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  1. I have downloaded the demo, I have an ODBII scanner already so will give it a go. Thanks.
  2. Thanks, but I've already done that, the passenger side mirror does not return to the correct position. Everything else does just not the left mirror.
  3. Hi, recently brought a Mondeo Titanium X Sport (62 plate) and it's a fantastic car, but has one annoying "feature" that I cannot seem to resolve. When I get in the car and the mirrors have unfolded, the passenger side mirror adjusts all the way to the left. (being short this is the furtherst position away from where it needs to be) If I return it to the correct position, it will stay there while driving, but when I get in again it will go left. It also goes left for reverse mode all though I can avoid this by not having the mirror selected when reversing. It's keyless entry, I have made every memory preset the same, but the passenger mirror refuses to play ball. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?