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  1. Anyone jot a link to the Russian elm that will let me close the mirrors on turn of the car plz. Thanks boys for all you help
  2. Anymore upgrades I can put on my focus titanium ? Wanted to put an rs frontend but gf says I’m having a mid life lol
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-focus-MK2-RS-power-fold-kit-door-looms-mechanisms-motors-09-11/273878126142?hash=item3fc4688e3e%3Ag%3AwJIAAOSw6w5c-Ok4&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  4. I’ve turned in to yunii just fitted rear disc brakes. Easy job but why do ford not use copper brake lines anymore. The dumb ***** use steel and ali together on mine which always reacts
  5. Dam you was right tezza I’ve got the yunii bug just got these lol
  6. But puddle lights not working I’ve made sure the on on the ecu Update now working needed to to turn them on On the gem mod page 3 Again thanks tezza and all that helped
  7. But puddle lights not working I’ve made sure the on on the ecu
  8. Mirrors fitted and working. Thanks all
  9. What did you put at the back ? A fake pipe ?
  10. Tezza do you know what size the male and female connect are of hand ? Thanks 🙏