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  1. hey, sorry its late but happy birthday for yesterday :)

  2. Hi guys i really hope someone can help me. Iv got a ford escort cabby 1.6 xr3i efi its a 91 limited edition model and just recently when im driveing or slowing down at a junction or a corner my battery and oil light come on and it just dies and i loose all power. Iv had it to a machanic and he has put fuel treatment in, hes cleaned the injectors and has tested all the electrics and connections and filters. The problem had stop for a while but today it did it again but kangarooed this time befor it did it. Has anyone had the same problems or have any idea what the problem could be. Iv herd that a common fault for escorts this age is that the valves get gumed up but i dont really want to be checking them just in case its not problem because its a head off job to do so. Please can someone help me :(
  3. newbie with water problem

    i got a lot of roof treatment products when i first got the car and clean and condition the roof once a week, it does make a difference. Im hopeing to have the new roof with in the next couple of weeks.
  4. newbie with water problem

    Cheers H, Iv had a look round and the best price i have been able to find for a new roof (supplied and fitted) is £345 in any colour, not sure what colour to go for as the car is blue mabe white or black.
  5. newbie with water problem

    hi there, im Sarah, i own a 91 Ford Escort Cabriolet Ltd Edition model and am having trouble with water accumulating in my boot, ive stripped the boot lining out but cant find were its comming from. I do have a small tear on each side of the roof by the pivot point and was wondering if this could be the problem any help would be great thanks