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  1. I forgot how I set mine up, but it must have been very straight forward if I did it with no problems. I can however show you what it looks like on the map screen when working.
  2. There are a couple of snippets in there that make me doubt it'll be workable on existing cars twice the computing power of SYNC 3 all-new available 12-inch screens With large 15.5-inch screens, SYNC 4
  3. Mark-UK


    I thought the stop/start on the MK4 was just a showroom and test drive feature, design never to work after you've paid for the car.
  4. Mark-UK

    Mk4 modem

    Theoretically you can go to the Here Maps editor site and delete/add/move those shops, not sue if it actually works as my 2019 Sync3 is according to ford"up-to-date" on maps F7
  5. Happened to me for the first time tonight. As people said I checked and there was no modem serial number showing and ford pass would not lock/unlock the doors vehicle location is wrong too. Took fuse 11 out (then dropped the darn thing and had to take the carpet and foam block out 😡) Replaced fuse, error gone away, and serial number showing, ford pass will now lock/unlock the doors but vehicle location is wrong . Will keep an eye on it and if it happens again will have to go back to dealer.
  6. There was another update after this, which brought my MPG down to a more realistic 64, and as with Guy above it takes a lot longer to get the data. Also says the recommended rear tyre pressure is 27psi, which is totally different from the 32 on the B pillar tag.
  7. Just filled my 1.5 diesel up.
  8. I have the 1.5 diesel and avg 61 mpg according to the trip, but as said if you watch the instant mpg on the trip it's shockingly bad when accelerating even when not too hard. I suspects the bigger petrol engine in sport mode maybe able to compete with a Corvette pace car I drove once and get down to 1 mpg Could be a forum comp, how low can you get the instant mpg to read 😄
  9. Which again it won't do, as I suspect most urban driving (in the UK at least) would be short trips 😂😂 It's an intelligent charging system that turns out to be pretty dumb IMHO
  10. Well there's the paradox, stop start function to save fuel doesn't work because to save fuel the battery doesn't charge fully.
  11. We keep hearing the short journeys battery not getting chance to charge excuse from Ford. To me that means either the batteries are to small or the alternator is not up to the job, both of which Ford should be sorting out by now.
  12. I think I only got the updated version yesterday
  13. Well I know to my cost it can be relied on to say you car been broken into. I would always do a brim to brim to find the true mpg.
  14. So they updated FordPass, and there is much more fuel info now. I just don't know who to believe as the in car trip says I'm averaging 61.6 mpg and fordpass says 71.2 , I do hope the app is right 😄
  15. It should come up with a page saying either you're up to date or a link to download a file.