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  1. Happy Birthday will-91!

  2. picking up my new 60 plate fiesta on monday ! had countless problems with my current one from handbrake been broke since i bought it NEW just over a year and a half ago to both handles falling off ! was fed up of constantly being down at my dealership, been down there so much they know me by name, so i got a good deal to get put in a bran new 1 so i thought may aswell go for it as i do love the fiesta !! this happened to anyone else ?
  3. Insurance

    thats good! i was with direct line about a month ago and they were charging £1400 for the year, im with aviva now and its £892 and its the exact same policy, shopping around does pay off !
  4. Horrible Noise Coming From Drum Brake !!

    yeh im putting it in tomorrow so im just going to need to wait and see what it is !
  5. Horrible Noise Coming From Drum Brake !!

    i dont think i can take it off, looks like a special shaped key that is needed to do it
  6. last night noticed a very strange noise coming from my back left wheel, which kept getting louder ! sounded like something was majorly loose in the suspension or something ! but i removed my alloy and and turned my drum break round in the motion of the wheel and the noise is coming from inside it !! sounds more like a scraping noise, surely break pads havnt went with doing just under 20 000 miles ? also noticed when my hand break is on full the drum brake still moves round ? cant understand this, i thot its ment to stop turing in order to lock the back wheels ? any help would be much appreciated
  7. Interior Rattles

    i give it a good hit, usually stops it for a while !
  8. bought my car back in march last year with 3 miles on it, just noticed tonight ive managed to put 19,000 miles onit in that time !! anyone else near that
  9. How Much Would Ford Charge To Fit....

    ford were looking for 160 pound to fit the illuminated scuff plates, were saying it could affect my warrenty if i wasnt to get it fitted with them, they talk so much !Removed!
  10. Bashed My Door!

    i did the exact same thing with my car and left it for a few months thinking ill get it over it, but everytime i looked at the car i was drawn to it ! i went to halfords and bought a touch up pen kit for 12 pound, just phoned up ford, got my paint code and went down and bot it, worked amazing i must say not noticeable atalll anymore !
  11. Just Posted Old Alloys On Gumtree

    it did cross my mind to keep them right after i posted the ad ! but just going to leave it for a week or 2 and see if there are any buyers, if not then ill just keep them ! continental tyres 195/50 r15
  12. just put my alloys from the fiesta on gumtree for £250, now starting to think i may have set the price a bit high ! there 195/50 r15 in mint condition bar 2 scratches and needs 1 tyre, think that price is about right ? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  13. nice one, going to get them ordered just now, cheers lads !
  14. ahhh i see ! ive got a 1.25 zetec mk7 with 17" alloys onit, anyone know if i buy the 30 mm if that will drop it too low
  15. nice cheers, just checked that website out think ill just get then off that, but as i know nothing about lowering cars im a tad bit confused ! it ses it will lower your car 30 mm, is that the maximum they can drop it or for talking sake could i drop it by only 20 mm ?