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  1. No tv license here also.Swap around between Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, YouTube,Discovery Plus and listen to Talk Radio.Given up on the BBC👍
  2. The voltmeter is in the cabin so I see the reading on start up👍
  3. Interesting.My voltmeter maximum reading when charging has been 14.7 v👍
  4. My light stays on for about 3 or 4 seconds.My advice is go to Ford and get the correct battery fitted as seen in my photo👍
  5. I change mine quite regularly.However thanks for the tip,might be worth considering 👍
  6. You have me confused with the OP ha ha.My battery is fine I said it’s always fully charged if you read my first post👍
  7. I have the same issue.I was thinking of replacing the glow plugs but being in situ for 17 years the opinion was to leave them alone.I always make sure the battery is fully charged.At the moment I try to only start the car when outside is above 6 degrees.Not perfect i know 👍
  8. Being a cyclist myself(I know,the devil’s breath) 7 miles is diddly.Today I’ve been on a 2 hour bike ride approximately 20miles.If i see a pedestrian coming my way I’ll distance myself ,sometimes riding on the opposite side of the road if safe to do so and turn my head 👍
  9. Call me old fashion but I would prefer a scarf to keep my face warm.I don’t think that would work in a garage though 👍
  10. At the start I wasn’t happy about wearing a face mask but went along with it.Now I’m not too bothered but would rather not.My concern is more tougher rules possibly in the future, for example making face mask wearing mandatory in the street.For me that is a step too far👍
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