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  1. I completely agree with unofix, mine does not not pull to either side and there is no vibration, nor should there be any.
  2. Putting the Battery on charge for an hour or so with a modern Smart Charger will not fully charge it, the car's Smart Charging system is not a lot different. Driving for an hour may only add 4 or 5% to the State of Charge and contrary to popular belief it does not mater how fast you drive or whether you have accessories on. The problem now is that the electrical demands in a modern car are so high. The modern charging system has been designed to cut down on emissions (an Alternator needs a lot of engine power to produce electricity) and to protect the longevity of the Battery because
  3. They will probably ask about a Brake Fluid change, which I would have done and an Air Con service, which personally I would not bother about unless I was getting unusual smells in the cabin when using it or it wasn't working well.
  4. Even without it you should get a notification if the Alarm is triggered. If you unlock the car with the Key Blade it should trigger the Alarm and you should get an alert on your phone.
  5. I don't think it has been rolled out to all cars so far, either that or it may have something to do with what permissions you have given the App because it has not appeared for my 2019 car yet even though I'm on the latest version of the App. I do get other notifications. I'm glad I don't have it after reading some of the posts about how annoying it as as per unofix's post above.
  6. Looks more like a wiring fault. I would do a careful inspection of the connection and as much wiring as is practicable first before doing anything else.
  7. Live Monitoring should not do the car any harm but it is awkward with a wired adaptor and a Laptop.
  8. What fault codes did you get?. You should be able to get Live readings from each of the wheel sensors if you go into Dashboard and search for the relevant PID's. They will probably be in the ABS Module, just scroll through them. I'm sure there is also an all modules PID search function to make life easier. Once you have them on your Dashboard press Play and take the car for a run. If the fault occurs and it is one of the sensors it will be obvious.
  9. Sorry, my idea of a joke. Did you have any luck with FORScan?
  10. What size are they?. The ones on my 2019 1.5 are 195 65 16 and are also 38 psi. I can only assume that if you also have quite high profile and high load and speed rated tyres then they need to have quite a high pressure so they don't collapse. Your car must be a lot heavier than a non mhev also. They will also probably have less rolling resistance, so the combination of tyre type and pressure may have been selected to keep the emissions down.
  11. Have a look in FORScan, there may be a more specific code logged. I don't know if you can Live Monitor them individually but it is worth having a look, there is a search function in FORScan to save you scrolling through all the PID's. Much easier to do with the wireless phone version if the problem is intermittent, if you went cheapskate and only have the wired version then it could be a bit of a pain😀
  12. They are known as Kysor Shutters or Active Grill Shutters. They are hardly ever fully open or fully closed and can be open by any amount in between. I think a lot depends on how hard you drive, town driving does not produce much heat. When you start the car they should go through a self test where they fully open and close to check for obstructions or faults. When driving their opening position varies a lot and there is a position feedback sensor to check the desired verses actual opening. These positions can be monitored with FORScan if you are worried. I'm sure a fault would be log
  13. The red light on the dash is normally the symbol for a Brake problem. If you check your owners handbook there should be a glossary of symbols. If you can't find your handbook then there are online versions on the Ford website but I'm not sure how far back they go.
  14. To expand on the above, generic codes are mandatory for all cars and are quite basic but Ford, like all manufacturers have their own additional codes as well. These are a lot more detailed and in Fords case very good compared to the generic ones.
  15. MasterTech beat me to it, FORScan is not what Ford Technicians use at their dealerships and is not an official Ford product, it is third party software but it is the best diy software for Ford cars by a long way and does give near dealer level diagnostics including Live Data reading on Ford cars. The reason I said to clear the codes was that there are often old historic ones that have nothing to do with the current fault, so it just confuses things and you sounded like you were new to this so that would have confused you even more. If MasterTech's hunch's are correct and it is a mi
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