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  1. I have the 1.8 TCDI in my 2004 MK1 dual mass flywheel went at 44.000,timing belt changed at 84000, turbo blew at 87000.109000 miles on and it’s running smooth, pulls well up hills ,I’m happy👍
  2. Tried that but it didn’t work for me but I get the point about changing bulbs because I had to start over again👍
  3. No problem hope it works 👍
  4. No by plug I mean block the screw hole up with silicon and surrounding area and let it set👍
  5. Just to add I drilled a small hole in the silicon plug to make the fixing easier 👍
  6. Let us know if it’s successful or not,it’s a process of elimination .I know it’s a real pain in the rear👍
  7. I plugged the screw hole with silicon let it set solid and then smeared the screw thread with silicon before carefully fixing.Yes the exterior but from memory try not to get the silicon on any of the glass because it’s very messy to remove.👍
  8. I didn’t silicon the rubber grommet there shouldn’t be no need if the out edge is sealed properly 👍
  9. After the silicon firmed up I trimmed the excess off👍
  10. Yes the screw hole on the right was where the water Ingress was happening on my car.I siliconed the hole plugging it and surrounding area as well as the rubber cluster seal and screwed it all back together.I have a photo of the air vent I siliconed somewhere I see if I can upload it👍
  11. Yep one of the pleasures of owning a MK1 like I do.Could be many places.The two main contenders in my opinion is the light cluster and air vent as you mentioned.Silicon the rubber cluster seal and in my case the water was ingressing via the cluster outside screw.If the air vent is leaking the bumper needs to be removed and the vent popping off and siliconed.I’ve done both and now dry.👍
  12. The only thing that really freaks me out to be honest is my wallet.I’m continually seeking reassurance that it’s in my pocket.I know it's their but it still freaks me out and I have a big panic ha ha usually when I’m behind the wheel 😯
  13. I always carry 2 keys on 2 separate key rings.This strategy has saved me a lot of inconvenience and potentially money👍
  14. Engine running and everything off I would expect to see 14.6 volts from a voltmeter 👍