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  1. Yeah this is not a concept car, if you live in the USA you can place your order now. Agreed it does look slapped on, but I bet it's cheaper to build, no switches to run individual wire too, just one loom into one big plug, then again going to be costly if those screens ever go wrong. Problem with disabling the screen while in motion, how do you open the widow, or put the demister on, everything is go to be controled by the screen, as I understand it tesla only have two buttons, for the indicators.
  2. As I've said before,"end of the year" is meaningless, end of which year, you need "end of 2020"
  3. Have you anything plugged into the USB, mine crashed when I tried to use a Sandisk 1TB SSD, took it out and everything is fine again.
  4. Looking at Fords USA site, we can see the design direction they are going. Definitely taking a cue from Tesla, and I doubt any sync 3 car will update to sync 4 looking at that screen size. This is the new mustang electric car for 2021
  5. For those getting ready (but still waiting) to download the update, I saw this on the Lincoln update site, so should be relevant to us lot too. Step One: Prepare for Update Make sure your Flash Drive is formatted to a file system called exFAT for SYNC 3 (other SYNC versions need FAT32 format). Since almost all new Flash Drives are formatted to a system called FAT32, you will have to change the format yourself. It’s quite simple:
  6. Not all DAB radio are as good as other at picking up weak signal, and it you're in a weak area it can be very hit and miss where gets reception and where does not. In my area I can get Chris Country in my drive but not the top of the street, but when I turn out of my street I get it again. The same is true for my portable DAB radio in the house, I can listen if the radio in on the left of my desk, but not the right. Now if you're really only concerned about UK stations I've found the phone app Radioplayer does function rather well as a Sync3 mobile app .
  7. I can vouch for this, my previous car (non ford) was forever misting up on the windows, a real good scrub with a glass cleaner did wonders, but as said it hard to get it spotless.
  8. I suspect that will be taken away at your next dealer service (if they are keeping abreast of all OFS)
  9. It it just me, but I'm now seeing red lines on the map where road are congested much more often, even on local A roads , or have I just been lucky for the last year and had traffic free motoring
  10. Must admit it's never worked for me, either didn't know about congestion or said there was some when none on my route
  11. Just checked my account
  12. I have sync3 so not sure how relevant,but I have 128GB formatted ExFAT with around 25000 tracks on all in 320k mp3 format and everything works fine. ( it did take a good 30 min for sync to index the USB the very first time, but that not an issue as I add new albums ) I did try a 1tb SSD and it crashed sync 3 no matter what format I did the files in flac/mps/aiff If using mp3 you only need the folder art embedded in the file which I don't down size from whatever it is originally , you don't need an artwork .jpg, and as other say, turn gracenote off is makes a right cockup of things My folder structure on the USB 28 folders A-Z , Playlists and Others, within each folder Artist and then Albums A - Abba - Arrival B - Bjork - Debut As for tags as a Mac user I tag with iTunes then export out to mp3 using an app called M3Unify. It automatically renames the track number on the second CD as 2-01title, 2-02 title and so on, negating the need for another folder. As for why yours are not showing I would suspect some error in either the mp3 file format (unlikely) or a tagging error. I would try another app to do the tagging with.
  13. One thing to remember when looking at service cost of a Ford, is that with each service you also get another year of Ford Assistance, which is basically AA Relay/Recovery. The AA would charge you around £120 a year for it. I was very sceptical about the Tyre and Wheel cover, but did go for it from my dealer at £299 for 3 years, but having claimed for a tire in the first year at £145 I'm felling a little better about it now.
  14. Email from Ford UK Good Morning, Thank you for taking your time to contact us, I hope that you are keeping safe and well. Ford Motor Company utilises data provided by third party company's to periodically release software and map updates, to help keep our vehicles as up-to-date with changes that may occur; however, due to the time taken to collate the required information, we are unable to provide a confirmed timeframe for when the next available update is due to be released. Please be advised, SYNC 1 and SYNC 2 map updates are only available via a Ford Dealership, they would be best placed to provide the most recently released SD card for your vehicle; whereas the update system via the Ford UK website, is only applicable to vehicles fitted with Sync 3. Therefore your local Ford Dealer’s Service department would be best equipped to assist you with this matter. You can find the contact details for your local branch, using our Dealer locator function here: