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  1. Hay JW, just went out to see if it worked and as you said, worked a treat. Thank you so much for you help in helping get this sorted 👍 absolute legend
  2. Ok @JW1982 everything is connected, and camera codes changed and saved using focccus but when going in reverse nothing comes up 🤔 do I need to do anything else on focccus? I enabled drive away locking which worked fine.
  3. Perfect, thanx JW 👍🏼 Managed to route the cable along the edge of the roof liner down the ns although a lil concerned about the airbags, should it be ok?
  4. Hay guys so I've fitted the rear aftermarket camera new screen and facia apart from coding the rear camera do i need to make any changes on focccus for the new screen like option #172 touchscreen? But screen comes on ok ect (yet to test camera) I've yet to connect the camera as I'm still working out how to get the dam cable to the front, managed to get it into the cabin at the rear where the rubber gaitors are, from tailgate to roof dont know if i need to remove the pillar trims etc. Thanx
  5. @JW1982 would you have a photo of how you wired your camera to the rear wiper? Not sure which wires to T into.
  6. Lol I thought I was ok around cars, but JW knocks it of of the park 🤓
  7. Wow your work sounds awesome jw, whish you was my neighbour 😂... ur skill set is more advance than mine when it come to this stuff lol, so I think I'll go the basic route. What I might do then, is offer everything up and see what it looks like both powered by reverse then to the wiper to see which I prefer, what do you think? I think the rear wiper option sounds better and cleaner on the display as a visual but was worried it would burn the camera out some how as it is constantly on while ignition is on.... is this true?
  8. Hope you get it sorted Tom. I'm going the route of @JW1982 Just a few questions, With the rear camera wiring, will I need to use the signal wire which is with the RCA lead? With the power wire I think I'm going to run it to the reverse light wiring so will need to extend it, what size twin core wire do you recommend? Al's @JW1982 what is the reason to power the camera from the rear wiper and not the reverse light? Sorry for all these questions again
  9. Just waiting on fakra hsd adaptor and camera to be delivered, the rest is here. Don't you just take the power off the reverse light?
  10. Hi Stephen, know its an old post but what bulbs you running for dip main and fog, any links? Thanx
  11. Is this the lead?
  12. Where can I pick up an RCA to Rosenberger/Fakra HSD adapter cable like the one in your photo @JW1982
  13. Thanx JW, so my screen is the 5pole connector type and the connector in the football is a 2pole, is that right? So I would need to get a 5pole style cable from the screen, and connect it to a 5pole>av adaptor which the camera hooks into?
  14. Will the amazon extension cable not do for screen to foot well connector? Any where I can buy these cables ready made for Screen > foot well plug and RCA camera > boot connector Sorry for being such a noob just dont wanna mess things up, and really grateful for all the input 👍🏼
  15. Thanx tom if I'm not wrong then the cable you listed should work ...?