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  1. TaylorA

    Bonnet bra

    Still not the new shape like mine though. Also it’s only for temporary use so as long as it’s the right fit it should minimise chips
  2. TaylorA

    Bonnet bra

    Yeah thank you been a pain trying to find one. Don’t like a dirty car and definitely don’t want scratches 😂
  3. TaylorA

    Bonnet bra

    Thanks for getting back to me. However these aren’t for my car. I do appreciate your time though
  4. TaylorA

    Bonnet bra

    ’m looking for a bonnet bra for my 68 plate Ford Fiesta. Can’t find them anywhere. I drive in Cornwall a bit and don’t want stone chips on my car.
  5. I’ll give it a go later on today. Nice one
  6. I’ve got a 18 plate fiesta St line. Is there anyway I can put the front electric window down with my key?