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  1. I have that problem also 17 inch wheels? My 17 inch wheels (with Sports Suspension) never stayed in balance for long either until I fitted Avon tyres. The Avons also gave a much quieter and smoother ride. When that model of Focus came out it was sold as a Volvo V50 first. My partner had one of the first new ones with 17 inch wheels and Sports Suspension and they lost balance quickly also. Volvo had to take back the car because they could not fix a EGR fault and her new car had different sized wheels and they stayed in balance for a normal amount of time. Maybe coincidence or maybe not.
  2. The ordinary Titanium (non x) has one as well.
  3. The stupid Bonnet Catch design will probably give up at some point. There will be a lot of posts in this Forum about it and it is a real pain to fix, so keep all parts of it well lubricated. The 3 year change interval for the Fuel Filter is too long in my opinion. I cut open a used one when I changed mine and it was black inside. Apart from that and a new Front Wheel Bearing I did not have any real problems.
  4. @Stophen, As @Tdci-Peter says your new DPF looks like it is working ok, although the readings are a little bit higher than mine were. It is recommended that you reset the first 3 service procedures when replacing a DPF so that you are starting from scratch with your new DPF. The DPF Temperature is the bottom one on your screenshots. My MK2 was all original and I owned it from 15000 to 97000 miles with no DPF problems and never reset any of the values. I would not do a Static Regeneration with a new DPF and only do one in the future if absolutely necessary. Steady speed driving at reasonably high revs is the best way to force a Regeneration, but it will only do one if the readings tell it that it needs one. The noise that you hear when switching off is the EGR Valve, which is behind and just below the Fuel Filter towards the Bulkhead. It quickly fully opens and closes several times as a self cleaning procedure before parking itself. The Throttle Valve does the same and the Fuel system dumps most of the high pressure also. I think the Oil Service light is a time thing and will come on at every restart until reset. To reset it close all the doors, fully press the Accelerator and Brake for about 10 seconds with the ignition on and you should get a message that it has been reset.
  5. Mine has never gone off on an open straight road. The only time it has gone off is when I have pulled sharply into a left hand filter lane and there has been a wall or fence hard up against the roadside with no pavement, or a lamppost or pedestrian crossing point near the road edge.
  6. @Alex.S, I'm in the East side of the country, and don't worry, I have a courtesy car until I get mine back. Mine must have been one of the early builds with the new setup and I started the original thread because Ford where being evasive (as you found out yourself) and to let others know that what they think they are getting and what they get may not be the same thing. Anyone who is contemplating ordering a MK4 and has searched this Forum can make their own minds up.
  7. It is a cost saving measure by Ford that was handled in a sneaky way. My car is still on an extended holiday at a Ford dealer getting warranty work done and it was not fully run in before it went in so I have not had a chance to test its full potential yet.
  8. Sorry for the misinformation @tef89, just checked and the ones on the Fiesta are not adjustable.
  9. I was getting the same problem with my new Focus. I wound in the two rubber Bump stops by a quarter turn and it has not happened since.
  10. I seriously thought about rejecting the car, which would have been a problem because I can't be without transport for long and I would have been no further forward unless I could locate an earlier build car with everything I wanted and just as importantly without the things I didn't want.
  11. I don't remember seeing one on that car (when I had one) either.
  12. Tizer

    Multi link

    That is correct my Twist-beam is level 1, The earlier builds with Multi-link is Level2. Strangely the earlier builds with Multi-link did have the Tyre size shown on Etis, but my later build with Twist-beam does not have the Tyre size on Etis, just the wheel size and type. The sticker on the door pillar only shows the 195 65 tyres, there is no alternative, so that would need to be removed. @TomsFocus, There are an unbelievable amount of PID's in FORScan for the MK4, but I don't have either an Extended Licence or my car at the moment to check what is changeable using Central Configuration. For anyone who does not know what Twist-beam suspension looks like here is a photo of mine (looking from the back)
  13. I would not use it for the same reasons as @TomsFocus said. I believe that a lot of the earlier engines suffered catastrophic engine failure because the gauze filter in the Turbo oil feed pipe became blocked, although I believe this was modified in later engines. I did not realise that Ford dealers were offering engine flushing at service time, although I have heard that a lot of places offer a Diesel clean. I would not take up that offer either for the same reasons.
  14. Tizer

    Multi link

    I did think about rejecting the car, but I would be no further forward because the only reason I bought a new one was because I could not find a newish one with everything I wanted. Some were close but they all either had something I disliked or missing were something I wanted.
  15. Tizer

    Multi link

    It was a May 2019 build date, ordered in March, delivered to me in June, and it does not have Multi-link. Apparently Ford changed the specification in either April or May and dropped a few other things too. There were a couple of threads in this forum. Some lucky people bought cars after me but they were dealer stock with earlier builds so were the original specification. I think off the differences in suspension like this - There is nothing wrong with eating Rump Steak, but Fillet Steak is much better, especially if that is what you ordered and paid for.