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  1. Thank you guys! I've done all these tips, back to normal. Fingers crossed!
  2. Ah I didn't know that.. last time this happened a garage fixed it so do you think they didn't do this? If I top up my coolant now do you think my overheating problem will not come back?
  3. Hey guys, got some questions. My vehicle is a Fiesta ST3 2016 model. 1. What PSI settings should I use for the wheels. I'm using pilot sport 4 at the moment on the front and rear. 2. When I top up my engine coolant how far should I fill it up if it's nearing empty (picture is after my drive. But my engine was overheating) 3. I've had this odd engine coolant cap problem now where it snaps my engine coolant cap in half forcing me to buy a new one. What could the cause of this be? I've read it's a common problem and a cheap fix as a first party cap is £10. But it's just annoying to have to replace every 6 months.
  4. Just realized I posted this in the wrong section.. sorry!
  5. Hello, I'm seeking for some more power, however I want it to be reliable and noticeable, I presume going to a good dealer will certainly give me the confidence I need. However I'm struggling to decide what upgrade to take, I've seen Peron, CP, mountune and many more.. Can someone run it through with me on there opinion with what would be the ideal one to take?
  6. Hello, I want to give my seats in my ST a good clean as there is some deeper stains that look like a small amount of drink was spilt. So any good safe products I can use in the seats would be appreciated!
  7. This can slot on the empty one?
  8. Hello, I've just had my wheel nuts changed as I lost my key to change them. However now there is one on each wheel where there looks like there is no nut on them. Is there anything I can do to make them look better?
  9. Hello I have a 2015-16 Fiesta ST that is lacking the reversing camera... as I don't know anything about the internals of a car is it possible to upgrade to the latest sync 3 with reversing camera support? If so what would it cost roughly? Bare in mind I would have to ask a company to install it.
  10. Turns out it was the AC pipe that has broken, getting it replaced and fixed by my mechanic tomorrow, for £40.
  11. I've checked the ford website to see if mine needed a recall, said there was nothing to report so I guess I'm good. I do need to top up the coolant that's for sure. But I'm 99% sure the fan isn't working so I guess that is the main problem then. I'll do them checks you said and see what else I can find, thank you for the information!
  12. Hey guys just wanted to know if anyone else experienced overheating problems on a 2016 St-3. Since purchasing the car 5 days ago I've been having way to much fun as in... Driving it a little to hard. However today the temperature level shot up and started beeping at me. No dashboard lights have came on, the throttle feels sluggish and in the engine bay there is a loud blowing noise. Because I was out I stopped and let it all cool down for 30minutes and then drove it slowly home. Got me home but the car then started to do it again. I've noticed there is just under minimum engine coolant and the fan at the front don't seem to spin? Here is a video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bDMmP4os4nfbqFI6n2KDSMH5kejWyzXa/view?usp=drivesdk