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  1. Found another irritating issue today as well. I am starting to lose the love!! Now the passenger window has taken to sensing something in the way and fully opening again. Ridiculous really. It closes to where it should and then decides to fully open! The list is growing in readiness for the service. I hope they have a decent courtesy car for the time it takes to sort this one out 😂
  2. Top man! Is yours an ST Line X as well? I am really liking the voltage monitor! It is getting quite addictive with its electric blue digital display. I will need to charge something up to see what else it displays 😎
  3. Have been into the men's to kill off any Ford Pass App connections and deleted the App from the phone. Total waste of effort ever loading it in the first place!!
  4. In that case, thank you. Saw 11.7 on startup today and 14.4 to 14.7 during driving. Nifty bit of kit really. Keyless entry failed again today though and reverted back to drivers door only!!! All of the option attaining to the Ford Pass App are set to "off" or equivalent. I really cannot see any worth in that install at all. And the App has been removed from my phone.
  5. Today was an interesting day! The keyless entry worked on the passenger door this morning (I have to walk past it on the way to the drivers door so I always check). Really took me by surprise and it has worked on other doors throughout the day. And the camera is still plugged in. Stop/Start is still not playing though. I have @Comares2001 got that voltage monitor in as well. Seeing 14.4 whilst driving and it seems to be that number each time I look at it. I will have to remember to look at it to see what it reads prior to startup or at switch off. Nice tip though, thank you.
  6. The Ford Pass App. Now there is a complete waste of time and effort for visiting the Play store!
  7. Absolutely 100% agree with you. Would be such an advantage.
  8. Hi @Jonro2009, it is an OBD connector plug straight into the socket. I went with it as Blackvue were doing them with the camera and it is so much neater than anything else. Also means that there is no chance of any "dodgy" connections. Plus, the cabling is all hidden behind the trim. I hate seeing cables!!
  9. I rather think you missed my point here. Too many people drive around at dusk, or in town at night with just front DRL's on totally ignorant of the fact that they have no rear lights on at all. There are a few manufacturers sorting this out, like Land Rover fo instance. I see that their newer models have rear lights always on with ignition. It really is down to people knowing their car and being aware rather than just ju p in and assume. I just switch mine away from Auto to ensure I have lights at rear during misty, rain, reduced visibility occasions. Anyway, that's another thread... Yeah, I am old enough to remember. I passed my driving test in '78... Thanks though 😎
  10. The newer cars must be hypersensitive to dashcams then? I had a 10 plate Focus Titanium for 4.5 years with dashcam in that running 24/7 and the keyless entry never missed a beat. Admittedly it didnt have stop/start on it. After that, I had a MINI Countryman for 4 years and that did have keyless entry and stop/start and 24/7 dashcam and never missed a beat. Now the Mk4 Focus is just being ***** awkward!!! Watched the video and my power lead (supplied by Blackview) has a built in switch to cut power at park mode and also contains battery monitoring circuit to power down the camera should the car battery drop below a set voltage. Much as I hate the idea of no camera running, I will try it disconnected. Thanks folks.
  11. Mine has LED's all around, inside and out by ordering LED headlamps. The only thing I would like changed is to have rear lights on with DRL's as I believe front only DRL's are just too dangerous! I am sure a lot of folk don't realise they have nothing to light up the rear when they are happily posing around 🙂
  12. Sorry, missed one. Yes the stop/start symbol is greyed out. I have been all through the menus switching it off, then going for a drive and then switching it back on again. I am pretty sure I have tried every feasible combination of stuff switched on and off to see if there is a difference. I have just been on Amazon to sort a voltage monitor which will be here tomorrow, so we will see.
  13. Well, it's a twelve mile drive to work and it is usually up to temperature and stable within 3 miles through town. But I did drive down to Goodwood last week and after a couple of hours on the A34 it still didnt get the stop/start to engage at the services, even though I sat in it ticking over for a few minutes. I appreciate there are many parameters to satisfy but my personal thought is that the charging system is the fault. Hopefully at the first service they can sort it out. I'll let you know for sure.
  14. Yeah, tried the other fob. Having the gobs in a coat pocket or anywhere doesn't impair the starting, so no apparent battery issue in the fob. Mine will soon be in for its first service and all of these queries will be on the list! Just annoying as when they have it in, they only give you a ***** courtesy car!! And the first one I had spent the first two weeks in the dealership then it was returned as unit for purpose!!