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  1. aha, I hadn't realised there were two versions of park assist on the Mk4. I'll get him to check his invoice for the convenience pack but it does make sense. He has the Vignale which seems to come with version 1 as standard so I bet that is the reason why. Thanks for your help!
  2. My dad has recently moved from a mk3 manual 1.5 petrol Focus to a new Mk4 automatic with the 1.5 petrol and 8 speed auto gearbox. All of the videos we have seen online (including an official Ford one) show that with the automatic the park assist should function by putting the car in N and just holding down the park assist button. However, his new car is actually acting like his old manual, where you put the car in reverse and use the throttle and brake yourself while the car steers into the space. He's been back to the dealer to ask about this but they didn't have a clue about park assist or how it should work on different cars. The manual seems to be saying that in the 8 speed auto it should work using the N method. Does anyone else with a new mk4 have the same issue? What method is your park assist using to park you? I am just trying to work out whether there is actually something wrong with the system, or whether he has somehow ended up with an early version of the software or something which needs updating.