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  1. @Hamster did you ever sort this out? I'm thinking of fitting a set from Heko (used before on other cars) - anyone else used those on an Edge? What's the fit like?
  2. Hadn't found that site before - EXCELLENT info thanks
  3. I have used Bilberry juice - YES fruit juice (check it out on the web) for years - works a treat and is bio degradable and safe to use. I recently bought some "Iron Fallout" cleaner which our US cousins rave about but frankly next to Bilberry it was crap - changes colour and looks as though it is doing something but not a patch on stain removal like my preferred cleaner Shop around and you will get plenty of Bilberry for your hard earned ££££s
  4. You obviously reside in the warm south
  5. Ford have a site called ETIS which you need to register for (although they will be closing it as we know it soon) you can find all sorts of info about your car there https://www.etis.ford.com/?utm_source=FordOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals Also try "Free Resources" on this site https://www.motorcraftservice.com/Home/Index Have Fun
  6. You need to get your head around re-setting modules etc using a program like Forscan - there are discussions on here about it - not an easy process but seems to have proved worthwhile for those who have done it (If you have a 7yr old around they won't be the slightest bit phased by it )
  7. There is a new software update available for SYNC3 says it is 2.8GB no idea what it is for yet just downloading now
  8. Westville


    @DavesEdge not forgotten your help - I am still plodding through your spreadsheet - and starting to understand it now
  9. Westville


    @simonb65 well I asked for that! Now have loads of info to assimilate and tidy up - Thanks
  10. Westville


    Still getting to know Forscan and what the car is about computer wise As part of my research and BEFORE I attempt to change anything I wanted to know what my car was built with and what settings should be there - my base line in case anything goew wrong! Today I cam across this very useful video which has resulted in me being able to download from Ford a copy of my "as Built" file in a format that Forscan can read, I also copied and pasted the information on screen into a new spreadsheet so I have a ready visual check on the hex codes - unfortunately that part does not identify specific modules by name - so I will add to the list as an when I explore and discover information via Forscan. The video is here https://www.facebook.com/nick.ours/videos/10212259336037963/?t=3 (thanks to @nick ours for the info) I'm almost at the stage where I feel able to start exploring thanks to the pioneering work of other Fordies Hopefully I will be able to add to the body of knowledge in due course
  11. REAR LIGHT UNIT (Indicators) - anyone got an old (any condition) rear light unit they no longer need? I'm after one to experiment with sequential indicators so it doesn't matter what cosmetic condition is as long as the LEDs and circuit boards are there - Thanks
  12. The only reasonably accurate way to measure mpg is to do a "brim full to brim full" fill up and calculate your own mpg - treat the electronic stuff as a guide
  13. Shop around I found the price differed from branch to branch when I had some Jag keys done
  14. This is a good site to compare tyre sizes https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  15. I think it is a simple breather - hot air rises Putting the "hole" in midway position does not allow easy ingress of further moisture i know on my Landy if there was condensation at all it soon cleared away