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  1. Voice control is so much worse in 3.4, as said previously the command play album "title" no longer works for me, when voice search does find something the results are NOTHING like the words I asked for, and if she says "search for what" one more time I'm going get a divorce.
  2. I'm 99.999999% sure there are less voice commands in 3.4 than 3.3 Previous when I had a flash drive plunged in and indexed, I could use the voice comand "Play Album - title" and it would start to play the named album, now it just totally ignores me.
  3. Of course you can just put them in a tin with a tin lid, that will do the trick too.
  4. I use these, seem to do the job well and had them since April 2019
  5. As I mainly use DAB or a USB drive I can't remember if there was a direct frequency selection on FM in 3.3. In other words, was there a touch pad screen were you could press the number 107.4 to tune that station, there's not on 3.4.
  6. Col update file worked fine for me, and did bring back some logos, but still a lot missing from both national and local DAB stations.
  7. I was just browsing the Ford Escape forums and came across this photo, looks like ford are moving to USB-C sockets, and wondered if the update has hit Europe yet
  8. No it does not reset to factory, it definitely kept all my radio presets in place, and yes you will lose some DAB logos
  9. A message will come on the screen telling you to do a Key Recycle I turned the card off got out locked it for a few mins ( 2 or 3 ) then just got back in and started it again while it did the second part, same again for the third part. The third part takes a few seconds,
  10. Give it another 50 min or so.
  11. Wait and Wait and Wait 😂😂😂 it takes it's time and there are two key recycles to do, I did notice on mine the message updating system software came on and off, and you have to leave the USB in and engine running UNTIL it tells you to key recycle.
  12. I have used Alex's Map files to update my car build date 09.08.2018, I'd updates sync to 3.4 via the ford website download and USB, after that completed it started to do the OTA download and had finished the file. being impatient and with no sign of anything else coming I installed them maps from USB and all worked fine no issues. So my 09.08.2018 is now Sync 3.4 F9
  13. I know this sounds a stupid question, but we are talking Ford . The maps files Alex has download and put a link up are for his Mk4 Focus ST 2.3 EcoBoost , I'm correct in presuming they'll be the same for EVERY model of Mk4 Focus. As I said sounds a stupid question, but with some getting the calm screen ad others not, you just never know.
  14. It has to re-index all your music on the USB, and I did think it took longer than before, but did come back eventually. They really do need to sample my local accent, as she's really dumb sometimes LOL
  15. I can sympathize with this train of thought, yeah it might take weeks or months to get the over the air 22gb maps, but in the current lockdown situation in my area , do I really need new maps for my weekly 6 miles of driving 🤣