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  1. Thank you for the replies. Decided on the 100 bhp - plenty fast enough for a first time driver. Provided he behaves himself I will help him upgrade in the future. Pic of car (2016 1.0 Ecoboost ST Line) collected today - birthday tomorrow - very lucky boy! Thanks again 👍
  2. That's sounds like a good option - how do i know if a car has that feature? When was it introduced and on what models?
  3. Maybe that is why there are not that many around! I am also looking at tthe ST-Line 100bhp
  4. Thanks for the replies! You have confirmed my thoughts that the 100bhp is the better option for a first car. Drove both yesterday and thought the 100bhp was plenty quick enough, especially as there was three of us in the car. Great little cars to drive - I would have loved one of those for my first car! If he builds 3 years NCD and keeps a clean license then I have told him we will help him move to something a little more sporty - hopefully this will incentivise him to behave! I don't like black boxes and don't trust them either - he will never comply and only make things worse! Also if I drive it...! I will be looking for a low mileage 2013-16 Zetec S in white - not that many good ones around. Quite surprised how many of these have not been serviced!!
  5. Yes I should have mentioned his age - 17 years old. Insurance is affordable on 125bhp, but just concerned too fast. I was just looking back at a car I built up to after 5 years of driving - Peogeot 205 1.6 GTI - that only had 115bhp!!
  6. Looking at buying my son a Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost for his first car. I appreciate it depends on the driver, but do you think 125bhp is too much power for a first car - thoughts? Thanks, Mark