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  1. I had the very same problem a few months back but a FREE software update from the dealer finally sorted it under warranty... ***** See post dated March 22nd on page 13 !! ********
  2. Rear brake shoes are usually good for circa. 100k+ miles , so unless your anywhere near that, as others have said, it is highly likely that you just need to adjust the handbrake.
  3.'s just the aluminium cap that is usually the problem and once off, the steel nut underneath is easily accessible.
  4. I have had a few problems with Ford wheel nuts over the years as, like you say, some muppet at a tyre shop rounds them off with an air gun. The aluminium cap can usually be prised off, leaving the steel nut underneath, which you can usually then get a 18mm(?) socket on. If the cap won't come off then try using the car's actual wheel brace as I have found this fits better than a 19 mm socket ??
  5. I removed one of my plugs just to check it a few months ago and a couple of weeks later, it started misfiring and the EML was flashing, took it into Ford under warranty and they diagnosed a cracked spark plug and changed it. Had exactly the same issue on my daughters 2013 1.0 Ecoboost a couple of weeks ago when the plug I checked cracked the porcelain when I re-fitted it, and no I didn't overtighten them !! Has anyone else experienced this ??
  6. For peace of mind I would bite the bullet and fork out for a reputable local garage (not dealer) to do it, then at least you will have some comeback in the unlikely event something were to go wrong afterwards, otherwise you could grenade your engine if you do something wrong ?? Regarding the oil changing, oil quality has improved significantly over the past few years, hence the reason modern engines can do 18,000+ miles between oil changes, so realistically you should still be fine at 10,000 intervals, but as you are only looking at around £30 (Euros ??) to do it yourself, then it obviously won't break the bank to change it more often, if that is your preference !!
  7. I disagree....if the auto box is working fine, then why risk causing a problem ?? I think the going rate for doing the timing belt and water pump is around £300, so if the car is otherwise mechanically sound, then I would get them done instead.
  8. I guess I must have been lucky twice then...once when I replaced the blown one with a direct replacement then again a week later when I upgraded to the Mk3.5 version 😊
  9. No bleeding required...just pour it in and away you go 😉
  10. Yep that's what happened with my daughter's car. Ask them to replace it with the Mk3.5 hoses instead...they will probably say that they don't show as being compatible with the Mk3 but they previously stated they are only around £52 and take about 10 minutes to fit so you shouldn't be looking at a big bill. Alternatively, just buy the new hoses from the dealer and get a local garage to fit them for you if you aren't able to do it yourself ??
  11. Yep, same here, I hate stop/start and also turn it off straight away. My niece has a Renault Megane with stop/start and the battery failed on it 3 weeks out of it's warranty and Renault wouldn't pay for a new one, so it cost her £128 for a replacement whereas standard batteries are usually around the £40-£50 mark. Granted I don't travel in heavy traffic a lot so reckon it doesn't cost me an extra tenner a year in fuel by not using the stop/start, and this pales into insignificance compared to the cost of a new battery and/or starter brainer !!
  12. One here on Fleabay, or you could try the likes of Motorhog ??
  13. Yep....'Smart' motorways are anything but smart, I believe at least 28 people have now died on 'smart' motorways after being hit by other vehicles and that a government review was underway prior to the pandemic, so hopefully, once things return to somewhere-near-normal, they might get around to publishing the outcome. Despite the presence of overhead signals, flashing blue lights, direction arrows and hi-vis jackets, I can tell you from experience that being stationery amongst running traffic is not a safe place to be !!
  14. Jeez pal...who rattled your cage ?? I'm guessing you've had a run in with your local police down there in Berkshire to come out with comments like that !!! I am not going to lower myself to discuss the ridiculous and totally unfounded comments you felt necessary to post and try and totally hi-jack this thread and turn it into a political statement....I posted what I did in the hope that it would hopefully make people think twice before getting on a motorway with next-to-no fuel in their tank and run the risk of killing themselves, or even worse, someone else !!! HTH
  15. I just don't get this 'fuel-gauge-roulette' business....why on earth would you want to risk running out of fuel with the inevitable consequences such as the example above ?? I was a traffic cop for 30 years and spent the last few years working on the motorways of West Yorkshire which now have large stretches of so-called 'smart' motorway on them, so consequently no hard shoulder and we probably averaged 2 calls per day to 'live-lane' breakdowns which were predominantly either punctures or idiots that had run out of fuel, having carried on driving even though their fuel warning light had come on. Suffice to say that some of them got hit whilst stationery, the worst being an 18 year old girl who ran out of fuel in her VW Beetle in lane 3 of 4 at about 7.00pm one winter's evening and then sat in her car for 43 seconds before she inevitably got smashed into by another vehicle and then two other cars got caught up in it as well, resulting in absolute carnage. Luckily everyone survived but the young lass broke several vertebrae and spent several weeks in hospital. When interviewed afterwards she stated that her fuel warning light came on about ten miles prior to where she eventually ran out of fuel !! There are numerous other examples that I could recount, so please people, don't risk it, it could cost you you're life !!!!