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  1. Thanks LOADS for this, it was a massive help and I believe I've been able to find exactly what I was after thanks to it. Any chance you know of a reasonable guide on how to replace it? I've had a browse of YouTube etc and the best I can find is removing the front bumper, it looks like it should be fairly straightforward, but a walk through is always nice to have.
  2. Hey guys, I've had trouble trying to get a replacement slam panel as eBay is my only option and they make it sound like every type of MK7 is different (ie diesil vs petrol and the engine sizes), is this the case or will they fit one another? I've got a 1.6 Diesil, it was made in Jan '12 (so a MK7) and have split one side of the slam panel, so need a replacement... I don't mind paying for a better quality replacement (around the £50 mark) vs a Chinese 'new' one (which I imagine wouldn't even fit). Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey guys, sorry to bring so many questions, I've found the large plastic part that the boot latch connects to, the headlights screw onto, the front bumper attaches to and most of the front end has a pretty nasty split on one side, so I assume it'll need outright replacing (I've cable ties it together for some additional support for the moment, as I can't be without my car)... Anyone know what it's called and if it's viable for it to be plastic welded (or braced in any way)? Thanks again!
  4. Thanks! Replacing them wasn't half as easy as I'd hoped (new bonnet and hinges = fun combo), can't quite get it perfect, so I think it'll need to go to a body shop.
  5. Hey guys, I need to replace my bonnet and hinges - I've got everything ready to swap across, are there any tips on how to align it? Also I need to replace the piece of plastic that runs along the bottom of the windscreen (that the wiper blades go through), anyone happen to know what that's called, so I can see about ordering a replacement? As always, help is massively appreciated.
  6. Ah right, that makes sense - Thanks for the info, my usual garage doesn't do it, so I'm going to have to do some Googling tomorrow. Thanks again!
  7. Really, it's not possible to get the black plastic part on its' own? Doesn't seem to be particularly strong, so I imagine they go fairly easily in a minor bump (without damaging the light itself). Thanks for the advice guys, unfortunately the top part of the plastic is also damaged (not got a clear pic and it's dark now), so unless I glue/weld both parts, I'm best getting a replacement. I'm hoping the bumper is ok (snapped some plastic screws/caps), so I don't really want to be bodging it all together 🙊
  8. I've had a bump and managed to snap this part of the light fitting, anyone happen to know the specific name so I can look into the cost to replace it (ideally myself, rather than paying a garage). Thanks in advance! Edit; Forgot to mention, it's a MK7.
  9. Thanks, without meaning to sound an idiot, what's the name of the option you describe? As above, any recommendations on models to look for/avoid?
  10. Hey guys, sorry to be one of those people, but I've spent the last hour searching and I'm more confused than when I started! I bought a MK7 Fiesta (Jan '12) a few years ago and resigned myself to not having the use of Bluetooth - I almost exclusively use Spotify via the aux lead and have finally decided I need to make a change; I've got the mega basic stereo (orange dot display), all I'm interested in is Bluetooth and being able to skip Spotify songs with the steering controls. I wouldn't mind having the option for voice calls, but it's a bonus, not a requirement. Most of what I've
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