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  1. Fiesta Rear tapping noise

    Hi Hotashel, Thank you for your support. The garage, "Dinnages of Worthing", had said as it was only a minor problem I would have to pay, I have to admit that this just about reduced me to tears as I didn't know where to turn too, but thanks to your support I got on to Ford Customer Care who where equally unhelpful initialy saying that I should take it back to my supplier, (Motorpoint who are neary 200 miles away), however I held out and threatened them with Trading Standards and eventually they had a chat with the garage and agreed to give it another try and that Ford CC would monitor the situation. After 4 hrs they phoned me back and said that they had found loose seatbet mountings, (and they had stated previously that whatever it was "it was only a minor problem" - I THINK NOT). I am pleased to advise that the problem has now been fixed. Thanks again Hotashel. Kind regards Gilbert
  2. Fiesta Rear tapping noise

    I'm in my 80's. My 9month old Fiesta Style has an annoying tapping noise at both rear sides. The dealer has had it in 3 times and has not found the problem but admits that its there. They will not take it in again without me paying. They have looked underneath the car and have checked everything is tight and have changed the bearings in the rear seat belts to no avail. Can anybody help with this please?