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  1. You shouldn't notice it happening, at least not on the 1.5 engine. Some people with the 1.0 engine are having problems with vibration when deactivation occurs though. I have done some live monitoring with FORScan and it only happens when you have small and steady throttle openings, even up to 70 mph and up a steady incline. In real life it does not stay deactivated for long because as soon as you change the pressure with your right foot it either way it switches off. If you lived somewhere flat with little traffic and the roads were straight it would work more often.
  2. 99000 kPa is nearly 1000 times atmospheric pressure, if that reading was true then your van would explode. It looks like your Fuel Rail Pressure sensor is not working properly, and given the strange figure it is probably not working at all and that is a default value for a non working sensor.
  3. As above, I've occasionally had it when I haven't cleared the ice properly off my windscreen in the morning or if I have driven into a misty area. It should not happen every time it rains unless the windscreen wipers are not clearing the top middle part of the screen properly.
  4. P0 codes are generic ones, hence it being not very descriptive. As Tom said there is no separate BARO sensor on these engines, but the MAP sensor does read atmospheric pressure. It would be a good idea to get yourself set up with FORScan, which allows you to monitor live sensor data with the engine running and car moving. The MAP Sensor should read 100kPA (1 BAR) at idle, and stay that way even after 3 minutes. Under extreme load with the car moving it can briefly peak at somewhere near 240kPa. The MAF Sensor should read around 6 g/s at Idle and also be stable until the engine
  5. Even if the service intervals have changed, there will be an oil needs changed light and I doubt many people will manage 2 years without that being triggered.
  6. I'm sure they are Led's, at least mine are so it might be difficult.
  7. Or a badge that says "Go ahead and cough on me, make my day"
  8. Maybe that will happen at some point and maybe some countries will not let UK citizens in, but I don't think it can happen in any other scenario because as far as I know certificates are not being issued.
  9. Is that a real story or another made up one.
  10. I don't think that will ever happen in the UK. As far as I know it shows up in your medical records just like any other vaccine but no one is given a certificate so that they can prove that they have had it. It may happen in other countries.
  11. Yeah, they are not stupid enough to be taken in by the Tinfoil on the Head Brigade. My local GP Surgery are offering it to over 80's who are not housebound starting from Monday.
  12. The recent cold weather will have made a massive difference to the fuel consumption, especially if the car had to be defrosted before driving so it is difficult to make comparisons.
  13. Mine has a manual gearbox so that might account for a few mpg, but not 10. I use Normal mode in town and usually put it into Sport when I get out of town. I do tend to take routes with few stops even though they are usually longer.
  14. It does not show up on my 2019 Focus either. When I downloaded the update to the App it did say that it was not enabled on all cars yet but they would be rolling it out. I don't have Wi-Fi turned on but all the the above, except guard have always worked.
  15. I don't know what the weather has been like where you live, but could it have been frozen.
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