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  1. My Build Thread-- Preee

    Damn, that looks soooo good! Nice and clear guide too which will help me massively so ta for that mate. Btw, how did you put the 3rd brake light to stay on while you take the pic?! I've had to ask my sister to hit the brake light for me so I can then see what it looks like from behind lol. (I recently purchased a clear 3rd brake light from European-parts.com)
  2. My Build Thread-- Preee

    Ha ha, classic! Looking forward to seeing the result mate.
  3. I've purchased mine in Oct 2012, and haven't seen any problems (touch wood) thus far! Appreciate the heads up too.
  4. Number Plates

    I've got a private plate on my old car and used a company called Demon Plates (http://www.demonplates.com) haven't had any complaints using them!
  5. Mk3 Remap....

    Hope it all goes smoothly... Quick question for a MK3 newbie, where is the diagnostic port located?!
  6. Mk3 Remap....

    I'll second that! :)
  7. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    Pree - I'll be looking forward to seeing a guide for that from you mate :D
  8. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    Haz, that's a good find mate, and i would probably go for something like that if I hadn't already got an illuminated gear knob that I had installed from Ford for free along with the leather handbrake!
  9. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    That's a pretty damn good effort lol it looks interesting but i wonder if there will be any lighting difference between the lower grille DRL and the headlight one? Hmm... RE the camera - now that was also something I was looking into so please do let us know how you get on with that. The starter button, OMFG its annoying isn't it?! I constantly have to wrap my whole arm round the steering wheel to reach it, Why for the life of me, do Ford not put it right next to the handbrake like they did with the RS? Oh is there a illiunimiated starter button ring anywhere? I googled but I can't seem to find any? PS good luck with the kitchen mate! lol
  10. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    I'm useless with all this photoshopping lark lol. That mod isn't particularly important on my to-do list so I will wait and see if someone else does it. I agree with the Tit X with the 18" wheels! Coming from a 2009 Zetec S in Vision Blue also with 18", it's not so much a noticeable difference between the 2 with the wheels but I tend to feel that the current focus deals with it alot better than the 2009 for some reason. Ha ha yeah the Climate is an area where I am a complete noob at and the manual is !Removed! hard work to completely understand and absorb it! I just set mine to Auto with the A/C off (fan off) and the air vents open in order to adjust accordingly. The Temp is set at 22oC, sometimes i put it up to 23oC if I'm feeling nippy! So far so good... Slightly OT - have you changed any bulbs and if so, what kind of bulbs? I'm fairly happy with the dipped ones, but would like to change the sidelights, puddle, boot and number plates. Thanks!
  11. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    And a very nice looking Tit X you got Pree! You might be just the man to keep a close eye on regarding the MK3 guides lol. Just out of curiousity, what is your reason for not having 2 sets running if you don't mind me asking? Is it a drain on the battery, or it just look a tad 'tacky'?
  12. Focus Mk3 2012 Tit X Drl

    Hey guys, long time lurker here... I have a question in which I'm hoping you lot can answer. I have a standard DRL as part of Tit X and I was wondering if it is possible to add a 2nd DRL in the lower grille section? Not sure if this is illegal or otherwise and this 'mod' is one of many that I am looking into! BTW, this site is absolute goldmine although there seems to be a few MK3 mods around. Keep up the good work regarding the guides and all that! :D Chris
  13. Mk3 Focus Titanium Alloys

    Chris_Focus - From what i can see on your profile pic, it seem you have a black surround headlights or is it standard for a Tit? Did u purchase it seperately? If so, may i ask how much? Cheers!
  14. New Focus St Spoiler - Interest

    Hi I have a 2012 Focus Tit X which is only a month old and was looking into purchasing an large (sporty) spoiler but it was priced at around £220 and come as primed! I also have been thinking of the latest ST spoiler to add to my car and assumed the price would be higher than the normal large one. I will be following this thread with great interest! Thanks