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  1. Thanks for that Phil, will see what happens with it tomorrow then!
  2. Steering wheel is fitted and a local ford specialist activated it with IDS today, but still no cruise! Apparently its all set up in the BCM, but nothing happening when you press the buttons. There is power to the buttons as they illuminate, and everything else works. Car is a 2015 Diesel ST2... can anyone shed any light on this please?!?!?!
  3. Well i've managed to get myself a used ST wheel with the cruise buttons, just got to wait for it to come. Is there anyone in the midlands area with UCDS that would be so kind to allow cruise on the car for me once fitted? (In exchange for some beer tokens of course!).
  4. I’m intrigued by this part of your post Frank! Having been quoted £315 for a brand new ST steering wheel today, I’m thinking if I can do it cheaper! How much of the wheel do you need to cut away and is it visible once everything is back together? I don’t really want to canabalise my wheel unless I have to. Also, secondhand ST wheels are fairly expensive so my thinking is to buy a titanium wheel with cruise and transfer the switches and wiring over if that is possible?
  5. gbgaz

    GAP Insurance

    Sound advice and facts there guys, thankyou:-) (Going to have a read on those sites later, thanks Eric)
  6. gbgaz

    GAP Insurance

    Morning all, Having just put a deposit down on a new car, I'm looking into the option of taking out some insurance... but probably not through the dealer as it looks like I can get it far cheaper online. Has anyone done theres online and got anyone they can recommend?
  7. I found this site having googled this problem with my MK3 wondering how the hell it could be happening!! I then followed the instructions and look to have cured the problem. I've now registered and also having just put a deposit down on a facelift MK3...... you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be sealing that up too once I get the oppurtunity!! Thankyou Wes, you're a legend!!!
  8. Hi guys, found the site by googling the dreaded water ingress problem on my MK3 titanium X!! Problem sorted now thanks to the how to on here... can't remember who posted it but that man is a legend!! Also a member of several years of FFOC, My list of owned Foci as follows... Magnum grey 3-Door ST170, Panther Black MK2.5 Titanium sportpack 1.8 TDCi 3-Door, Frozen White MK3 Titanium TDCi (ex. ford car fully loaded) - about to be traded in for....... Deep Impact Blue ST-2 Diesel 🙂 I look forward to browsing the site and sharing experience's all things Foci with you all! 🙂