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  1. I’ll fight communism when ever I can as well ha ha.Like I said really annoyed about this over reaction👍
  2. I’m too honest for my own good unfortunately 👍
  3. Just found out that medical grade FFP2 has been mandatory like you said Stephen in German and Austrian public settings eg shops since the beginning of this year.Infections are rising in those countries and I’ll be wearing a leaky disposal paper mask when I go shopping after Monday😜
  4. Frantic shopping tomorrow, one more day of freedom ha ha.
  5. I’m annoyed about this bordering on anger😠Could always go down the over crowded local pub I suppose,no masking wearing their😀
  6. Let me know when you do understand it ha ha.From antidotal evidence there apparently has been an upturn in people having heart issues going to hospital.It’s never straight forward though.
  7. Dr John Campbell quotes the figure 11-25%.I think he says he can’t find the full published article, also.Like I said further research required.
  8. Go to YouTube and type in “Heart risk after vaccine “,and Dr John Campbell goes through some of the published paper.He has links for further information.
  9. Further research required.A published article by an American doctor has made public: there is an increase risk between 11-25% of having a heart issues within 5 yrs after taking the mNRA vaccine.If this is true this is very worrying for many.This news has been reported on GB News,YouTube and social media so many of you might know already.
  10. I’ll probably buy a Garmin rear light, cycle computer and mount bundle.It is on offer, whether it’s got anything to do with Black Friday I don’t know👍
  11. Ha ha obviously the bike ride was harder than I thought 👍
  12. Love coming home after a 3 hour bike ride on the hills and drinking a coffee with cream knowing I’ve a roast dinner in a hours time👍
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