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  1. That's great, thanks for the input. I will check the files and do some more digging. Nice that you are also pursuing this 😉 In Forscan there are options for software buttons and hardware buttons but none of the configurations seem to work. I'll take a look at Fmods, didn't really check them yet
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking into installing a front camera for my Focus MK 4 Titanium Business Why?! You ask? : Why not! 😜 My findings: the Kuga has a radio control panel with button for the front camera LJ6T-18K811-BB. For the Focus this officially does not exist, the Focus version is JX7T-18K1811-AB the plastic coverpanel in both the Kuga and the Focus look alike and exist of two pieces, the smaller piece covering the radio panel should be mechanically detachable and hopefully fits in the Focus because it would be needed for making room for the camera button. (or Dremel a hole.....) I think the Kuga has an IPMB (Image Processing Module B). Same kind of module used to be in the older Focus for only the rear camera but now (in the MK4) the rear camera is attached directly to the APIM (SYNC module) for the video signal. The LIN line from the camera is attached to the BCM What I do not know (yet) a lot..... and how the Kuga MK3 (I guess) is wired. I don't have the wiring diagrams could it even be possible for the modules in the Focus MK4 to communicate with a IPMB? which will be needed for this project I think in Forscan there are a lot of options to active: 'Camera Hard button' (something like that), 'Front camera' (something like that), etc In the F150 there is also a front camera option I believe... Is this the same Sync communication with other modules? IPMB from F150 is GL3T19H423BC Some links https://www.kugaownersclub.co.uk/threads/installing-the-front-camera-help.21931/#post-228464 https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-Ford-Volvo/Ford_F-150_2018-2021_Sync_pinout.shtml https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-Ford-Volvo/Ford_Focus_2018-2022_Navi_pinout.shtml Help! please 🙂
  3. I'm not sure how the engine is positioned in a LHD but the shiftercables are positioned a little bit different. The clamp could be there for a reason but I'm not sure if it's factory fitted (mainly due to the white tie wrap 😉 ) I think mine are still vibrating against the heatshield over the catalyst. Sometimes I hear the vibration at different speeds. The cables are not really running through the bulkhead but through a 'tunnel' (I'm sure 'tunnel' is the correct scientific word for it 😛 ) which runs from front to back where in the back it is much lower (in front of the middle rear seat). They enter the car through a thick piece of rubber which is bolted to a gap in the 'tunnel' https://fordowner.b-cdn.net/uploads/monthly_2022_04/255134631_Schermafbeelding2022-04-23om16_27_08.thumb.png.ac22f7e0b6d2c179aa2df0bbccd620cd.png the Ecoboost, but I'm sure also a lot of other engines, are moving quite a bit while driving/accelerating/idling/shifting. This movement is also transferred to the shifter cables but also the heater hoses so I'm sure there are more related vibration issues
  4. Hi everyone, I successfully added a OEM reversing camera in the Ecosport. Working on some kind of manual right now. Let me know if there's anyone interested 🙂
  5. I found the diagrams for the Ecosport, and installed the original rear camera succesfully. I will start a new topic for the retrofit of the reverse/rear camera in case someone can use it.
  6. Yes that's true, I found one too except that I don't know which TSB number. In my case it's not the heating tubes going into the cabin. I think the vibrations from the Ecoboost can cause more rattles due to pipes/tubes/cables going into the cabin
  7. okay okay okay $%^# cars!! I stand corrected! It ís caused by the cylinder deactivation Took my Focus out for a spin hooked up Forscan and the oscilloscope tool to check what's going on. enabled "command to cylinder activation" in PCM to monitor enables "inhibited cylinder deactivation by drive mode" in PCM to monitor Also on Sportsmode the cylinderdeactivation is engaged!! What?! What I found was that the cylinder deactivation is active a lot of the time (in normal driving mode). Much more than some people here write. From first till 6th gear. My problem was that going 90km/h in 5th gear the car was vibrating, when shifting to 6th gear the problem is was gone. So at first I tried shifting more progressively but also felt the same kind of vibration a lot more at different speeds etc. When reading about this problem from other Focus MK4 drivers I read that this problem, if caused by the cylinder deactivation, should disappear when driving in Sports-mode. Mine certainly does not! I will open another topic for this but if any of you knows something......
  8. No I have the 1.0 Ecoboost 125bhp Tried to take some pictures today with my endoscope. Thinking there's a vibration between the gearshifter/selector cables and the exhaust shield (?) Not sure how this should be but with the endoscope I saw that the cable(s) touch the shield. the red arrows are pointing to the same part, either from within the cabin or from the engine bay not really sure what to do. Think I'll try to fix the cables at the start before going over the exhaust shield the temporary fix doesn't work that good anymore (a piece of neoprene rubber pressed where the rubber sleeve touches the plastic holder)
  9. Today or tomorrow I will try to take a look beneath de dashboard where the cables are going through the bulkhead, hope to post some pictures etc. soon
  10. thanks for adding @piotrmod! last sentence sounds familiar " Looks like normal vibrations from roads and wheels goes to the car and make some part to resonate with it's own frequency. My theory is that the engine vibrates - too soft "pillows". It might be some stiffness of the body." But shouldn't that be better after changing springs and absorbers My car is a 125BHp Ecoboost, different engine, sort of the same problem When I focus (N.P.I.) on the vibrations it feels like when taking some road vibrations it sometimes picks up the vibration to the car, like you said: like it's going to resonate with it's own frequency Todays drive on the other hand was again fine (no noticable vibrations at 90Kmph in 5th gear) Vibrations are also noticable at around 110 in 6th gear so around 2400RPM(?)
  11. Hi everyone, for my dad who bought a Ecosport 1 year ago I would like to try and do a retrofit on the reverse camera. He bought a titanium with a lot of options but no reverse camera sadly. While he's in the hospital fighting leukemia like a boss I would like to make it a present for him. For my Fiesta MK 7.5 I found the wiring diagrams and also for my current Focus MK4. For the Ecosport: not so easy... I already bought the workshop manuals but no wiring diagrams unfortunately. Does anyone of you have the diagrams (for the camera) or know a way to get them? I know I can get them through Etis but I'll have to get a credit card first. Yes I'm the kind of farm boy Dutch guy 😉 not having a credit card yet
  12. Hi, my Focus MK4 125bhp manual transmission is having a vibration through the car at 90 km/h in 5th gear. when switching to 6th gear the vibration is gone there is no difference between driving modes Normal, Eco or Sport sometimes I think the vibration is also there in higher speeds when in sixth gear but much less noticeable. brought the car to my local mechanic, he was very enthusiastic about the car and it being very silent. But he didn't find the vibration sadly enough while it's really there. Does somebody also have this problem?
  13. Hi guys, I found the source. In my case it were the shifting cables (pardon me if this is not the right term) Needed 1 extra person to find the rattle (within a few minutes). Luckily the sound also started to appear when idling. I put a litte rubber between the cables where there is a rubber sleeve already and the plastic piece above (not in the picture). This fixed the problem. I think the thing that is rattling is some kind of cap in the bulkhead bit still have to dig a little deeper. The extra rubber fixed the rattling anyway blue arrow is pointing to dash and bulkhead second picture in the bottom you see the catalytic convertor (edit: for reference of location)
  14. Yeah I also tried to get on my back beneath de dash with a flashlight and a stethoscope while driving, not that simple I can tell you 😉 The search continues, as I kept on reading online for the last few days I see that it's a common problem.
  15. neither to be honest, it sounds like something rattling. When idling I can also here something but it's not too loud, I'm not exactly sure if both are from the same source.
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