart from a seriously flawed Youtube video.
  4. Some people religiously do the same when charging their mobile phones but I'm not sure it makes any difference. I charge my mobile fully every night and have never had any measurable degradation, quick charging is more likely to be detrimental to any battery because excess heat kills batteries. I did see most of the programme and there was nothing there that wasn't already known.
  5. I don't know what is supposed to be included in the service schedule for your engine but the point I was trying to make was that having water in your Diesel is not a routine thing. If there is water then it must have got there either because of contaminated fuel from a fuel station or somehow into the fuel system on your car, unless there is a wiring or switch glitch.
  6. Strange, the sensor for these is normally just a simple one built into the Diesel Filter with the contacts at the base obviously. I kept my Rover until it was 17 and used to drain the filter every year but never saw any trace of water. Same with my Focus, I changed the filter every 2 years and always emptied it to check for water and never found any in the 10 years that I had it.
  7. Not good, that is the Water in Fuel warning. I don't know if the filter has a drain point on your engine and whether there is a hand pump as well.
  8. If you don't have your Driving Licence and other documents with you when you are stopped by the police it is not an offence, they give you a form and you need to show them to any police station within a certain number of days. I have had to do this several times in my youth, probably because I used to have very old cars and there was no electronic check for the MOT and Insurance then.
  9. If you do get it repaired you might or might not get another year out of it, but next year there will be more rust that will need dealt with. I'm speaking from experience, I have my own welding equipment and the skill to use it and have kept cars going for years by doing welding repairs every year but there is a point when it is just not practical to repair them anymore even if you are not paying for the labour as in my case.
  10. Most people on this Forum use the one that Tunnelrats sell https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/WiFi_Modified_with_switch_ELM327/p4541936_17045473.aspx and it seems to be trouble free, although I have not used it myself. I would not try to do complicated Service Procedures with it though because it is unlikely to be quick enough. I use an OBDLINK MX Bluetooth one myself, which is as fast as some wired ones but they cost about £100. I would not recommend buying a wireless one from the usual sites because the chances of them working correctly are quite small.
  11. An easier option than your Laptop would be to get the phone version of FORScan and a decent wireless adaptor, easy option if you have an Android phone, iPhones are a bit more fussy about wireless adaptors. It is possible to use some wired adaptors with FORScan Lite if you have an OTG cable and change the settings in the App. If your SOC is getting as low as 20% then something is draining your battery or the battery is faulty unless the car is left for weeks without being used.
  12. The short answer is that when your steering wheel is turned the car knows exactly where it is pointing and when you turn while driving all the wheels travel by a different amount relative to each other, this is constantly measured by the ABS Sensors irrespective of what tyre is on that Hub so the car is clever enough to work out where each wheel is on the car after a short period of time. You can move Tyres from front to back but some tyres are Directional so they should not be moved to the other side.
  13. Probably because they have only ever had bad colds and never had flu so don't know what it is like, there is a massive difference between the two of them. I have only had flu twice in my life, and I'm not a youngster, but normally get one bad cold and one milder one every year.
  14. The codes ending in 28 are old codes. Clear them all first then see what comes back.
  15. Thankfully not everyone is narcissistic.
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