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  1. Stoney i bought it anyway lol at £25 inc postage + £1 for the code and as you did say the tapered edge stops it from Slotting in was thinking of sealing the tapered edges down with some silicone.unless you know if there is another way round this.i know there are millions of aftermarket ones you can buy but i prefer original stuff even if its outdated nowadays with colour touchscreens the norm now.alternatively if you know someone looking for this 06 mondeo version for a similar aged fiesta one let me know and i would gladly straight swap.its the black monochrome version I've got.
  2. Had the same problem yesterday trying to remove a 6000 radio.keys are quite flimsy metal, turned into a two man job to eventually get it out.
  3. Ive got a 07 ghia and on the indicator stalk there is an option to centrally lock drivers door only or all doors.dont know what versions have this guessing zetec st versions have this.so if yours is one of these try that.
  4. Hi folks need advice asap got the chance of a travel pilot ex from a 06 mondeo to put into an 07 fiesta and was wondering does the standard antena lead go into the gps connection or do i need a separate lead.all any advice much appreciated.
  5. Fuses all ok.first thing i checked.
  6. The chip is in the drivers main vision about 10 inches up from bottom of screen not near the sensor the auto wipers and auto lights dont work either and the battery is all good as had a full charge on it about a month ago.battery is fords own.beginning to think there could be a loose connection in the sensors which hopefully can be sorted when windscreen gets replaced.
  7. Dont have a laptop but that all sounds like too much hassle so will just need to careful and not lose key lol.appreciate you taking the trouble to reply to me
  8. No defo has heated screen its the ghia version so standard spec on them.
  9. Hi there i have an 07 fiesta ghia and the heated front screen button doesnt light up rear one does and the autolights switch doesnt work either tho the other light switches all work fine as does the lights.the thing is i have a small chip on my windscreen drivers side which i am going to replace and was wondering if this chip on screen is causing the sensors not to work.windscreen i think is original as it has ford pilkington stamped on it so dont think sensor fault could be result of windscreen being fitted after the original.any all advice welcome.thanks
  10. Px52 bau


    Looking for some advice i have a 07 fiesta with one key the remote one and was wanting to get a spare key and was wondering whats best to get as a spare. the transponder type or the remote one as heard different things about keys eg need 2 to code and coding a remote key only does the doors and does not start the car. Spare key required in event of losing the one i have so really a key to start car as remote locking can be done manually with transponder key anyway.any/ all advice appreciated
  11. I have the same problem power mirrors dont fold with the key or the switch but i can adjust the glass no problem.i also have a problem with the auto light switch it does not work either but all lights do manually could they be linked fuses and bulbs all fine.
  12. Coatbridge 52 lx diesel 07 ghia and a 12 plate titanium
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