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  1. Hi Iantt, I am just wondering if it is worth spending any more money on it, or just to give up and scrap it. I really could not find a single ford garage that could fix it, the only thing they did consistently was change for not fixing it.I dont think it is possible for them to fix it, because what ever it is, the ford computer has never been able to help the engineer get it working again. So I guess I was asking to proper engineers still exist for a ford, when they can figure it out without the computer, because this has not worked at all. Graham
  2. Hello Fourm, A year are go my Ford Kuga (diesel) broke down, and after a of investigation, it was determined the engine had seized due to lack of Services. I did not service it very often, rather just changed the old my self and somehow over about 70000 miles this lead to the engine failing. I liked the car so I paid for a 2nd hand engine to be fitted, at this point I had probably spent on the engine what the car was worth. Everything was fine with the new engine for 6 months, exactly and then the EML light came on. I took it to a Ford garage that said it needed a new DPF, so I agreed. After about 200 miles the EML light is on again, and this garage that had fitted the new DPF, dismissed it and said they could not help any more. So I took it to another Ford garage and they cleaned the new DPF and it worked again for about 300 miles then the EML light was on, and the same thing the DPF was blocked. I took then took a Ford garage that claimed to be able to fix anything DPF related, they made some adjustment to the DPF engine, where some kind of ford recommendation bypass was installed, so in theory when too much fumes came from the engine, it was not all go through the DPF and then it should not get blocked again. Anyway 200KM more and the EML light is back on again. I take it to the 4th ford garage and he says it is something completely different and a value needs changing. This time when I go to collect it, the garage has done an oil change, new filters and changed the value, but the EML light is on before I can pull away. This day I gave up have spent nearly 175% of the cars worth trying to fix it, and trusting 5 Ford garages and none of them could actually fix it. The Car also has a new Clutch and new tyres and several other costly fixes before the first break down. All the Ford garages just plug and computer in and do what it says, without really trying to understand the actual problem. Now the car sits outside my house for 12 months, now with no battery and it is just a sorry state, worth nothing except to me, where it is worth 175% of the original value. Anyway my question is this. The car honestly is mostly all new parts except the chassis. Does anybody think it is possible to actually find an engineer that can find why a car made out of new parts does not work at all. I mean it could be anything, but with all new parts I am thinking it is a setting or somehow how it was all put back together. I dont think connecting a computer has worked in the past, in fact it has not. I dont want somebody who plugs in a computer and does what it says, as this has failed 5 times. Or Scrap it, I can scrap it, but with all the new parts that have not done any miles, then it seems a bit of a waste. Graham