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  1. Foot Ache?

    I’m guessing because I’m not a medic.Your foot is obviously not being supported like it was in the past and your foot movement is going to be slightly different.Probably over time your ankle and foot muscles will gradually strengthen and the ache will disappear.Annoying I know ,I seem to remember I had the same with a stiff clutch in slow traffic.
  2. Faulty battery or car draining the battery?

    Buy a multimeter.You can then establish the condition of the battery,if it is draining and if the alternator is charging as said above.Anything over 12.6 is fully charged,12.5 is 80% charged and about 12.2 is 50%,12 and under is flat.
  3. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    I invested in a lift and tilt.Second hand on eBay.I always use the axle stands for belt and braces safety as well.When I change the oil every 6000 miles I swap the wheels over from front to rear and rear to front.Cool 😎
  4. Jacking and axle stands

    Yes,the suspension arms swing from the ends of the cross member.
  5. Jacking and axle stands

    Hi,use one of these to jack up on the sill.
  6. Correct PS/BHP

    Yeah sale of goods act October 2015 rather than what I originally posted,time really does fly.😯
  7. Correct PS/BHP

    If you are not happy take it back rather than regretting in three months time.The sooner you bring it to the garages attention the easier it should be to resolve the issue.
  8. Correct PS/BHP

    If you have been sold a 100 BHP rather than a 125 then you can return under the sale of goods act 2016 for being sold ,not as described correctly in the advert.
  9. Focus Mk3 boot leak

    Again possible places to look for water ingress.
  10. Focus Mk3 boot leak

    Yes there could be potentially water ingress at those air vents.If so pop them out and silicon around👍
  11. Replacement key cost??

    I took one of the more expensive options because I wanted a Ford key 😀 then I took the blank key with remote to a local key cutter and programmer,cost around £200.I know it can be done for a lot cheaper.
  12. Replacement key cost??

    If the procedure is the same as my mk1 you will need two keys with two unique codes to program more keys to the PATS.The process of configuration is described in your owners handbook.
  13. Rear Shocks

    As above,go to your Ford dealer.Could be a loose anti roll bar.
  14. How low can you go?

    I do journeys of around thirty plus miles and very few short ones that’s why I have a diesel.I will monitor this now,the battery is about four years old.I have a heavy duty jumperstarter in the back👍.
  15. How low can you go?

    My car has been standing for three days so I decided to check the battery voltage.I was surprised it started at 11.93v no problem 😯.Is this as low as the voltage will go before not starting?