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  1. As long as your alternator is generating about 14.6 volts i think it will charge your battery with no problems👍
  2. 071= L 266 x W 175 x H 220mm 096=L 278 x W 175 x H 190mm👍
  3. 096 is longer so you will have to check that it fits first👍
  4. Can your smart charger be connected through your cig/aux port?Usually an additional adapter can be purchased.Once your new battery is fully charged you can then use the trickle charge to maintain a fully charged battery.Your underlying problem that is draining your battery remains and will have to be fixed👍
  5. I know a workshop in Bridgwater Somerset that is very cheap and will do a good job.I don't usually use him but a friend of mine does quite often, he has a Fiat😁It's near the railway station.
  6. Normally you would notify your insurance company if an after market part is fitted so having an OEM part being fitted should be straight forward👍
  7. Maybe it's under crossmember mounting bolts.My MK1 is 115 Nm if that helps👍
  8. I had mine changed on my MK1 four years ago at 84000 miles and cost me approx £250 at a local independent👍
  9. i'm going to pay a visit to the underneath of my car hopefully this month.Thinking of giving it a good clean with a pressure washer letting it dry out and brushing engine oil on.Is this a good idea or not?👍
  10. Yes ,if facing the tensioner and your bar is at 6 o'clock and you're pulling towards the rear 👍
  11. So you have positive camber on the front when you should be running negative👍
  12. My car lives on Sainsbury's diesel👍
  13. rear seat belt mounts/fixings as well👍