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  1. Bit Of A Rough Sound When Accelerating

    Hi there. Wouldn't worry too much about it. Have the same on my 2010 1.6tdci titanium. Didn't happen on my 2009 but i've heard its a different engine (fiat?) It does rattle like hell, especially when cold and around the revs you say. Typical Ford, I guess.
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 Gearbox

    Used to get this with a peugeot taxi i used to drive. In cold weather the Nylon bits in the cable linkage would freeze or jam. You would end up stuck in a gear or unable to move from neutral. Most commonly it would jam the stick between 3rd and 4th, with movement only between those gears. Once it had warmed up you would get more and more movement out of it. Once cleared the problem wouldn't return until it was left in the cold overnight. As a Ford man I have owned many Fords over the years, including 2 mk7 fiestas over the past 2 winters. Never had this problem with any of them, sorry. That said, all Ford gearboxes seem to be a bit stiff in the mornings or after being laid up a while.
  3. Mk7 Buzing Sound From Dashboard

    I have had two mk7 fiestas and they both do it. It whirrs for a while after switching off. Totally stops once the dash lights go out after a few minutes.
  4. Power Folding Mirrors Broken?

    Is it a mk6 or 7? New shape or the previous boxier version? I have the mk7 and it sounds to me like the "link to lock" feature has turned off, particularly when you say that pushing the mirror joystick down folds them in correctly. Press menu on your stereo, select vehicle settings, select powerfold mirrors, select "Link to lock" and then back out of the menu. Should sort it. When I wash my car I sometimes disengage the link to lock setting so I can lock the car and leave the mirrors out. Stops somebody pinching my stereo when I pop in the house to get more soapy water!
  5. A clean Ka is a happy Ka

    I know this been on here a while but I was just browsing and found your shiny clean KA. Great job, looks amazing! Just shows what a little time and effort can achieve. One question though. Why bother in the snow? The sadness of owning a black car. Get it all shiny and polished and two miles down the road it looks grubby again. Made even worse with the road salt and spray off passing cars. Anyway, well done and I hope the KA is still as shiny and immaculate as it was back when the photo was taken.
  6. 2010 Titanium 1.6 Tdci Not Nice To Drive!

    Thanks for your post. I wasn't aware that it was a slightly more powerful engine. Maybe that is the cause of it. Missing my 2009 model. She was such a reliable, efficient and smooth car even after my learners spent a year abusing the poor thing! You are spot on saying that some people think newer is better. Bring back the good old days of motoring! Would love to be giving lessons in the old 1300 mk2 escort I used to own! haha. She was bombproof!
  7. 2010 Titanium 1.6 Tdci Not Nice To Drive!

    Hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about and can offer up advice. I just took delivery of my 2010 plate fiesta titanium 1.6tdci. It replaces a 2009 fiesta of exactly the same spec (driving school lease deal) How come my new one, even after 2000 miles, drives so roughly compared to my 2009 model? The engine sounds and feels rough at low engine speeds, It is sluggish to get going and then suddenly kicks you in the !Removed! with a shove of turbo boost. My 2009 model on the other hand was always smooth and consistent, even from new. Driving the 2010 around town it behaves slightly better but will sometimes suddenly decide its going to pull like hell away from junctions. I thought it was just my learners being a bit harsh on the gas but its done it for me too, as if it decides it wants to suddenly give full boost a low engine speeds. The clutch too can be a bit harsh. If you are a little clumsy with it or bring it up a bit quick it makes the car kick violently and the engine will struggle for a second or two. This never happened on the 2009, despite the learners best efforts to rip the clutch from it's mounting! I know I sould probably go to Ford with it but I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys first. Don't want them thinking im a hypocondriac! haha. Still love the fiesta though. Looks amazing. Great features on the titanium like the bluetooth phone and the cruise control make life so much easier. Just dont know why they aded a shift light to this model seeing as it seems to be totally inaccurate as to when you should change up (mine comes on at just 2000rpm in every gear!veru misleading for the learners and results in them changing up at bad moments going uphill) and does anybody else find the voice control monumentally pointless?! Great gimmick and fun for the first day or two, now totally unused!Hope someone out there can help. Many thanks!
  8. Creaking Noise - Mk7

    Not sure if its the same thing you are noticing but my Fiesta Titanium steering creaks when you turn the wheel at low speeds. It seems harmless enough on mine, just a creak from the coloumn by the sounds of it. It definately is noticable because even my learners comment on it! Had a Fiesta Style courtesy car recently and that did exactly the same thing! I just live with it, one of its many "quirks"
  9. The AWESOME KA!!

    I love this little thing. Cheap, cheerful and a hell of a lot of fun!
  10. Vibrating Brakes

    Now you mention it, it does feel like warped discs. When you brake softly at slow speeds you can feel the car slow, then go, then slow, then go. How could this have happened? Would it be possible for them to warp because they had sat on their side in the snow after being used? I notified the insurance company when I got the car back but they wanted me to give the garage a chance to sort out the faults (there were many! dodgy paint jobs, rubbish panel fit, forgot to refurbish the alloys, etc etc etc)Will definately give them another call. Thanks for your replies! ps. I wasn't driving it at the time, the wife was!! oooops! All okay though.
  11. Fiesta Titanium ( MSM driving school. FP09)

    Images of my first Fiesta driving school car. My Titanium 1.6 tdci. Great car to learn in!
  12. Vibrating Brakes

    Hi there. I hope someone out there can help me. I have a 57 plate KA zetec climate. In the snow over xmas it took a slight detour off a mountain road. The front left wheel dug into the mud and flipped the car onto it's passenger side and then it slid on its side for about 15 metres. The poor thing sat like this for 24hours before a recovery truck could get near it. It was recovered and sent to a ford dealer for repairs. Despite costing £2,800 to fix, the insurance ompany footed the bill. The garage fixed up all the panels and a few bits of trim, but didn't look at the wheels or suspension. When I got the car back the other day I found the steering had a slight wobble which turned into a violent vibration when the brakes were applied. I took the car back to ford who claim that the brakes were knackered before the crash. I know this isn't true as they worked perfectly and never even had a slight vibration. 14 days before the crash the car had been serviced by a different Ford dealer who said nothing of any brake problems. The car has only covered 23,000 miles. The garage insists that the discs are shot and should be replaced. How can this be the cause of the steering and brake vibration? Could they be missing something else? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!