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  1. idicator stark change

    thanks for that
  2. hi there me again has anyone any tips and how easy is it to replace the indicator stork on my mk 2 mondeo as it seems to be faulty ie work then not work (is this a common fault) thanks
  3. hi could anyone tell me if to change the indicator stork on my mondeo is a easy job as i think mine is faulty
  4. slight prob with my mk 2 v6

    thanks for that mate will try that and see what happens do you know a good website for cheap ford parts as the main dealers are as you would guess very expensive
  5. hi there this is my first time on the site i am havin a slight prob with my mk2 v6 estate when i lets just say give it a good tonking down the motorway after when i come off and go to pull away again the omph in the car has gone when i turn engine off and back on again the power comes back and so on i got a friend to hook it up to his diag computer and it came back sayin LACK OF H20S SENSOR RUNNING LEAN so i was wondering weather this problem could be a faulty lambda sensor and if so could this be the reason for the smell of petrol as there is no leaks and the heavy fuel consumpion i know its a v6 and they are thirsty but this seems to be very thirsty thanks for your time