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  1. ***UPDATE**** the 60 days is now up and unsurprisingly I hadn't heard anything from the Stealer, so I went back down this morning to chase it up. They checked the computer and said that they hadn't heard anything back from Ford yet, BUT the reception guy then went to speak with the warranty guy and returned five minutes later to say that THEY would refund me the £38.93 cost of the hose (even though they said that this was not possible when I suggested this on my last visit !!!). They are contacting their accounts department to get me a cheque for the full amount in the next few days.....RESULT 😄
  2. No...Wi-Fi updates wasn't on but just to try and clear it, I've just turned it on and then turned it back off again just to see if that works ? Just noticed an option in the settings though that says "Master Reset"...but was somewhat reluctant to press that ??
  3. Yeah, I gathered that from the last 9 pages of disgruntled owners ...hope you get it sorted soon, people 👍 One minor glitch with the new download is that sometimes when I switch on, I get an information message saying that a download is about to start and it only goes away when I click on the okay button. I've tried plugging my phone into the front usb port (where I downloaded the update from) to see if that would clear it but it hasn't. Anyone any idea how I can stop this message from flashing up ??
  4. It's a 2017 ST-Line....only just spotted the error on my profile, so will amend it....sorry for the confusion 🙄
  5. Thanks again, Stoney...will try it out this week and see how it goes 👍
  6. So what does that mean ??? I've just had to go out in the car and the maps have updated to F8 (the industrial estate that I couldn't find on the old maps is now on there) and the satnav tracking seems to work fine !!
  7. Hmmm...1 hr 20 in and I've just got an error code SIGN_ERR02. It says to download the files again and retry to install 😭😭😭
  8. Cheers Stoney....just started the install now...
  9. Finally downloaded and un-zipped to USB.
  10. Cheers Stoney...I've just re-booted the laptop and have managed to get it downloading again. If it stops again then I will give that a try 👍
  11. It's stopped downloading at 17%....I've tried starting the download again, but nothing is happening 😩
  12. Ok...I've just started downloading the maps onto my laptop and it is saying it's a 23.3 GB file and will take 2hrs 13 mins to download 😲😲 I assume it's the same procedure to upload it into the car, copy to USB stick then insert into car ??? Will have to go buy a bigger USB stick, if that's the case !!
  13. 😁😁👍....seems to have sorted are a star Alex. Will update the Ford site and get the map update and see what happens then 👍.