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  1. I guess it all depends on whether you intend doing the rears at some point too ??? If you are then I agree with Luke, spend the £16 and get the wind-back tool, if not then do like I have been doing for the past 40 years and just use a large flat-blade screwdriver to prise the piston back in...it doesn't matter that you will damage the pads (or even scratch the disc) as you are replacing them anyway !!
  2. The tracking shouldn't need doing and realistically it is only a couple of hours work to change both sides, so £390 does sound expensive for an independent.
  3. I'm sure they will prefer a manual rather than an automatic and as I said above, petrol rather than diesel and as they are both trying to improve their carbon footprint, I am thinking they could be interested in the MHEV, that's assuming Ford do a manual, petrol MHEV Focus ??
  4. I'm on my second 1.0 125bhp ecoboost (my eldest daughter now has my first one) and I wouldn't say they were under-powered (I believe the 99 bhp one is though). Obviously it's no match for an ST, but as a daily runner it's absolutely fine...it depends what you want it to do ??
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys, some serious food for thought amongst that lot. It's likely to be around October before they change as they are getting married in two weeks, so I will pass on all your recommendations and post back on this thread when they have made their minds up 👍
  6. Cheers chaps...doubt they will be going for a diesel and their current 1.0 Ecoboost (my old car) has been very reliable other than the degas hose splitting (luckily it didn't damage the engine), and recent issues with the horn not wanting to work, so I am thinking they will probably stick with the same engine, so it all boils down to which model takes their fancy, I guess ??
  7. No recommendations ??? Should they get a Lada Samara instead then ??? 😁
  8. My eldest daughter and her hubby-to-be will be looking to upgrade from their '63 plate Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost to a pre-owned Mk4 in a few weeks time and I am just wondering if there are any models to stay clear of ?? I have read a few threads on here from Mk4 owners experiencing various issues, so what do we need to look out for ??
  9. You don't need o-rings ...just the hose clips.
  10. All police constables in England and Wales have the same powers. Yes, it is usually the traffic cops that will stop someone for this, but it is down to the individual officers to decide whether they want to stop a car in the first place and you are also correct that those that are so inclined can just swap to legit plates to get the car through the MOT.
  11. IIRC the original ball joint is fastened to the lower arm with 3 large rivets that do need drilling/cutting off. I did one a few years ago which did take a while with my limited hand tools and it was only afterwards that I realised it would have been far easier (and not that much more expensive) to change the arm...maybe your mechanic decided the same ??
  12. Doubt it will make a great deal of difference as the re-circulating air will send it through the whole system but the ones I have used previously have been sited in the rear footwell behind the passenger seat 👍
  13. According to her profile she last visited this forum on 6th October 2019, so I doubt she will reply ??
  14. A mate of mine had an issue with his ABS light staying on on a '04 Focus a few years ago and didn't want to fork out for further investigation as he was getting rid of the car shortly after, so was advised to just get someone to smash the bulb !! I believe the guy just used a small drill bit to do it ?? It could be that this is what has been done to yours too ?? Have you tested to see if the ABS works ??...if you don't have access to a diagnostic then find an isolated, quiet wide road then drive at 20-30 mph, MAKING SURE NO ONE IS BEHIND YOU, then slam on the brakes and see if the ABS kicks in or any of the wheels lock up and skid on the road surface but be aware that if there is a problem it could pull sharply to one side hence the reason for using a wide road !!
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