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  1. OK, ill run what's left down low to get as much diesel clean through as possible and see how I go. I always use premium fuel and do plenty of motorway mileage so maybe that will be enough. I never used any additives in my last car which had the same engine. I did 120k in that car and never had any problems with injectors
  2. The key difference seems to have been made by using Wynns diesel clean extreme at the higher dose meant for badly soiled engines. I wonder if it got this way due to its very low mileage - 9 year old car, 34k on the clock. If its sat for a long time without being regularly driven maybe that was a factor, and cheap fuel of course. Hoping that's it and if I keep using good fuel and redex etc it will maintain it
  3. Just thought Id update this. Ford had a look at the car Friday, and said the following: "CARRY OUT CH CLEAER FAULT CODES, EGR VALVE CLEAN - EGR CLEAN FUNCTION - RESET, ROAD TEST AND ALL OK. ADVISE TO ADD FUEL CLEANER AND QUALITY FUEL. VERY SLIGHT KNOCK FROM INJECTOR AND STICK" They updated the engine management software as well. The fault was still there, though a little better due to a better map I guess. I always use V-Power diesel, but I got some more Wynns diesel clean extreme, and instead added it to half a tank (the max dose).It seems much better after 50 miles or so of driving. Fingers crossed it stays that way!
  4. Interesting.....Well, I have SP 4.1 installed to the travel pilot FX. I believe that is the last edition. My BT module is fine and totally supports streaming of audio. The NX model of Travelpilot, which appears to be a later model, and saw more updates, has a V5.1 firmware that has an interesting fix in its release notes: "fixes audio dropouts via Bluetooth streaming of less than 1 sec" - which sounds like my Bluetooth problem But this fix hasn't been implemented on the FX and at this stage is never going to be. So ultimately, its looking like the travelpilot FX head unit is no good in todays world for Bluetooth streaming from mobile phones. Thought I'd add this in case anyone else is struggling with it. Im going to sell that and the BT module and get a new Sony unit fitted
  5. I fear it will come down to some unique compatibility / firmware issue. ive bought another TravelPilot head unit to try, thinking it was that. I did have some pops and clicks on FM too - nothing like the Bluetooth problems tho. But now I think about it I reckon it’s the Bluetooth module, or the combination of that and head unit. So will probably end up re-eBaying the new head unit...but let’s see. I’ll confirm back what happens. The FM problems might be explained by poor reception and “sharx” processing on the FM front end. I suspect if I got another BT module of the same model I may well have the same problem. So I either look at others that might work better (or rather spend more money and hope), or say sod it and get an aftermarket unit fitted 😞
  6. The module fitted is 8M5T - 19C112 - AP - "Bluetooth voice connectivity with USB". I wonder is this the correct module?
  7. I haven't had the car long, but it did it when I bought it, and I don't think the update made any improvement, except for making the USB connection play music through the phone. I believe my car has the later versions of stereo and wiring as all the PNs I can see start "9M5T", rather than "8M5T" I wonder if anyone else here uses a modern iphone with their Ford Bluetooth without problems? If they do perhaps mine is faulty - looking online they seem to have stickers stating "scrap if dropped", perhaps they're fragile little things..
  8. I have a 2010 Focus with a Bluetooth module, and a Travelpilot FX head unit. I updated the BT module firmware to the Nov 2012 version (possibly the last release?) , but its crap for streaming audio. Lots of intermittent pops on it. Voice calling seems fine. Im using an iPhone SE with the latest IOS. Ive read of similar issues, is there any solution short of replacing the head unit and doing away with Ford's Bluetooth module? Is it just too old work properly? Its a real shame as in theory it should work great. I wouldn't mind too much but while the USB port plays audio from the phone just fine, it doesn't deliver anywhere near enough current to charge it properly.
  9. I passed on this unit because it’s a 2007 and I think might be too old for my wiring and Bluetooth module I couldn’t for the life of me find the labelled Bluetooth module, I removed various panels in an attempt to find it and gave up. I did see lots of tags on wiring starting “9M5T” however and the stereo itself, which I now know is the blaupunkt “travel pilot” has the part number 9M5T - 18k931 - DA if anyone knows a drop in replacement that would work for radio and give me Bluetooth streaming and calls that would be useful. I’d even take a 6000 like my old car had if it would match !! Not fussed on DAB, especially if FM is worse and I need to muck about with antennas The blaupunkt has a really annoying fault, which I think I would be unlikely to fix but I am handy with electronics. I can’t find any examples of similar faults online either. I assume it must be the head unit?? FM and streamed Bluetooth have an intermittent but fairly regular glitch where there’s a slight pop, or digital sounding dropout for a tiny fraction of a second, it can sound like distortion too. It’s very slight, and sometimes you need to listen carefully for it on speech radio, but annoying enough to make me want to throw it out the window! 😄. Sometimes it will run a few mins without doing it, others it will happen every few seconds. I’ve updated the BVC and head unit software but didn’t change anything don’t fancy spending £140 plus on another one in case that too has problems, and would rather not go aftermarket and lose the nice hands free kit. But it may come to that if I bought one on eBay, I assume I could get a code for it fairly easily?
  10. Thanks very much for your detailed response! I can understand FM can be weaker on a DAB, legacy stuff like FM is often an afterthought with designs. I will check my wiring shortly and see what I have would you know if the S-MAX version is the same? I see one for sale near me that’s been pulled from an S-MAX, but claims to be compatible with the focus
  11. Sounds like there’s potential then, thanks for that I don’t need USB or CD, just FM radio, Bluetooth for music and hands free calling. Is it likely to be simple enough to achieve that? I might take a chance and buy one. I hope the connectors would be the same as they’re both OEM units but how knows! is the Bluetooth module in the car separate to the head unit do you know?
  12. I have a 2010 Focus (mk2.5), it has the head unit with navigation option and SD card slot, also has Bluetooth and usb with aux port next to the handbrake. It has a fault where I get intermittent pops and glitches in both radio and Bluetooth. Strangely the USB and aux inputs are glitch free. I updated the Bluetooth firmware etc, no difference. Sounds like a DSP fault inside the radio itself to me... I don’t use the sat nav, I just want something that works well for Bluetooth and radio. If I replace this with the Black Sony head unit (seen on other mark 2.5s), will my hands free calling and Bluetooth music through the phone work and is it a straight swap? Will the USB port and aux socket also still work? (I don’t mind this so much if it doesn’t). The black Sony unit seems more common, and is cheaper to buy 2nd hand for some reason. Otherwise I’d just get another the same for less hassle thanks in advance
  13. UPDATE: On my 2nd attempt at buying a cheapo ELM327 I managed to get one that seems to work with Forscan - for the most part. No DTC fault codes showing, diagnostics pass, but the OBD2 "engine on" test starts "EGR test", then says "Malfunction detected", but no elaboration. To be honest it seems to happen so quick im not sure it is even really running it, could be a quirk of the cheapo adaptor. I streamed various bits of data and went on a drive, and got someone to hit print screen for me when the problem happened to log the time stamp. Looking back at the graph data, I see a dip in "Airflow per cylinder" at the time of the fault, and a smaller dip in air flow via MAF sensor (pretty negligible). Could this drop in air flow per cylinder point to a problem with the EGR valve? I have a Haynes coming, and have ordered a blank plate and gasket (£5 ebay), once I've looked at the torque settings ill get a torque wrench and fit the plate
  14. Haven’t tried anything yet. The problem is still there but not as noticeable. Fuel treatment maybe - or wishful thinking 🙂 id say my MPG is definitely a bit less on this car compared with my last, and I doubt it’s because it’s the estate version I’ve ordered an adaptor to use the ForScan software and will report back what that tells me. ive located where the blanking plate would be fitted, and it looks like an easy job - remove a firewall panel above, 2 bolts, then fit the plate and gasket. Just not sure if you have 2 gaskets, one either side or if 1 where that one goes. I haven’t ordered yet anyway as I’ll see what the software tells me first
  15. Thanks Tom, I will look into the fault code software you mention. Are replacement injectors expensive? I understand they aren't too bad to remove. I'll likely live with it for now and see if it gets any worse. Regarding EGRs / blanking plates, is this the model where you need to remove many other parts to take the EGR off? And is fitting a blanking plate a difficult job? I don't have a lot of experience with cars, just basic servicing. But I do lots of electro-mechanical work on other things