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  1. For anyone else whose Tyre Pressures have disappeared from the App I fixed mine by Force Stopping the App, clearing Cache and Data, then restarting my phone and logging in again with my original credentials. The phone restart might not be required, but I like to do that after clearing data or uninstalling something. It also fixed my Fuel Data, which also stopped working a few months ago.
  2. According to my handbook if you don't activate the App then you should switch on connectivity settings using the touch screen to benefit from over the air system updates. Tyre pressures have disappeared from my Android App also, version 3.3.
  3. I haven't changed my battery but it mostly charges at 14.6 to 14.8 Volts although it sometimes charges at low voltage/high current (13.5 Volts) or high voltage/low current (14.9 Volts). I have never seen it as low as 12.3. The smart charging system on these cars has different charging modes as per this screenshot. It usually starts on conventional but sometimes it can change to one of the other modes during any journey. It is when it is charging on one of the non conventional modes that the voltage can be different
  4. I use a length of hollow scaffolding bar to increase the length of my long breaker bar for situations like that.
  5. Interesting about it splitting. Was it a universal one or a Mondeo specific one that you used? I went for a stepped one that replicated the size of the jack that came with my car. I haven't used it yet but will do in a few weeks time when I do an oil change. If it splits I will report back.
  6. I have just bought one of these for my MK4 Focus to give me the option of using a Trolley Jack under the sill jacking point. It does say it is for a Fiesta but the step is the same size as the Ford jack that came with my car and a previous MK2.
  7. My works Vauxhall and Toyota pool cars do the same. I presume it is a safety feature.
  8. My 10 year old MK2 with sports suspension and Multi-link coped with uneven roads better than my MK4 with Twist beam suspension. I went straight from that to the MK4. Handling wise the old MK2 was better too, but that is probably because my MK4 has 65 profile tyres.
  9. If it looks like the photo in this thread then it is not Multi-link. Th change date seemed to be early May 2019. Admins, I tried to post that same photo again but it failed to upload. Has something changed or could the problem be at my side?
  10. You can buy a windscreen repair kit for under £10. I have used one successfully myself, that was for a chip that quickly developed into a crack.
  11. On my car it is Fuse 7 in the Passenger Compartment Fuse Box, which is situated behind a plastic cover plate high up in the passenger footwell. It is a 30 Amp one on my car. If it has blown for no obvious reason it shouldn't have and is indicative of a problem that may occur again.
  12. It is a good to replace the top bearing at the same time. The old one will probably fall to bits when you dismantle the strut, even if it doesn't it will be worn.
  13. My one is 1 year old and it does have rust, but not as bad as your one. We also had a mild winter so the roads were not salted as much as they usually are.
  14. If the temperature changed from C to F then maybe everything has reverted to American units. A US Gallon is smaller than a UK one. I have no idea how you can reset it other than possibly with FORScan and an Extended Licence.
  15. The only place where you will get the original specification ones is if you buy then from Ford. If the car was only 3 or 4 years old that is the route that a lot of people would take, but when a car gets to a certain age it makes a lot of sense to use much cheaper aftermarket parts, which will not behave exactly the same as the original but given that all the other suspension parts will not be behaving as they did when new, it will not matter.