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  1. mr rugby

    Having Dpf Removed On Friday

    Better read the new rules on dpf's for mot's from feb 2014. Any car that had them at manufacture but have since been removed is an automatic fail. proceed with caution Mr Rugby
  2. mr rugby

    Water Ingress Issue

    I have water dripping in from the tailgate. As you'll no doubt be aware, water can enter from a different place to where you see it. I know it's a fair old job, but if you can peel back or remove the carpets, sit in the car while some one hoses the car down then at least you can follow it's track and have the benefit of properly drying the carpets at the same time..Start from the bottom of the car and work your way up, giving sufficient time for the water to run down before moving the hose position. sorry I can't be of help mr rugby ps if you find it, get back to us.
  3. mr rugby

    C-Max 2.0Tdci Lumpy On Acceleration

    I have the 1.8tdci 2009 cmax version and have had an intermittant judder which failed to leave a trace. Been like it for a while. Felt same as a missfire feels on a petrol car, then runs fine with out leaving any clues. Ford diagnostic checks showed nowt....very frustrating for everyone..untill today that is. Went out today,dual carriageway, the car gave about six judders straight after each other (usually does one). I pulled on to a side road and then on came the warning message....engine malfunction and limp home mode was engaged. Without turning the engine off, I phoned the ford dealership and said the problem had gone live, he said get the car to him without turning off the engine. I did so with a struggle. The mechanic quickly came over with the diagnostic kit and yippeeeeeee, number three injector open last you bar steward i thought " you've shown itself". The fix takes place next week. Hope this helps others who feel they may have a diesel miss fire. mr rugby
  4. mr rugby


    i have an 09 car/dashboard which i think is different to yours so i couldn't find the light you mentioned. Could you have pulled in dome dodgy petrol as you were low, causing juddering and a warning light. mr rugby
  5. mr rugby

    Sat Nav

    Hi, Is it possible to change the software used in my 2009 cmax, 5 inch screen, navigation system for a another type of software or will it only run on the ford supplied sd card navigation software. Mine has the sd card slot. I prefer the tom tom software. Cheers mr rugby
  6. mr rugby

    Ford Econo Check

    Well i'm in the middle of my Ford econocheck. This ford gizmo initiative is connected to the obd computer port and is collecting info on my driving habits in an attempt to improve my fuel economy. After a week of collecting data, ford gets the gizmo back and a week later issues me with a driving report, which will tell me if i'm half decent or poor in the fuel economy stakes. Advice is then supplied in order to achieve improvements. So for all of us who regularly condemn the cmax fuel economy, this should demonstrate if it is the car or my right foot causing mpg issues. For a 30 point car check (tyres,brakes,air filter condition etc ) the report costs £30, but you get a £15 BP super fuel voucher and £15 off your next service, so not bad. If my report gives me the green light, my first question to ford will be how come i'm 10 miles per gallon down on fords mpg figures if my car and my driving turn out ok. Give it a go gang......what have you got to lose. mr rugby
  7. mr rugby

    Paint,body Finish

    Hi Gang, I don't know how you feel, but the paint quality on my c max is pretty poor. It must be barely one coat of laquer thick, stone chips dent the metal has it is so thin and scuff marks show through like a highliter pen. When i was looking for this car, originally i had been driving a picasso and the salesman said the build quality of the cmax was way infront of the picasso........yeah allright. I have more paint scuffs and pebbledash marks on my car than any car i have had....the finish just aint durable enough. What's you views, Regards me rugby
  8. mr rugby

    C- Max MPG

    I'd really like a group of us to try an experiment. If you look on the ford website it gives details of how they conducted their mpg tests. My figures are not even in the ball park. I'm a carefull driver, light on the throttle yet I can't come close to fords mpg's for my 1.8tdci. Even given manufacturers tolerences we should be closer than what we are. I would love to hand my car over to an organisation ( top gear or fifth gear tv shows ) who could mimic fords mpg tests and have a real comparison, because there is something wrong somewhere and to be honest it is not just fords. When you consider we base our purchase on a manufacturers figures, to then not even be close is out of order. Another idea would be to get a fairly flat motorway run of a couple of miles, select cruise, select speed to take away the drivers hoof out of the equation, reset the menu mpg and record what the car does and post it here. Imagine if we could grow a database of similar runs from similar models it would provide a wealth of info for owners and buyers alike. We just need someone to facilitate the experiment. mr rugby
  9. mr rugby

    1.8 tdci

    Although I have a 2009 1.8tdci c-max I have still suffered the above gremlin like other people when finding myself in need of power at low revs. The fault is……when I approach a roundabout, maybe in 2nd gear around 1000 revs issshhhhh put foot down to continue because nothings in the way and……..bang…flat as a pancake until you clutch slip to 1500-2000 revs, then it will fly. Sound familiar ? While waiting for my wife to do some shopping, I decided to play around with the throttle pedal and try and work out the fault. This is what I came up with. The engine ticks over at about 800 rpm. With the gentleness of a feather I press the throttle to try and get the revs to 900 or a 1000. With every other conventional throttle car I have had, If I touched the throttle I could get another 100 revs or 200 revs, whatever speed I wanted that’s the control you had, however with this car it’s a different beast. The moment that I did manage to get the revs to change beyond 800 rpm it went to 1250/1300 and nothing in between. As I say with the touch of a feather. So it was either tickover at 800 rpm or 1300 rpm. I tried the same coming down the revs I could hold it steady at 1500 then 1400, but the moment it hit 1300 you could see the rev needle trying to nudge back to 1400 via the engine management then it would fall back to tickover 800rpm with nothing in between again. So whether you are revving up or down, when it gets to the band 800 to 1300 it’s flat. OK, so putting this into a driving situation, if you suddenly find yourself approaching a junction at low speed,low revs then find you don’t have to stop, you hit the throttle and bang…flat as a pancake, if you quickly glance at the engine revs you will find you are in this 800 to 1300 band and that’s why you can’t go anywhere without clutch slip to get it beyond the 1300 rev range. This fault can be repeated time and time again….the problem is, whats causing it and what to do about it. Any ideas or views. Ford dealer couldn't see a fault. mr rugby
  10. mr rugby

    C- Max MPG

    As the fuel economy is such an issue, I would suggest anyone taking a cmax for a test drive should check what the average mpg indicates on the display from the previous owner, unless of course some one has already reset this. This will give you a clue on how it has performed over time, alternatively, if it has already been reset by someone, reset it yourself during your test drive once you have determined this. You would know if it has been recently reset because, 1/ the average mpg will be on zero in the showroom or.. 2/ while viewing the average display and while driving gently, it will quickly change to reflect your economical driving habit and will improve very quickly. If the display doesn't change quickly it is likely that the average reading hasn't been reset recently and will be a better indication of it's average mpg over time. This is all to do with it's sampling rates. If you reset the display it samples fuel flow against distance and samples,say every 1/2 mile, so because you have not done many miles as a comparison it changes quickly. Now once you have done a hundred miles or so it has a wider sample rate to judge itself over so the display changes much slower. So if you reset your gauge and say drive 20 miles around town, your average will be based on stop starting driving, while on the other hand if reset prior to a motorway run it will be based on a continual run. In reality (if you don't reset at all) the computer averages both town and continual and gives you an overall average. Long winded though it is worth a try as it could provide evidence of the better mpg averages when comparing like for like vehicles. When you read on this forum how some people report getting 35 mpg while others say they get 60 mpg.......the evidence may be right in front of you while test driving. Give it a try mr rugby
  11. Hi Gang, cmax 2009 titanium. I want to remove the complete overhead console for access so that I can fit an lcd parking assist screen behind the flap where the dome rear mirror lives (a) Other projects seem to show these already dropped. I tried tugging at this today without success. I also tried to drop the submarine fitting. It unclipped and dropped about half/inch all the way around but jams up after this. Looking at the photo, how do I, 1/ drop the whole fitting 2/ drop the submarine housing. Are there any screws hidden or is everything clipped. Cheers gang mr rugby
  12. mr rugby

    car audio

    Is there a way to balance the volume between different inputs. My radio plays louder than my cd player which in turn is louder than my sat nav. cheers mr rugby
  13. Just wondered if carrying out some of these minor lighting modifications eg, fitting additional interior door handle led's would compromise warranty. What do you think !!!!! mr rugby
  14. mr rugby


    I don't think I did. Another forum has suggested that I de-activate the internal sensors (a switch on the door) then I can narrow it down to either internal or external monitoring points such as the tailgate switch etc. Thanks, piggy mr rugby =========================================================
  15. mr rugby


    Hi All, Sleepness nights are upon me. The last couple of nights (since i thoroughly cleaned the car) have resulted in my alarm going off once in the early hours of the morning (3/4 am). Doesn't seem to go off in the day just the night. Once reset it doesn't go off again during the night. Windows and doors are shut, Any ideas from anyone ? Cheers, mr rugby