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  1. Hi Can anyone help me with this or know where i can look as i really want to get this sorted
  2. Hi Vibeone, sorry to be a pain but did you have any luck? Regards
  3. Hehe yeah talk about bring up a topic from the past... google searches are scary 😂 Your a legend, thanx 👍🏼
  4. Hi Vibeone, I know thos is an old thread, but wounded if you still had the 2 wires for the sat nav audio or perhaps spare pins from the connectors knocking about..? I've managed to upgrade my set up to the 4.2" with nav and rear camera, now just need to get the nav audio sorted but cant find a suitable donner car. Thanx in advance
  5. Hi guys and gals, I've upgraded my FCDIM and ACM to the navigation 4.2" With my navigation this works but I need to get the voice working which I believe I need to connect two wires from the ACM to the FCDIM, does anyone know where I can get the correct connectors and wires as I cant find a donner car. thank you
  6. Hay @JW1982 I like what you did with your headlights and want to do the same. However, I can only find the sky wing headlights for LHD, can these be switched over for RHD or anyone know of a decent aftermarket set for UK. Regards
  7. Ok I've had no luck trying to source these wires.... anyone know what pin connectors I need so I can make my own Thanx
  8. Hay guys sorry to jump on this old topic, but I seem to have the same problem. Upgraded my FCDIM unit as @JW1982 did but my one is MFD LOW, so not sure if this will affect it, but all works fine except i cant hear the navigation audio commands. Is it just the 2 wires I need to add for this to work as described by JW Has anyone got a picture of this so I can be sure to get the right wire. As @Typhoonf2 mentioned it's a pain locating a donner car nearby, so i will probably have to message some ebay sellers and a picture would help in describing what I need. Thanx in advance
  9. Hi guys so I managed to upgrade my centre display to the colour 3.5" screen Popped the nav sd card in and works ok however no voice directions are heard, any ideas? Or does it not have this feature, and I'm just used to the lady on Google give me directions 🤣 Thanx
  10. Anyone know which nav SD card I should be looking for my new set up, aftermarket gps aerial ordered from ebay as advised by JW on a different thread.
  11. Hmm haven't got one touch so sounds like it would be to much of a job.....
  12. Lol I was thinking what next lol what does sync 2/3 bring to the table and is it complex Want to get folding mirrors as I always end up in the drivers side looking at the ns thinking damm it.. had them in my mk2 RS and such a nice thing to have.
  13. Oh damm what a headache glad you managed to sort it. I did what JW said and started lower to make sure it converted ok and below what I needed to get to, although I originally wrote the wrong millage on my previous post, so had to plug the old unit back in to get the right millage so I didn't it up... lol Managed to get it sorted and I'm happy with the fresh look... thanx guys yet again
  14. Hi JW, do just set it in the IPC tab under odometer in KM then click set
  15. Hi JW, thanx for the prompt reply. I already downloaded your modified version and this is what I was running... am I doing the procedure wrong maybe?
  16. So in central config tab, i clicked read from BCM then in the same window in clicked write to IPC but millage on the instrument is still showing old millage.... any help please need to drive the car tmw Just read and attached pics of BCM and IPC both showing millage at 44357 but instrument still showing 27562....???
  17. So i should be receiving my replacement instrument next few days, is this all i need to do once i plug it in? Thanx
  18. Thanx JW really appreciate your help and everyone else, once again.
  19. So I've managed to finally find one with the part number you kindly pointed out, it's from a 2014 preface lift 1.6 petrol titanium auto, will this be ok for my 2013 1.0 eco 125 man..... I hope so ...?
  20. Thanx for the procedure @iantt 👍🏼 this worked a treat for me. Stop/Start was intermittent and thought I was going mad 🤣
  21. Thanx Comes up with a couple diesel ones 🙈 Waiting for the guy to email me the part number he has one of a 2014 pre face lift 1.6 auto petrol 🙏
  22. Wilco I think I may have noticed a difference from mk3 and mk3.5 speedos. On the later models the kmh is in white where the early type is light blue..... what's your thought??
  23. Hay peeps, so ive been looking high and low with a lV3 speedo with less mileage. I think I found one but just want to confirm with some of you guys if this is ok. Also with JWs amended software is it a case of just downloading it to the same fold as focccus and run the software as normal, so I can change the mileage up as it's different 10k ish Picture is of the parts catalogue using donor car vin Thanx
  24. Is it factory camera or aftermarket? As JW mentioned it turned out easier for me to route the aftermarket camera wire to the front display linked by a fakra hsd to av adapter, and not use the factory fakra connections in the boot, because the connector at the passenger footwell end is non hsd fakra and my display only takes hsd type. Picture from Tommo 👍 @ JW as he was a massive help in my install, hes a knowledge god
  25. @iantt hi ian I'm looking to do this swap aswell as I've already changed my centre display and now want it to match... any idea on part numbers to look for as all I find on ebay is the bigger screen for 2014 onwards and as JW mentioned I need a MK3 one Thanx