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  1. So I can get any model abs hub for a Mk6 and it'll fit ?
  2. I am looking for a complete front n/s front wheel hub. I am wondering if all different engine sizes have the same size hubs and whether my 2007 1.6 zetec s would have abs?
  3. How long has it been doing it? Does it have sufficient water in it? Sorry for the daft questions but you may be surprised the amount that don't lol
  4. I can't say about dealer prices but I bought some from eBay for less than £10 that did the trick. Will always pay more for genuine dealer part though
  5. After testing many induction setups neither of the above will give you any real gain. Unless you can find a way of forcing more air directly in to the engine (clean air) then I'm afraid it's just really noise you'll gain
  6. I didn't have a lambda socket at the time so cut the cable off the broken lambda and used a long 22mm socket. Then put the new one in by hand and used a normal 22mm spanner, open end pushing down at a slight angle to do it up tight. Took a bit of patience as could only turn a tiny bit at a time.
  7. I just got an £11 one from eBay, took 3 days to arrive and works perfectly. They are 22mm. A lambda socket would have made the job easier but wasn't a bad job really
  8. Hi Anyone bought these cams or anything from Steve Wyndham Racing please? Thanks
  9. Would you expect a zetec s to have electric wing mirrors?
  10. Hi Where is the adjuster for the electric wing mirrors located? Lol Thanks
  11. I just fancied doing something different and felt the 2litre st didn't have the right look, heavy at the front effecting the handling and just a bit disappointing. I like the 1.6 litres, they seem a good compromise. Most engines have some interchange able parts and thought it might. Guess I'll keep an eye on cams, port the head and inlet and put a 421 manifold on and see where it ends up. I previously had a 140bhp 1.3 N/A Micra that was great fun. So a 1.6 should be an ok base. No major tuning just the old school basic stuff.
  12. I'm starting to think no is the answer lol
  13. So anyway lol. Do other ford cams fit straight in to my 1.6 with performance gains?
  14. Lol but I don't want an old vtec lol