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  1. Are you sure there isn't a circlip holding it on ??
  2. Cheers unofix...thought it was the usual rip-off scenario from the stealers until bro-in-law mentioned removing the whole front of the car to do it, but he will do it for half the price of Ford 😉
  3. According to this its M7289... Deep Impact Blue Metallic J4/M7289 Touch Up Paint for 2016 Ford Transit - PaintScratch.com
  4. A friend of mine has a Mk3.5 1.5 TDCi on a '15 plate and the aircon wasn't getting cold so they took it to their local Ford dealers in Leeds and have been told that the condenser is leaking and have been quoted £503 to change it !! Is this a common fault on these motors ?? (I am getting a replacement tomorrow for just over £100 and my bro-in-law can fit and gas it for me but says the whole front of the car has to come off to change it ??)
  5. And bear in mind that early 1.0 Ecoboost's will be coming up for timing belt replacement at either 10 years or 125k miles which is a major job, I believe ??
  6. Yep, it sure should. It wasn't badly worn but clearly just enough for it to start knocking when applying full lock.
  7. Update - I removed the strut this morning and on checking the mounting, the locknut wasn't as tight as when I fitted it last October and when I removed it the steel bush in the centre of the mounting was showing signs of wear so I got an Optimal replacement from Bullseye Motor Factors (part no. F8-7156) and have fitted that instead. Suffice to say that the knocking has now stopped and hopefully this one will last longer than the Cortico one.
  8. My eldest daughter now has my 2013 Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost and last October the nearside front coil spring broke so I replaced it but also had to change the strut top bearing which came apart whilst removing the old spring. However, it has now occasionally started knocking on that corner and I have just had a quick look and there is now some lateral play in the top mounting - about 3mm I would say - which can be seen by forcibly pushing the top of the tyre inwards towards the engine bay. I believe it was a Cortico part which I got from Euro car parts (part no. 609590300 according to the receipt) but
  9. Yep...definitely look woof to me 😉
  10. My next door neighbour's lad bought a black '66 plate Fiesta ST-Line last year but very rarely gets it washed but when he did so a few weeks ago he used an automatic car wash and now has a medium-sized, circular swirled scratch on his off-side rear panel. Unfortunately he didn't notice it until his mum pointed it out a couple of weeks later, so has no come back on the car wash. 🙄🙄
  11. Did you definitely attach the cable to the levers on the rear-most shoes ?? Assuming you did, then did you adjust the shoes up manually before re-fitting the drums ??
  12. That doesn't look like Mann's usual quality...the motor factors I work for used to supply Mann and they were the preferred option for most of our customers, but since we've been taken over we now mainly supply Blue Print filters. I personally wouldn't risk fitting that and would get it swapped.
  13. I tried that first but couldn't get the screwdriver in so just tried pulling it up by hand.....won't be doing that again 🙄
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