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  1. I have just bridged the 2 contacts and its the switch thanks for chap above pointing me in right direction
  2. The key fob third button unlocks and pops it on 1st press..? What you said above is what I want to do if the car is unlocked is to press the boot handle release switch and vola open, BUT mine is not doing that. As mentioned above people are saying to presses on key fob to pop it but mine pops it on 1 press...? I also own a ford kuga and that pops boot on 2nd press but 1 press allow me to open on boot release button which is what I want on wifes fiesta.... pic of boot release button I have taken apart, simple 1 button switch no water ingress as springs had no corrosion...? Red/ye
  3. Hang on a mo. Why is there then a button on the boot handle above the number plate.....?( arrowed red in pic) As the boot unlock on key fob pops the boot so you can open it holding anywhere on the handle you do not need to press the handle button? (Pictured)
  4. example: car is unlocked on your driveway keys are indoors, you need some thing from boot have to go back indoors and get key??? just like 30 odd years ago when you had to have a key to unlock every door, boot etc..... come on Ford we should have the option the have it unlocked or locked by some setting so we the customer can decide on lock setup
  5. No I don't want the boot to pop up ( like when you press the boot button ) I just want it unlocked ( with rest of doors) so when I press the switch on the boot handle it opens
  6. Right got a strange 1 here fiesta 10 plate when I press unlock (pictured yellow red arrow) on key fob all 4 doors open BUT the boot lid does not? only way to open the boot lid is to press key fob button 3 (blue & green arrow pictured) the boot unlock button...! which is very annoying as your driving and passenger jumps out goes to grab his bag etc from boot you have to fiddle key fob from ignition and press the damn button we have just sold our 2009 mk7 and that was not like this 10 plate mk7 ? is it set up wrong or different by previous owners I cannot find anyth
  7. Will it put car in limp mode? i.e cant go over certain revs and speeds
  8. Hi all me fathers old mk1 Focus 1.8 TDDi Endura has started ticking/tapping/knocking from top of engine area????? Its always been serviced on time cambelt done around 50k ago I put forscan to have a look at if any DTCs and there are none done a test on injectors see pic below, also put some wynns extreme injector cleaner in ( seems to made it a little louder)
  9. Hi all will a blank off on EGR cause any MIL or similar come on, on a 2004 1.8 TDDi Endura engine? Any advice most welcomed
  10. here is pic of pipe by the look at it im hoping the pipe and not the top pipe insert or gasket or all 3-4 components
  11. I gave it a good clean again Tuesday, and had a look Wednesday morning it looks like its coming from the rubber pipe with numbers 9656615680 on the side. Below is a picture after the clean Tuesday (only drops of water on pipe) clean metal below. second picture is Wednesday looks like oil on pipe and metal work below
  12. Yes if you can get the torque settings for the oil cooler that would be great, I will take it off and put a straight edge on to see for warping, get new seals gaskets the 4 holes in the cooler are 2 for oil and 2 for coolant? or all 4 oil ports? as there's no coolant leaking thanks again Tom
  13. Would the warping just be on the oil cooler ? is it alloy? Where would I find torque settings for these? so a coolant and oil drain before I start and is there any awkward torx screws that are hard to get too? I take it all gaskets/seals sit in the oil filter housing side?
  14. Here's a better pic of the 2 bottom torx screws think there both T30? I nipped em up a bit the other week was not very tight what should torque be for these torx screws? Do they have washers ? The 3rd picture is amount of oil running down after 30 min drive...
  15. 1.6 tdci 2009 oil leaking suspect oil cooler or oil filter housing any comment views appreciated the pics were taken 24 hours after cleaning and driving have changed the usual suspects intercooler hoses, breather pipe O ring, new oil and filter change.... this leak is after a day after a couple of weeks I get it running down gear box and eventually a drop on driveway
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