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  1. Bit of an update When we accessed the immobiliser module earlier on the diagnostic software, it displayed a message saying that the key wasn't recognised... which would explain why it doesn't want to start.. so the plan is to code both my keys to the car and see if that gets it going... The diagnostic software has previously read codes on the car and many others, we use it daily at work
  2. Crank sensor is definitely plugged in, I even tried another one but still the same.. everything's pointing towards immobiliser I think
  3. I've already checked mate by pulling the plug out and grounding it ect.. there is NO spark.. that's what I cant figure out?
  4. Hello Seem to be having an issue with my fiesta not starting, the car is not getting spark. I've just fitted a new bottom end and now it's all built back up it wont start. It spins over only 3 times and wont do anything else It's getting fuel because the plugs are wet There are no DTC's Checked all relevant fuses and they seem to be all working fine Any suggestions on what to check next? Or why the car might not be getting spark? Thanks for any suggestions!