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  1. Click onto the OP 3 replies 👍
  2. If I knew I was going to revisit the front underside to do work I would leave the under-tray off.Do you have the dimensions of the bolt you need?I have some OEM suspension bolts in the garage and could post them out to you if I have them.Like Peter said my money is on the wheel bearing or cv joint.
  3. Yeah I recall I had to take out one of there membership schemes running at the time and pay in instalments 😂
  4. My one and only experience with KF 20 years ago was when I owned a XR2 rolled into one of their garages in desperation due to brake failure.After replacing discs pads and bleeding the system I was presented with a bill of nearly £500 what!
  5. Possibly a driveshaft support bearing if your car has one👍
  6. If it was me I’d get a trusted garage to give an opinion.You never know could be a cheap fix if luck is on your side.Like you said looks like a nice motor👍
  7. Ah I can’t see because of the under-tray 🙄 From memory I thought there was plenty of room👍
  8. I replaced my front bumper without any drama.Is it a MK 1 or MK 1.5?.I’ll have a look under mine just having breakfast👍
  9. It’s a process of elimination get the tightening sequence and torque settings correct and take it from there👍
  10. The electric switch at the side lowers or highers the seat👍
  11. Sounds like a nice motor photos would be appreciated.I wouldn’t be to concerned with the odour myself with regular cleaning and scent atomisers I’m sure it will disappear over time👍
  12. It’s a good idea to have as much clearance as possible, a good fitting socket and a long lever helps.I don’t think those flexI spanner’s are long enough for tight bolts lying on your stomach or back.Also you could use some penetrating oil and leave overnight 👍
  13. Looks like it to me.I will qualify my comment by saying I have a MK1