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  1. I've had my 2005 Fiesta for about 4 months now and there appears to a problem with the brakes that has been getting worse the longer I have had the car. The problem is that when I brake from anything over 35mph a get a serious vibration through the steering wheel with an intermittent grinding noise coming from the front right of the car. The heaviest vibration comes whilst braking from 45-35mph. When I bought the car, everything was fine however about a month later the intermittent grinding noise from the front appeared. I took it to the garage thinking that it was probably the pads/discs at fault, however, they said everything was fine and the only problem they saw was that it could have been caused by the cheap brake pads. (By the way, this garage wasn't the one where I bought the car from.) Two months later after going to the garage the vibration from the right started. I'm ruling out any problem with the steering rack as there is absolutely no vibration in the steering wheel at any other time even at high speeds of 70mph. The vibration is only there when braking. I'm thinking of taking the car to a garage to get the pads and discs replaced, I just wanted to know if anyone on this forum knew of the problem and any possible solutions. I still think it's one of the discs that have warped. Thanks
  2. I bought my 05 Fiesta just over two weeks ago, however a grinding noise emits from the front of the car whenever the brakes are applied. I checked the receipts left in the glove box and the pads were replaced last November, so that kinda rules the pads out. Anyone have any ideas? I was thinking it could be a stone stuck in between the pad and the disk.
  3. Right fixed it, the previous owner had put their own CD head unit in and whilst doing it they must have detached a metal cable that runs from the control nob to the right back of the centre console. All I had to do was plug it back in, and now I have direction control :D Hope this helps anyone who has similar problems
  4. It's definitely not an eletrical problem, it has to be the knob itself. I can keep turning the direction control knob around and around, so clearly the knob isn't connected properly. Should I just unhuck the center console and to see if I can reconnect it.
  5. Hi, a problem has just developed with my Fiesta. No matter what position I put the fan direction control knob in it stays stuck on demist. Clearly it is a problem with the knob, I was wondering if this is an easy problem to fix or will I have to take it in for repair? Thanks
  6. 54 Plate Fiesta help please.

    I've just bought a 54 reg Fiesta and mine came with 2 standard keys and a separate remote control for the central locking?? Can I use one of the standard keys to have a proper key cut?