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  1. Thanks Dave I’ll get some degreaser and have a go at it sometime this week/weekend
  2. There’s the picture and it’s full of soot. What’s the best way to clean them, manually or with spray cleaner?
  3. Ok thanks I’ll have a look when I get a chance, by removing that pipe can you clean the inlet manifold or do I have to take the whole thing out? I’m not a mechanic or anything but I have some knowledge of the way an engine works I’m just a bit unsure as I’ve never owned a diesel or a car with a turbo. With these pictures/diagrams I can get a good idea of what I’m supposed to be doing, and once I know I can do the work, sorry if it seems like I’m asking stupid questions. I’ll try and get a picture of inside the pipe today but I can imagine that after 150k it’ll probably be nearly
  4. I’m not too sure where in the engine the elbow pipe is located to remove it, I saw your picture but I’m not sure which side of the engine/positioning the pipe is. car is on 150k miles
  5. What does the flapping sound like is it loud? The car shudders a lot when turning the engine off but I think that’s just a diesel thing.
  6. Since replacing the fuel rail pressure sensor the rough idle has gone entirely, however the Engine systems fault light came back on so I’ve had the codes read and it’s p0489 - EGR control circuit low. I’ve read everywhere that blanking on these cause no lights however in this case it is, the car drives fine but I’m wondering if it’s just electrical or if I should get the egr mapped out? also going to clean the inlet manifold some time in the next couple of weeks. any info on this would be interesting as I can’t find anyone anywhere who’s had an EML from egr blanking on a euro 4 1.8 t
  7. Update: I’ve replaced the fuel rail sensor and it appears to have solved the rough idle and also the EML is no longer on, if it comes back I’ll clean the inlet manifold out and see if that helps, cheers
  8. Yeah, I had it read the other day and the code was po109 which is apparently a fuel rail sensor, just seems strange that the eml is now constant since egr blanking but might just be a coincidence as the fuel rail issue is probably getting worse, I’m getting a rough idle but that was both before and after blanking so I’ll get it read again and change the fuel rail sensor and see if it cures the EML and rough idle
  9. Thanks Dave, I’ve fitted it now but there’s a EML showing up which I thought didn’t occur on the euro 4 models, might be due to gunk in the inlet manifold so I’ll have a look when I get time and see if it needs a clean, I’m not sure if it’s already been cleaned as I’ve only had the car a week
  10. Yeah it’s definitely worth it for about £4 for the blanking plate, saves the egr having further issues and costing £100s, mines on 150k as well so probably only a matter of time before it went
  11. Thanks again, I used the search function and nothing really showed up but I’ve just fitted the plate and cleaned the MAF sensor as well, it doesn’t look like theres anything to clean really, the turbo lag feels like it’s reduced slightly and that’s what I wanted, in regards to the fault I had the other day I had the codes read and it’s a fuel rail sensor
  12. I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find a guide to fitting an egr blanking plate on a 1.8 tdci focus. I just have a few questions on what is required, will I need to clean the inlet manifold and/or egr valve before blanking? Are there any sensors to clean or unplug? Do I need to remove/blank the egr cooler or can I just leave it connected up? if anyone has done this before any info would be useful Cheers
  13. Ok thank you my mate has a fault code reader so I’ll go and see if it throws up any codes
  14. I’ve just bought a 2006 1.8tdci with 150,000 on the clock and I was driving at 70mph and went to activate cruise control, which has worked well so far, but it wouldn’t work, a red light then began to intermittently flash and a engine fault warning was displayed on the digital screen, every couple of seconds it would lose power then it would go back to normal, I turned the engine off then back on and it has seemed to resolve the issue for now but I’m not sure what may have caused it and I would like to get it sorted before going on a long journey. Any ideas/ similar experiences would be useful.
  15. Hi, I’m Joe, I’ve recently bought a mk2 focus 1.8 tdci which is my first Ford and my first diesel so thought I best join the forum as there’s some really useful information on here
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