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  1. Bet you are with Vodafone, they have a problem with certain phones that are 4g/Wi-Fi enabled. It took me months to get them to fix that problem on my phone (it was 29 minutes 50 Seconds exactly on mine) and they can't or can't be bothered to fix it on others.
  2. Your speedo will be wrong, maybe not much but it will be wrong and everything else in the car will have been configured at the factory for the size of tyres that it left the factory with. I would get seller to change them, legally they don't have a leg to stand on. You will still probably kerb the wheels with 50 profile tyres as well and are more likely to pothole damage the wheels as well. My car came with factory fitted 65 profile tyres, which horrified me at first but now I'm smug about it because it is impossible to kerb the wheels on the biggest kerbs.
  3. To get Wi-Fi and 4g calling it also needs to be provisioned by your provider as well as having a compatible phone and often the phone needs to have been bought from them so that it has their customised firmware on it unless it is an iPhone. Most providers only give Wi-Fi calling to monthly contract customers.
  4. Have you tried to set your phone to 2g only to see if performs better for calls when it is not constantly looking for 3 and 4g. Might help or I might be wrong. The only other thing is I believe EE and to a lesser extent Vodafone invested their resources heavily into 4g at the expense of 2 and 3g, whereas some of the cheaper providers have a better 2 and 3g coverage at the expense of 4g.
  5. From what you say I don't think there is anything wrong with your DPF or Pressure Sensor. If you follow the Tubes from either side of the DPF they will lead you to the Sensor. To be meaningful, Live Data monitoring is best done while driving, not very convenient with the Laptop version of FORScan. Your fuel consumption is bad, I get 43 mpg with my 1.5 petrol car and I think your smoke issue is more likely to be a fuelling issue or maybe the car is regenerating all the time, either that or you only do short journeys. If you bring up any Exhaust/DPF/Cat temperatures in FORScan and take the car for a run then you should see if it is constantly regenerating. Normal temperatures should be 2-300 C, and when Regenerating 500 C plus. It is strange that your old DPF had a hole in it, usually they get clogged up and kind of melt, maybe the last owner made a hole in it to overcome a problem.
  6. Does the Differential Pressure across the DPF (DP_DPF) always stay at 0 ?, even when you are driving or revving the engine. If so then that is not right, there must be some resistance. That doesn't explain the black smoke though. There should be a procedure in FORScan to reset the DPF Differential Pressure Sensor Learned Values. I would try that first before doing anything else.
  7. The old one may not have had the correct IP Rating for the zone that it is in, either that or if the Landlord is not a private one then whoever is in charge of maintenance is ripping them off. I've had experience of that for other things as well, especially Services.
  8. If the fan has an overrun then that is quite frightening if someone who does not know what he is doing ever tries to change it.
  9. Yes thanks for the reminder, my brain is not up to speed at this time on a Sunday morning😄 It was always my understanding too that the main purpose of the Isolator was so that anyone doing maintenance or cleaning did not have to pull the fuse/breaker.
  10. It is because both Poles now need to be isolated, not just the Live. Sorry for stealing your thunder @unofix😄 Edit, posted before I saw your answer @unofix
  11. A further thought on the above. Maybe that is one of the reasons that Ford don't allow automatic door locking when you are in the car because to a certain extent the doors will automatically unlock if there is a crash event although the one from 30 years ago unlocked with just a small bang from just your foot or hand, not a full crash.
  12. Yes, I remember that. One of the news/current affairs programmes even showed it being done on the Television.
  13. Is she maybe putting her Seatbelt on at the same time as she is starting the car or very quickly after and before the system has had time to do its self test. With my Keyless car you just push the Start Button with the Clutch down so you don't have the opportunity to switch the Ignition on first for a few seconds unless you want to, and I have never had a warning.
  14. That looks like the Bleed Nipple for the Clutch Slave Cylinder, if you trace the pipe next to it then it should take you to the Clutch Master Cylinder. There should be nothing connected to it until you need to bleed the system.
  15. Exactly the same message that I got on my 2019 Focus.
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