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  1. Any noise when at full lock but not over a bump? Top mount or ball joint
  2. I've often wondered if there's a 6speed that'll fit the 1.6 petrol mk6
  3. Hi How long should it take to change the exhaust manifold on a Mk6 1.6 do we think? Thanks
  4. I've read about the Mk6 stiff gear change occuring after so many miles of a journey. Anyone had the firmness being there from setting off? Mines gone a bit stiff Is it just a case of buying and fitting new linkage connecting bush things?
  5. I bought a Bluetooth adapter for £8 that plugs in the back of the standard head unit in place of the aux. Works a treat
  6. Some absolute scum sucking bell cheese clipped my bumper in a car park last night and scuffed up the corner. My nice black panther bumpers only been on there 6 ish weeks.
  7. Not so much looking for a cooler bulb just brighter more road vision bulb. I've used xenon on a previous car and found reflection good but general visibility poor. Led sucks. I will look at the osram and phillips
  8. Hi Until these very dark mornings I've thought my lights were good but in comparison to other cars and generally driving they seem a little dull. They are clear as in no yellowing on the light itself. Anyone recommend any updates they e done either with just cool bulbs or relays or anything?
  9. Anyone fitted the pipercross forced air induction to there fiesta? Any pics? The style in the pic attached Thank you
  10. Hi On the Mk6 there is no left foot space. Has anyone done any magical tricks to create foot space? Thanks
  11. Hi Is the sigma 1.6 the same as the 2007 1.6 engine?
  12. Hi Is there any models that have a larger body that bolts straight to the 1.6?
  13. So I can get any model abs hub for a Mk6 and it'll fit ?
  14. I am looking for a complete front n/s front wheel hub. I am wondering if all different engine sizes have the same size hubs and whether my 2007 1.6 zetec s would have abs?
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