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  1. Could anyone tell me if it’s the short or long version I need without taking to bits first , want to order but unsure 😐 57 style 1800 hatch 🐣
  2. hi fellas new member so be nice 👍 have a problem concerning opening my bonnet the key turns blah blah .. end result won’t work ! Have looked on net and seems the part needed is readily available and several ways of getting bonnet open , has anyone done this and can advice please part number / best way to tackle job ! Seems it’s a regular ting on this model 🥵thanks in advance martin👍 m
  3. Bonnet catch , 57 focus key not opening bonnet on focus seems a common problem ! Advice needed as when looking for new part it seems there are long and short lock lengths can anybody tell me what size is correct please😊😊😊