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  1. I use Android, but can't see why it would be different on apple as it just goes through Bluetooth So my phone in called Moto G (5s) Plus as can be seen lower right main home screen Select Audio from the Sync3 lower toolbar and all your Audio Sources are shown, select your phone It will start playing where you left off If you want to change music just select Browse
  2. Moblie Apps and CarPlay are different things The Mobile Apps have to be compatible with ford applink, there is a catalogue of available appes here Some are useful others a waste of time in my opinion, personally I use the acast podcast app all the time and this works great.
  3. I did say vast majority and not everyone. Public transport will have to be looked at, and that is happening very slowly in places, Manchester for example the city metro lines are being expanded to the out of town Trafford Center, the environment probably wasn't the deciding factor but should help stop a few car journeys. We will have to change the way we move around, the problem will be if government both central and local can move quick enough and are prepared to spend the money necessary, Germany have taken a good tiny step by reducing the price of long distance train travel . Not every job can be done from home ( mine could not, I have to be there) but many office jobs could be done from home if companies setup the correct systems, we have several staff that drive to work and sit at a computer screen, do not interact with other people, then drive home, there is no reason what so ever that they need to be in the building.
  4. Some and I'll repeat that word "some" of the issue with charging and generating the electric will be over come by the fact we have surplus supply from wind power at night when most people will be doing the charging. The range of electric cars is increasing all the time, there are now several that do over 200 miles a change and very few people are doing that mileage daily. As for batteries the Toyota Prius is over 20 years old now, yes a hybrid but I don't recall and news about thousands of dead batteries from MK1s. Also I'm sure I saw a documentary where a the entire power supply for an entertainment arena was coming from banks of used EV car batteries. There are obvious problems with mass ownership of EV, such as charging point for people who live in flats and terrace house, but we can't continue with fossil fuels so either we find a clean green solution for private transport, or (which I fully expect) the vast majority will have to use clean public transport.
  5. Mark-UK

    Etis Ford

    Thank to Bennyboy1985 who very kindly got the info and posted a copy to me. Didn't know my car had heated Washer Jet, so a nice surprise. It also came up with Acc Media Hub 2XUSB+AU+SD Slot , I can't see an AU+SD Slot anywhere, so guessing it was a standard feature in older models and they didn't update the database info for the mk4
  6. Mark-UK

    Etis Ford

    Same here tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  7. Mark-UK

    Etis Ford

    I didn't realize it was so detailed. If it's not too much hassle I'd love mine too AJ18WCG :D
  8. So does that need forscan or the like to enable these
  9. So what version of Sync is in this photo ? Im presuming not all models of vehical show the same info, as mine does not have climate control or show the heated seat icons, and this was taken in the UK
  10. It's not going to help you at this time, but you can do your bit for others and maybe yourself in the future by editing the maps online. Sync3 uses maps. and they have an editor won't show up on your maps, but I guess it could at some point if nobody else edits the maps.
  11. How did you go about informing your dealer about the recall, I've just been in last week about the change oil warning coming on and thy mentioned nothing about a recall or free oil change.
  12. There is another post about a recall for a members brakes, so I check the ford site usin9 my VIN number and the following came up, I have no Idea what this means, has anyone more info please
  13. I had a similar problem, took a long time for it to register on the website did go thought eventally, but don't worry as there are no map updates available yet.
  14. Yes, it's 10K service interval, but according to the Engine Oil change warning it should have been changed 3 times by now, it's got 8K on the clock 😄
  15. I think my problem is coming from a Nissan Micra diesel to the Focus is that I had the Nissan for over 15 year on a two year service interval and it never missed at beat in 130K., and dropping to a 12 month interval and the change message at 5 and 8k miles is a worry. I remember after I'd had the Micra 15 months or so I asked at nissin does it need an oil change, the reply was "hell no, todays oils last well past the two years service interval"