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  1. Just looking for general opinions. What do you think of kick plates, are they worth it, easy to fit, look good ect. I've been looking at these for my Mk4
  2. Had the same issue with mine, took it back to dealer who said there was a rattle when test driving but couldn't decide if it was passenger or drivers side. Took both door cards off found nothing wrong. They tried to say it was my glasses in the over head compartment (bullshit), Since it came back no rattles at all.
  3. Downloaded Sync3 update from website.
  4. Actual mine has worse with the latest software update.
  5. The biggest issue I'm having with sync3 at the moment is screen brightness. It can take an age for it to come on, or its Very dim and over a few mins comes to what it should be. Did have the forget usb device for the first time tonight too. Yes the pre-collision is way to sensitive, one of the most heard comments in my car is " I'm not even close " 😄
  6. Prior to the break in the windscreen spit from the body and water was pouring in and I do mean pouring, even coming out the air vents. Everyone has the same issue with the auto stop/start rarely working, had a rattle in the front passenger door, it took nearly 12 months for the outside temp to show on the VERY flaky Sync3 system, can sometimes take a a minute or so for my screen to change from black to a display, even thought the radio is playing. And a vent over the long delay for the glass, which has now arrived
  7. Just been to the local dealer, and they had a new ST in, I'm sure it said the engine was a 2.3 but can't see that on ford website. Price was a little over £32,000. For a Focus 😲😲 (it had a couple of extra I think)
  8. I didn't think my Titanium X was cheap 😂😂😂😂
  9. Had a 2003 diesel micra for 15 years service was 18000 or two years, and the engine never missed a beat, was pretty shocked that I'm now back to yearly service. Guess it's a good way for the dealerships to get a couple hundred quid out of us every year.
  10. Not all new ford are on the 2 years cycle, it's dependant on engine. My 1.5 diesel is 10,000 miles or 12 month .
  11. I can understand the frustration waiting for a new car, and in the past they did seem to have car parks full of cars waiting to be sold. We now have possibly too many options on new cars and they are semi built to order. I remember years I go when I bought a new Nissan,I was given the choice of Silver or Green as they were the only colours being painted that month.😂 10 Weeks is acceptable IMHO, its the chap waiting 27 weeks for a vignale that I find outrageous.
  12. I only do 12 miles each way, (mostly motorway) and auto start/stop does not works. Dealer told me to expect it never to work unless doing very long journeys.
  13. I think they are really struggling with the MK4, how many do you actually see on the road, I'm in the NW and they are VERY VERY rare. I know most people only join an internet forum if there's something they have a problem with, but seeing far to many complaint for a 12 month old car. The windscreen spilt from the body of mine and leaked like a sieve, the Sync3 is very flaky in my experience, I've been waiting 4 weeks for a new rear door window glass. Personally if you wont be out of pocket too much, I'd cancel the order and buy something else, I will NEVER buy ford again. #worstcarever
  14. My Mk4 Focus got broken in to, and needs a new rear door window glass, it is only available from Ford (tinted) and apparently ford don't have any to supply it to the glass company (4 weeks wait so far) At what point is the unrepairable car a write off due to a single piece of glass I will NEVER have a Ford again, rather crawl to work on burning coals, I ***** hate the thing, #worstecarever
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    Strange as my August 2018 1.5 diesel Titanium X has Twist Beam