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  1. Well folks, service done, although they kept it in for two and a half days!! They do still blame the failing stop/start and intermittent keyless entry on a battery drain from the dashcam. I am now powering the dashcam down when I park up until such time as I can get hold of the Blackvue battery pack. So far, everything is almost fine! I still think that the tolerance parameters on the voltage are too tight. I have never had problems like it on previous two cars. The passenger bounce back is a pain though. You reset it and a couple of days later it returns??? Thanks for the note @iantt I will ask about a software update. The one thing I am sure about though is that the Ford Pass App will never return to my phone 🤣😂🤣
  2. Yep! Had that happen to me (68 (January 2019) plate ST Line X) and it was all connected to the intermittent stop/start and keyless entry not working on all doors. It is a battery voltage problem! The tolerance parameters must be so tight on these new cars to the point of being a pain in the *****!!
  3. You do get the feeling that Ford are keeping service information pretty vague so that they can wriggle out of a claim! My message to get the oil changed soon came up at just past 11,500 which sort of blows the 10,000 mile information out of the water. Oh well, c'est la vie!
  4. Well, it is booked in for its first service on Thursday along with the list of issues! That in itself threw a curve ball into the equation. The service book shows a service interval of 12,500 miles but the guy on the phone doing the booking reckons the book is wrong and it should be 10,000 miles!! How the hell do you fare on warranty if according to Ford you miss the service interval by 2,500 miles?? It is like a never ending saga!!
  5. Well folks, had another session with trying to get the passenger window sorted. I have actually got it to close fully again without immediately bouncing open. Bit of a celebration called for!! I wont go overboard on it quite though. If I try to close driver window and passenger window (front) at the same time, the driver window goes up and fully closes whilst the passenger window decides to fully open!! Pull up the switch again and it fully closes. I think it needs a season the software PC!!!!!!! Stop start still not operative and keyless entry is at best, intermittent.
  6. Will definitely be asking about all module updates. Really frustrating paying for the privilege of keyless and it not working!!
  7. Only engaging Sport Mode occasionally for a bit of fun driving!! I have had EVERYTHING off and still the stop/start does not function. And that was in an 80 mile drive around. Thanks for the dealer update of the modules tip. 👍
  8. I must have a deeper rooted problem as mine will not accept this at all.
  9. Ha! Tried that!! Biggest problem is trying to get the window closed in the first instance, and thereafter, as soon as the window is up it is straight back on the down travel!!!! It'll soon be at a dealer......
  10. Found another irritating issue today as well. I am starting to lose the love!! Now the passenger window has taken to sensing something in the way and fully opening again. Ridiculous really. It closes to where it should and then decides to fully open! The list is growing in readiness for the service. I hope they have a decent courtesy car for the time it takes to sort this one out 😂
  11. Top man! Is yours an ST Line X as well? I am really liking the voltage monitor! It is getting quite addictive with its electric blue digital display. I will need to charge something up to see what else it displays 😎
  12. Have been into the men's to kill off any Ford Pass App connections and deleted the App from the phone. Total waste of effort ever loading it in the first place!!
  13. In that case, thank you. Saw 11.7 on startup today and 14.4 to 14.7 during driving. Nifty bit of kit really. Keyless entry failed again today though and reverted back to drivers door only!!! All of the option attaining to the Ford Pass App are set to "off" or equivalent. I really cannot see any worth in that install at all. And the App has been removed from my phone.
  14. Today was an interesting day! The keyless entry worked on the passenger door this morning (I have to walk past it on the way to the drivers door so I always check). Really took me by surprise and it has worked on other doors throughout the day. And the camera is still plugged in. Stop/Start is still not playing though. I have @Comares2001 got that voltage monitor in as well. Seeing 14.4 whilst driving and it seems to be that number each time I look at it. I will have to remember to look at it to see what it reads prior to startup or at switch off. Nice tip though, thank you.
  15. The Ford Pass App. Now there is a complete waste of time and effort for visiting the Play store!