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  1. A reminder this is just an increase in the amount of ethanol in our fuel, petrol sold in the UK already has 5% ethanol in it.
  2. Petrol stations will still sell E5 fuel for several years to come. Just as the change to unleaded, which took 15 years before leaded petrol was totally banded, they will tax E5 petrol a little more.
  3. I have a case ongoing with ford, they are due to contact me again on the 16th.
  4. But no power stations to burn that coal, there are currently only 2 on the UK network, with the first to go by 2022 and the last, Ratcliffe-on-Soar by the end of 2025 In summer 2020 the UK went for over two months without burning any coal to produce electricity.
  5. I kinda agree, it would have been better if the maps were still on removable media. They should have had a dedicated USB 3 slot hidden away, then you could do the update at home and no need to drive or have the engine on for hours.
  6. Well I downloaded the interrogator tool and uploaded the results to ford, the website then gave my just 5 files to install, but yet again MEM-ERR01. Phoned the number given, spoke to them for 20 mins at she took all my details (why the hell do they need a copy of V5 form) ford never got back to me in any form at all, so looks like I'm stuck with whatever is on my sync system and no more updates. 🤬😟 UPDATE After send a DM tweet to ford-uk I now have a case number "I am contacting you today on behalf of your case manager Beth, I hope this is okay. In order for us t
  7. I have a problem with the 23gb map update. Everything was going fine, did the first part OK, then it started the second part and displayed "Updating System Software" as normal, but after a while this went off, it did not ask me to remove the USB. Problem was I then got home and parked the car, leaving the USB drive in, went out today and again for a brief second I got "Updating System Software" then MEM-ERR01 and download files again which I didn't do just formatted the USB and unpacked the zip file again, and it's still saying the same thing.
  8. One of the reason I got a Titanium. I see all the car reviews go on about tight and firm suspension and think I want a car that wallows around like a pig in mud, rides like I'm sitting on a lilo. Do I want 20" wheels, do I hell, I what 14" wheels so tyres have massive sidewall with lots of bounce 🤣
  9. Not just you, it took over 3 hours for me, dreading put it in the car now. Living 10 miles from Bolton I'm not supposed to travel anywhere far enough for it to install, unless I go between M61 J6 and J7 in a loop all day 🤣
  10. The 1.6Gb update to 3.4.21020 completed no issue as far as i can see, now downloading 23.7gb maps update.
  11. Agreed, it also doesn't help when they drop the speed limit by 10mph on nearly every road in your area without warning
  12. Not sure if it's on all models or just those with DA, but on mine there are two icons in the dash display, one shows the speed, and on VERY rare occasion the other will display things like no overtaking zone ( by rare I think mine has come up once in the last two years)
  13. I have DA package, and you can turn off both adaptive cruise and auto high beam if you wish. It's on mine but not sure if it's part of the DA package, the plainly dangerous cruise "Intelligent Mode" where the car read the speed limit via traffic sign recognition and accelerates to that speed, no matter what the traffic is like.
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