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  1. Yeah I was happy to find it was just the EGR, when it gets remapped they're also going to map out the egr altogether, well worth the extra £20 Looks wise it's not far off being where I want it now, nice little standard body kit, spoiler, lowered, wheels refurbed in black and then that's the external done, then onto the engine to get as much power as possible, when the inevitable happens and it goes bang then I'll be looking at getting a bigger engine and doing all over again lol
  2. Well I now have to wait till the end of the month before I can lower my car, they sent the wrong springs for my car so now have to wait for them to send the correct ones, which are supposedly being delivered on the 28th🙄 On the bright side, it's booked in for the 23rd to be remapped will take it from 115bhp to 150bhp and from 245nm torque to around 300nm torque, can't complain about that Also, if anyone knows where I can get a subtle body kit from that will fit my car that would be helpful, splitter, skirts, diffuser and spoiler, seems they're not the easiest thing to find these days
  3. Well, I shall be starting to fit my lowering springs this week in the evenings when I get home from work, just waiting on spring compressors to arrive which should be here Wednesday, got a set here but they've decided they want to disappear so had to get a new set, so pics to come soon when I start on the springs But for now, here's a little before and after, can't believe how much it has changed within a month, madness 😂😂
  4. Hey all I've just created a group for all ford owners that are in Cornwall It's very early days yet, only created about 30 minutes ago lol will be doing designs for stickers too when it picks up a bit Feel free to join, would be nice to get it popular and get some good meets going 😊
  5. Here's some better pics of the wheels and the tinted rear lights
  6. Well, this evening I've fitted my new wheels, actually like these more than I thought I would lol The back is only sitting low because I have this lot in the boot lol Also had a go at tinting my rear lights, completely messed that up lol but I did manage to do it good enough to see what it would look like Thought it would be too dark, but the standard bulbs actually show up really well through it, so when I've changed to led bulbs that'll make them even better Just need to find someone to tint them for me now lol
  7. Oh that's absolutely perfect, thanks mate, I've been looking for somewhere to buy tuning parts, thank you Well, today I went t get 2 new tyres for my transit, I ended up coming out with a set of 17" standard focus wheels, I quite like the look of them, I'll post a pic when I fit them tomorrow evening, my tail light tint turned up today too, so that will be happening in the next couple days
  8. Thanks mate, still lots more to do Back of the focus is currently loaded up with transit wheels lol Transit is currently sat like this, waiting
  9. Cheeky little before and afters lol
  10. Well, the past couple of days I've been doing a few bits again, fitted a center console with an arm rest, fixed the snapped heat control cable and removed the Focus LX TDCI badges off the boot, looks a bit better Tail light tinting film and new carbon fibre and chrome ford badges will be arriving some time during the week Currently spoiler hunting
  11. Hey all, so the cable that switches from hot to cold has snapped, bit that goes to the knob has come off, but how do you get the other end, I've followed it back as far as visually possible, I just don't want to take things off that I don't need to, this is the cable I'm talking about Where does that ring end on the left hook onto? Thanks in advance
  12. Just wondering what sort of power people have had out of the 1.8 TDCI safely (without blowing a big hole in the block), I'm planning on tuning mine, but don't want to push it past it's capability's Also, will the gearbox take decent power? Would be nice to push it over 200hp, I assume just a remap will take it to 140hp-150hp ish (114hp standard) was thinking bigger turbo and all the supported mods to go with it and I should be getting some pretty good power
  13. Yes definitely, I've had well over 50 cars, only 2 of them I miss, my white Sierra (I've had 5 lol) and my red Vauxhall Calibra (had 3 of them lol), all cars look the same these days
  14. Yeah you won't cause any issues running the car without that, as Tom already said, it's usually for a dashcam, satnav, phone etc, if its already plugged into a dashcam put it in the foglight fuse instead
  15. Was very close, People driving slow like that really annoys me, unfortunately I live in Cornwall, the amount of tourists is unreal, bad driving is a common thing with tourists it seems and apparently none of them know how to use a roundabout, then beep at you as if you're the one at fault 🙄 drives me mad