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  1. Fiesta Zetec 1.25 Average Mpg Please?

    when i mainly do town driving in a 1.25 zetec mk 7 i get around 38-42 but when i do motorway driving i get around 48-50 and on the motorway ive reached 52 which is my record. Id say my average is about 45 which is from a full tank mixed between town and motorway which is normally how my tanks of fuel go.
  2. Probably The Worst Week Ever

    thats the thing. it was pushed in as far as i remember. i do always push them in but there are times i forgot. but im pretty sure this wasnt one of the times... but the thing is they dont go in very far as they are quite bulky compared to other cars
  3. Probably The Worst Week Ever

    anyway some of you might of read on Thursday someone keyed my car. Well today i woke up without a drivers wing mirror. some ** knocked it off. im so **. i was parked normally and wasnt even that far out there was some guy in a van right in front who was parked there yesterday and was still there whos like 4ft further then me but of course it was my car wasnt it. my poor fiesta is being abused. anyway parts have been ordered and with labour its about £100 to get it fixed as the mirror is still there it just looks like the plastic casing and the indicator glass. they didnt really look at it so lets hope they didnt miss anything!!! I just want to break down and cry.
  4. Someone Keyed My Beautiful Fiesta

    I tell you id love to catch who it was and show them what damage i can do with a key to them. but the chances of me ever seeing them are slim. :(
  5. £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    would this not be covered under some sort of warranty. i dont expect the brakepads to overheat after only 2 years.(if they even actually are) or you a boy racer!. but does the car not come with like a 3 year warranty or something or is this for the engine only?
  6. Someone Keyed My Beautiful Fiesta

    I'm afraid no insurance cover and my excess is £500 and i really hope it wouldn't cost that much to get resprayed and there was no CCTV footage of course its never there when you need it. They are pretty deep. it because they are mainly on the bumper. which is plastic so it would be easier to damage then the metal. Next time i go home ill see what my car cleaner guy can do with it. see if he can try buff them so they are not that noticeable. and then when i leave uni i will get it resprayed. as it has happened once. i would actually cry if i got it resprayed and then it happened again. One thing that makes me feel a little better which i know it shouldn't but it does, is that it wasnt only my car on the road that they got (although it seems mine was the worst) so far i have counted 4 others that have had it keyed. Nobody seems to of seen them do it thou.
  7. woke up this morning. after a drive to uni got out of my car to discover that someone had keyed it. Didn't realize it when i first got in the car. im very depressed about it. what has staffordshire come to. stupid kids (im only assuming its kids.) Any suggestions on a way to 'buff' out the scratches ??? Pictures arnt great but they follow below
  8. My Window Squirters Aren't Working

    have u checked there is actually water in there :P
  9. ive got a 1.25 3 door and its done close to 4000 miles on the clock and the max i have ever got is 42.22 and thats with motoway driving. town driving the max i get is like 30
  10. Mk7 Fiesta Hidden Menu - Video

    just a thing i noticed the speed o thing on the test. which you said didnt work could work it could be like for example when it says 456 MPH. could mean 45.6MPH as the numbers kinda matched up to the analogue speedo. just a thought.
  11. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    i want it. do you think its going to be ridiculous to get the dealer to fit it after as i already own a fiesta. or do you think would be able to buy it myself and fit etc
  12. Wing Mirrors

    looks to out of my league, if thats what you have to do i might give that a miss hehe
  13. Bit Of Damage Needs Repairing

    i lost my wing mirror down tixal road. bad things seem to happen in stafford to cars lol
  14. Mk 7 Fiesta 3Dr Rear Speakers

    can anyone say how to remove the panel to actually get the the speaker hole. and to check if cabling is there. i want to fit them. but i cant figure out how to remove the back panels.
  15. Auto Door Locking?

    i know. this is a reply for someone asking instructions for a Mk6