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  1. I'm a little confused as to why you would need forscan. I thought AHB was standard, it certainly is an my Titanium X and would expect it on your Vignale. I have my light set to the auto on position, and when they are on and I enter an unlit road at night the highbeam come on, dips if there's and oncoming car then goes back on without me touching anything
  2. I think this would be a good idea, on occasion I do turn off the sync screen, but then miss having a clock.
  3. People keep saying it's in the Fordpass app, but has never been on mine ??
  4. It should be in the dash menu, I say should because mine was, but took it in for recall/update over oil life warning on diesel engines, and the oil life has been remove from the menus. Will ask them to put it back at the next service.
  5. I can't see any harm coming to a car just sat in a drive for 12 weeks or so, I don't see any manufacture driving thousands of unsold cars around. Sometime they come off the line and could be stood for months unsold.
  6. Agree this is all twaddle, when my 2019 focus got broken into they didn't use and sort of device to circumvent the keyless entry system, a brick through the window did the job.
  7. I use Acast and it can be a bit flaky sometimes, but in general works OK. What I have found is that if it's not showing at all then install another sync app such as Cityseeker , this seems to sort it out for some reason.
  8. I'll be the odd one out and say I actually like fords nav, Live traffic can be a little hit and miss, don't forget when you have your route set the voice command "traffic" will list incidents on your route ..
  9. This used to happen to me and also a friends Kuga, just go into settings and turn auto updates off, solved the problem for me.
  10. As I said mines quick even between different multiplex
  11. If that's on Sync3 it doesn't sound right. On my Focus MK4 it's near instantaneous between presets, using the up down buttons on the steering wheel there is no gap between stations.
  12. After reading this thread, yesterday I put the AC on with climate control, normally I leave AC off and just have the heater on, today I have a cold/flu and sore throat. Coincidence, or as a northerner is my body adapted to constant damp air and is reacting to the dry warm AC 😂
  13. I have noticed on mine you have to do things in the correct sequence. I have to turn the engine off BEFORE I unfasten the seatbelt for the auto handbrake to function..
  14. The lane assist image is subtlety different from the normal image. No Lane Assist Lane Assist active So if yours is like the bottom image you have lane assist and the car needs to go back as the wrong stalk has been fitted. The little icon also changes colour as you drive, grey not available, green as you drive centre of lane, amber as you wander in lane, you would feel a slight pull as it corrects your position too.
  15. You have to be pretty close for keyless entry to work, I wouldn't worry about someone stealing your car while shopping. Basicly if you can't see it they can't steal it.