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  1. They won’t do it again,not because of the deserved telling off but because they probably won’t turn up tomorrow 👍
  2. After about 8 hours I had the classic very mild headache, slight muscle ache feeling hot an increased heart rate but no sore arm.After 24 hours ,feeling a little groggy.Now I’m drinking lots fluids and getting back to normal 👍
  3. Yes this vaccine business in not straight forward.I think we should at least invest in more capacity so we can turn on the taps if needed👍
  4. Just been zapped with the AZ vaccine 👍
  5. Sorry to hear that Zain.Being bed bound is a killer for sure.Destroys bones and all muscles including the heart rapidly.
  6. Living in a village as a child I can remember two houses being built dedicated for police officers and their families.Any trouble in the village and we knew who’s door to knock on.Can’t see that happening nowadays.why not I say👍
  7. The latest recruitment drive has apparently produced around an extra 7000 officers out of the 20000 target, so i can imagine they’re spread thinly.There’s been a lot of chat about police spending too much time on social media tackling offensive posts; a non crime, crime is the jargon.The world is going crazy👍
  8. Take it back with your receipt and ask from another one👍
  9. Definitely not holding it’s charge.I would expect a better performance from a new battery.A good idea to invest in a smart charger👍
  10. How long has the battery been on charge.12.4 is less than 50% charged👍
  11. No need to lump a heavy car battery around.Charge in the car if convenient and off road👍
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