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  1. Any Suggestion on why cigar does not work fuse checked and OK no supply to cigar plug
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply which I will try as it will stop me having concerns leaving Dash cam and Garmin on all the time, Regards Busher e
  3. Has anyone a idea where I can obtain a wiring diagram complete cable colour codes
  4. \where uis the Auxiliary supplied from and where is the best place to get a good wiring schematic.diagram
  5. Has any tone removed the tunnel covering gear change in car if so how easy ?
  6. Has anyone bought a replacement key which has to be reprogrammed with the existing code? if so how was it carried out * how easy it to do yourself ?
  7. How can I stop the Cigar lighter socket staying on when car switched off and Locked and wiring details please to modify