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  1. I've got a similar list of files but a lot smaller (has it been tailored to my car by Ford?)
  2. Well spotted I was looking at the SYNC3 update folder NOT the map package - offer still stands
  3. A few thoughts on what you describe: So the fuel is either leaking away somewhere or siphoning back to the tank? Yous ay a NEW filter solves the problem for a while - or is it the act of fitting a filter that actually solves it? I don't understand why a new fuel filter per se would solve the problem? Other than it creating a new seal on the housing what else has changed? I think your garage may have suggested a reasonable course of action because if the existing filter housing has a leak (or is somehow distorted) after a while it would allow air into the system allowing fuel to leak out or be pushed back out of the filter to the tank. Don't know specifics of your car but should there be some sort of non-return valve on the filter or its housing? Have you got the right filler cap fitted - should it be vented to prevent a vacuum when fuel is sucked out of the tank? Seems to me you are spending money on filters for no good reason though
  4. I've got the zip file for mine - if you send me your email address I'll try attaching it (nearly 3GB so may be too big to e-mail) OR send me an empty formatted exFAT USB stick and I'll load it up for you
  5. Re 1 - fuel filter is a quick and easy fix - make sure you fill the new filter with fuel first - saves you the hassle of bleeding off all that air Re 2 - sounds like a charging fault - get your battery and/or alternator professionally tested under load
  6. Here's a how to I got from the web Modify ELM327 Adapter MSCAN bus using FORScan.pdf
  7. ver 4 14 is definitely not the latest - I am waiting to try uploading the software I downloaded from Ford the other day which should be the latest version (I hope)
  8. Prior to making such a poor choice I owned a Land Rover Diesel for 4.5 years with a dpf and it was nigh on impossible to detect a regen occurring and nor did I have any problems with my use of the car. I don't subscribe to the view that short journey usage has a significant effect if you have a dpf fitted. So, leaving aside my poor choice of vehicle - does anyone else have any pointers to indicate when dpf regenerates on Edge models? AND how often does it occur - or is that a piece of string question?
  9. Westville


    Sounds like you need a new battery! Get it professionally tested under load
  10. Oh dear sorry to hear that - in that case all I can suggest is a visit to the stealers as it is a system file that is not working
  11. Cheers I'm on with Forscan I believe I said
  12. Should I expect to see/hear/feel any indication(s) that the car is or has regenerated the DPF? As I will be doing mainly short journeys don't want to have to visit the stealers to force a regen
  13. @BigBol you need to re-send your log file to Ford - I had the same problem over and over again this is what I did to get it to allow me a downlaod of maps (which I am now struggling to load) Hope that helps you
  14. Have a look at EBC brake pads especially their Green Stuff range - they are low dust and very efficient Most decent suppliers will be able to tell you part numbers and compatability Do shop around as prices can (and do) vary considerably
  15. Don't seem to be able to EDIT my last - I don't know if your car has a separate Parking Module and/or Fuse if not sorry for daft suggestion - I think the Edge is incorporated with the Body Control Module