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  1. Thanks guys - sounds like more hassle than it's worth for a non technical guy. Shame Ford disabled it for us Europeans.
  2. I've been trying to enable auto lock so that the doors auto lock after pulling off. I've found this video ( which describes the feature. I can go into programming mode, when the car horn sounds, but can't enable auto lock. Is it disabled on UK models? TIA
  3. Yes, it looks like it's with newer cars that the price difference is more - might be supply and demand. I don't think it's a DV6 engine - here's the link I've attached a PDF of the ad too. Ford Focus 1.pdf
  4. I've got a manual 2012 Focus which I've had from new and has never let me down. I want to get a new car for the wife as she is changing jobs. I want to get an automatic Focus and am surprised in the difference in price between Petrol/Diesels. For example a Petrol 65 reg Focus with 1040 miles is £8,990 but an equivalent Diesel is £15,000. We do quite high mileage so I thought I would get a diesel but am now having 2nd thoughts. Could someone explain the high price difference? Thanks
  5. Could anyone recommend a good cleaner, and brush, for alloys. My Focus is just over a year old, and up to now shampoo has been fine but they could do with something a bit stronger I think. This Autoglym Clean Wheels doesn't look too bad - TIA :)
  6. When driving home on the motorway today there appeared to be a problem with the cruise control. If it was set to 70 and I slowed to 60 and 'resumed' it it would start to accelerate then the cruise control would cut off and it would could go back to manual mode. I thought it was an issue with the cruise control but when I slowed to 60 and accelerated quite hard the revs would go up and after a second there was a loss of power for a fraction of a second. Acceleration after that seems normal but this is what was causing the cruise control to switch off. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and/or if it's a warning sign for something that needs looking into? TIA
  7. The driver side - RHS spray is going too far right. I thought these could be adjusted by using a needle (last time was on my G reg focus..!), but it appears not. Is there no way of adjusting the spray? TIA
  8. Alec J - which mitt do you use? Also, did you get it online or halfords etc.?
  9. Thanks for the tips. I'll be getting some shampoo, tar remover and a cleaning glove. ;)
  10. This may be a general topic but the responses are so good on this thread I thought I'd ask the question. Up until a few months ago I've only used hot water and fairy liquid to wash my cars. This has been OK but now I've got a new'ish car I want to keep the paintwork in top nick. I've started using car shampoo but this doesn't remove all the little tar marks. Is it safe to jetwash these marks off, or is it better to use a tar removal spray? Also, I wonder if anyone has any general tips on cleaning, and what products they use. This is supposed to be pretty good but, does anyone on here use it?
  11. This is a picture of my tyre pressure indicator by the driver door. I went with 31 front and rear.
  12. You are right - my tyre specs were on the door along with the recommended pressures. I'd posted on here without checking it first. ;)
  13. I bought a Mk3 Focus about 3 months ago, it was 6 months old and had 3K miles on the clock. It's got low-profile tyres - I just wondered whether the recommended pressures for these would be different from the pressures on the inside of the drivers door? Thanks :)