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  1. As it's still under warranty I think you need to take it back to the dealers (assuming they are open in Romania ?)
  2. I would say that it all depends on how much you need the extra boot space ? A 7 year old car with only 43k on the clock could certainly be worth hanging on to, assuming there are no issues with it, but if you do decide to get rid then realistically forking out £90+ for another service beforehand would be a waste of money as it would be unlikely to make any difference to the trade-in price.
  3. Cheers ferretfloozy for finding it...this is the relevant bit...halfway down page's behind the bonnet release catch, not the radiator grille .. A.A. patrolman turns up after just 15 minutes, he's seen the issue before & as stated by Alex & others there is indeed a securing clip lurking behind the release cover as shown in previous pictures uploaded by forum members, this clip is black & tiny, looks like an inverted '' L'' or a '' T '' without the left hand part of the top of the T, & sits flush with the top of the cover, so almost impossible to see, it functions a bit like a split pin, you need a small flat blade screwdriver inserted horizontally to lever the horizontal part of the L / T upwards, it needs complete removal & is likely to fall into the void where the bonnet release cover was, it is retrievable though. Then as previously mentioned use an appropriate sized socket & turn clockwise twice to pop the bonnet.
  4. I believe there is a catch situated somewhere behind the radiator grille...there was an identical post about this couple of weeks ago ...just trying to find it....stand by...
  5. Jeez...he made that look difficult !! You don't need to touch the air filter housing at all assuming you have the right length socket/extension to get your ratchet in there as there isn't a great deal of room to work in. Once loosened off, just wait for about 1 minute to allow the oil to drain out of the housing and into the sump otherwise it will spill all over the gearbox when you pull the filter housing out !! When putting the new filter in, make sure that the plastic nipple has seated correctly in the hole inside the METAL housing otherwise you will break it !!!
  6. I've been using a large screwdriver to push the front pistons back in for 35 years now...I do have a wind-back tool for the rears though 😉
  7. See JW1982's post at the bottom of page 2 😉
  8. As per my posts on page 3, that's exactly what I did...dead easy to do and £47ish is not a lot to pay for peace of mind. The advantage of the conversion is that they have done away with the small plastic t-piece completely so all you have now are traditional heater pipes as per the photos at the top of page brainer !!
  9. When I first started mechanicing, 35 years ago, we used to just pour boiling water over the terminal to clean it up, with a drain tray underneath. I don't know if that is still the done-thing these days, but it certainly worked a treat, followed by some grease/Vaseline and insulating tape as mjt says above.
  10. Been told today that Direct Line's policy in relation to vehicles driving around with expired mot's is that they will have their client's vehicle inspected, post-collision, and if any defects are found which contributed/caused the collision, then they will not pay out !! So this basically reinforces the fact that vehicles must be maintained in a roadworthy condition.
  11. Not strictly true....if your MOT has expired and you were unfortunate enough to then have an accident, then insurance companies can use this as an excuse to reduce their payout on the claim...last one I heard of was a 20% reduction, although this was a while back. I have never heard of anyone having their insurance policy terminated because of an expired MOT. If the car is un-roadworthy then possibly, but it would be down to the assessor who subsequently inspects the car. Obviously the best case is to keep your car MOT'd and not take the chance !!
  12. UPDATE.....Car went back in again on Wednesday and apparently it took 12 hours to do a 30GB download and installation, but it finally looks as though they have cured the problem (fingers crossed). The tech guy stated that it is a global issue that Ford are aware of and they had started to replace the Sync 3 control modules but as that was proving very expensive, they are now trying this software download instead. I have to try it for a week and then let them know if it has been successful, but after 4 days the message has not re-appeared, so, fingers crossed 😁😁
  13. Why not just buy an ST-Line instead and save yourself all the hassle ??