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  1. If I were in your circumstance I would consider investing in a Ctek battery charger/revitaliser or equivalent 👍
  2. Rear discs and pads 60000 miles around 96500 km are near end of life and will be replaced soon.The fronts were replaced last year because of a seized calliper so slightly less 👍
  3. I replaced the trailing arm bushes on my mk 1 it’s probably a similar setup on yours.Yes there is quite a lot of work involved.I dismantled all the suspension arms and springs but I think a short cut with help could be to remove the whole rear cross-member with the suspension unit intact.The advantage of this is you wouldn’t need to use a spring compressor.However this would mean that the trailing arm bush(butterfly bush) would have to be pressed out and a new one pressed in situ.Others on here may have a better idea👍
  4. You wouldn’t be wasting your time, if as above, you could treat the suspension mounts without welding and monitor them occasionally because they tend to be a water trap.Fitting new brake discs and pads is an easy cheap job.You might need a garage to look at the arches but again depends how long you want to keep your car👍
  5. I think most diy’ers have been there and share you pain😠Nowadays I check recheck and re-recheck,however sometimes you convince yourself your right and it doesn’t work out that way, hey ho tomorrow’s another day👍
  6. Go to ford.7zap.com have a rummage around and you will be able to discover the correct 7 digit finis code and take it from there👍
  7. Have a look at Fordwingmirrors.co.uk.I have used and can recommend for a basic gloss black non colour coded cover👍
  8. I have the transmission seal.I won’t be using it so give me a shout if you want it.I’d rather give it away to be used than binned.Can’t be bothered to sell on ebay👍
  9. seriously I don’t know for sure but probably is👍
  10. Do you want me to hold your hand when crossing the road😀
  11. Do you have an owners handbook?The sequence is in there 👍
  12. Is that the Lynx engine with the MTX 75 transmission?If so i'm pretty sure I have an OEM brand new one without the packaging in my garage.Had it for a couple of years but wouldn't of thought it's perished.Let me know I could send it out as a freebie👍
  13. Ha ha presumably it could fly to the moon as well👍
  14. I don’t think Wilco is saying all Focus Mk4s across the range has a torsion beam set up but he can speak for himself.