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  1. Hello Winston how many keys have you got?
  2. Hello Christian ST170 17 inch wheels is a good fit👍
  3. Probably just a key to gain access inside the car and a blade reference for a lost coded single key.
  4. Probably wrong but just thinking the negative camber could be part of the set up for good handling around corners😀
  5. Maybe you don’t have a splash guard to remove with poor access up the sides 😯I suppose I could turn the wheels one way then the other🙄It’s a MK1 i’m booking it in for tracking tomorrow 👍
  6. Apart from all the pot holes that I forgot about 🙄
  7. Ok Del l’ll have a look at that.It was done 2 years ago and I’m not aware of any knocks since👍
  8. Today I carried out my usual 4000 miles oil change.Removing the front wheels makes life such lot easier😀On inspecting I noticed slight inner wear on both of them.The rears are wearing nicely thank you and all four tyres have spun approximately 8000 miles.Would you swap them to the rear?Also thinking of having them rebalanced.Your thoughts are always appreciated 👍
  9. Welcome Matthew, you probably know this already but I’m going to say it anyway 🙄 regular oil changes are the most important diy maintenance work you can do👍
  10. Welcome to the forum,I commend your eagerness to share your experience and help others on a 10 year old thread👍
  11. I have the 1.8 TCDI in my 2004 MK1 dual mass flywheel went at 44.000,timing belt changed at 84000, turbo blew at 87000.109000 miles on and it’s running smooth, pulls well up hills ,I’m happy👍
  12. Tried that it didn’t work for me but I get the point about changing bulbs because I had to start over again👍
  13. No problem hope it works 👍
  14. No by plug I mean block the screw hole up with silicon and surrounding area and let it set👍