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  1. Anymore lockdowns and there will be no money to pay for the NHS.
  2. Definitely worth seeking out an appropriate handbook.Ideal for all the basics you will need eg correct tyre pressures, what the switches do and such like.
  3. Have a search on eBay there are plenty of Fiesta handbooks for sale, just had a look.
  4. How long does it take for the battery to discharge?
  5. First, has your battery been tested ?
  6. Shopping at Sainsbury’s 99.9% wearing a mask.I actually seen a pedestrian wearing a mask outside in 29 degrees of heat.🤔
  7. That’s not surprising.What will be surprising is if most don’t make a full recovery.I haven’t looked at the numbers going into hospital,I might later.
  8. I think spreading natural immunity around the younger, generally healthier population is good a thing.Hopefully many returning home to their double jabbed parents.
  9. 1st lockdown, a nice long orderly queue was compulsory 😀
  10. I think some actually enjoying wearing a mask.It’s like a comfort blanket.😀
  11. So doesn’t anyone put their hand up these days and say “sorry it was me”.🤚
  12. The kids are missing out on all the alien fun😀
  13. Wash you hands properly after touching anything and before touching your face.If you don’t want to wash your hands so frequently don’t touch and don’t touch your face, simple hygiene.We don’t live in a perfect world mistakes are going to be made. Can’t remember the last time I had a cold.
  14. Fine, you carry on wearing your mask but don’t expect others to follow suit.I don’t want to live in a world wearing a mask stuck to my face ,it’s not normal.Covid is here forever, wear your mask forever.
  15. Masks are so unhealthy.You could be inhaling Covid that you have already breathed out.Also inhaling your own carbon dioxide isn’t good for you.
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