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  1. Trying to push MK1 front pistons back does't always work by hand.You could loosen the brake nipples just enough to make it easier though.I use a large pair of pliers👍
  2. Go on Ebay, there are some used under-trays in nice condition from £19.99 plus delivery.I think thats the best solution👍
  3. I wonder how that happened?Probably needs another undertray👍
  4. They must of sold out shortly after i posted to you🙄The £91.80 has the alternator test mode added so more expensive👍
  5. Mccormick Tools in stock now £65.20 various delivery charges.I think you need to do an account sign up, you can always delete later if you want.I've only had good experiences from them so can recommend 👍
  6. Always useful to have a charger lying around,a new battery can run flat.When i first bought my Ctek mxs 5 i also used the recond mode.It recommends using this mode once a year👍
  7. Medication wearing off😁
  8. No idea what thats about ,i'm just here to learn about cars🙄
  9. The guy was last on this forum May 2009😁Easy mistake to make but you never know it could breath life into an old post.Probably been recycled into something better by now👍
  10. Normally if there is a grinding noise with aftermarket larger wheels the noise would be heard on full lock from both sides 👍
  11. I can recommend the CTEK MXS 5.0 👍
  12. Recharging a healthy battery every month is good 👍