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  1. Thanks guys, yes wipers definitely did look better in black, I've got the week off but spending it working on my garden But hopefully get time to spray the wipers black in between, I bought another standard grill too, which came today, I plan on cutting it up and making a custom grill for it, so that will be the next thing hopefully Need to have a look at all the bulbs in the dash too, I want to change them all to white or blue rather than the horrible green lol
  2. Today I sprayed the wiper arms silver But I don't like it, looks tacky so they'll be getting sprayed black soon lol Gave it a good clean inside and washed and polished it Got too dark to get any more pics
  3. Thanks buddy, i didn't sand any of them, just cleaned them up with water, then wiped them over with paint thinners, then 2 coats of plastic primer, 3 coats of colour and a couple coats of lacquer Thanks mate, take the bolt out the rear arm and take the bolt off the anti roll bar, push it out the way and the spring will pray out easily
  4. Couple more bits sprayed in the engine bay today, plastic side bits and the battery cover sprayed silver, the plastic below the wipers sprayed black too, going to spray the wiper arms silver tomorrow too And a before and after pic just to show the difference lol
  5. Well, the past couple nights I've been changing my struts, seems a much better ride now, can't really feel most bumps anymore, which is nice My new battery cover will be getting sprayed tomorrow too
  6. Pmfsl I can't say I blame you buddy, I grew up reading max power mags along with fast car magazine, I think it's an era best left in the past, but at the same time I miss it, going to shows and everyone's there with there kitted up cars, it was fantastic, lots of great times, may not like the way someone has done their car but I can appreciate the time and effort they've spent in making it there pride and joy
  7. Oh wow, that's a whole new kind of special lol
  8. Thanks mate, yeah I wish I'd of thought to do that, they are shiny but a couple of spots kind of has a frosty looking thing going on, so I'll redo them at the weekend and keep the warm throughout Yes flyeye is a love or hate kind of thing, used the flyeye tint on my Impreza, looked great from a distance, not so great up close though lol
  9. So today I've been busy spraying, nearly all the covers in the engine bay and also spray tinted the rear lights, so here's a few pics of how she is at the minute More to come soon lol
  10. Yeah I've tried a few tint films, that was my first choice, I just can't apply it without bubbles, I've sprayed them today and they've actually turned out really shiny, here's a couple of pics, I'll post more when they're back in the car
  11. Thanks guys, yes I think that will be the plan at some point, I'm also thinking I may just have the whole car resprayed when I get the bumpers and side skirts I want The light tint was limo black, looks great, but I think it's probably a magnet for the police So, a few more things, I've ordered new front struts and top mounts to go on, which were supposed to be here on Wednesday but still no sign of them I've also bought a set of bucket seats off a mate, so I also have these to fit I've switched radios too, just wasn't happy with the one I fitted, so I've put the radio from my transit in my focus and focus radio in the transit I've also spent the last 3 evenings wiring up a reversing camera, ran into a few issues, but it's finally fitted and working great So hopefully over the weekend I'll be fitting the seats, hoping my rails will just bolt straight onto the bucket seats, but nothing is ever that simple I'm hoping my new struts will turn up tomorrow so I can fit those too, my top mounts have gone on mine and the clunking is driving me mad lol Still need to tint my rear lights too, so weather permitting I'll be doing that too
  12. Well, that's the spoiler all on and sorted, shame it's turned out a slightly different shade, hoping compounding it will help
  13. Ah fair enough mate, thought I was being blind or something lol
  14. I've notice while reading through the threads on here that there's an app for this site, is it still going? I can't find it on the play store
  15. Thanks buddy, hmmmm yeah I've been thinking about that, did take the motor and wiper off a few days ago, but couldn't find a grommet for the hole so put it back in again lol