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  1. I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta 1.25 with 55k on the clock. The airbag icon in the dash has begun flashing 4 then 3 (or vice versa) before eventually staying on. A mechanic reset it for me and said it was the passenger seat pre-tensioner sensor, which he pointed out attached to the front underside of seat. There doesn't seem to be one for the driver seat. Anyhow after fifteen miles the fault light returned. I have since spoken to another mechanic who said, given the low value of the car, I could find the four wires which go to this sensor and remove them, connecting the two white together and the two coloured together, which will clear the fault. Is any of this correct?
  2. Hi folks, I have just bought my first car....a 2003 Fiesta with 60k on the clock, with 1.25 petrol engine. It was a private sale and within a couple of days the engine management light illuminated. My chum with a diagnostics plug said it was showing 'P0030 H02S Heater Control Circuit B1S1'. I have acquired the Haynes manual for my car and wondered could this be as simple as replacing the oxygen lambda sensor...? Thank you.