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  1. It could be the usb connector, I would give it a good clean out as they aren't in the best spot. That being said I've only done it on mine as a test once and it worked. The rest of the time I use bluetooth and that works awesome. I think these radios (at least the sony) wants the drive to be formatted in Fat 32, does it even see the files on the drive?
  2. That's how I felt when I saw mine, it was different all my past cars have been neutral colors.
  3. Looks good, love the color. 😄
  4. I can't see the picture bob, it's showing a broken link. I'm with you man, I really love mine as well.
  5. Congratulations! Why are you torturing us and have not posted a picture yet? 😉
  6. Agreed with Tiexen, the Dual Clutch system when it fails, is super expensive to fix. If I hadn't gotten the extended warranty when I bought mine that would cost me almost 1600£ to have them fix it. It's a huge pain in the butt.
  7. Transmission Control Module.
  8. I have a 2015 Titanium Auto (bought last year) and I love it. It does shift pretty good, not as a good as an really experienced driver mind you and will the TCM will flub it up once in a while but after having my clutch pack replaced when I bought it (under warranty) it's been great. By far my favorite car I've owned.
  9. Take the battery in to get tested, if the battery has never been replaced it's probably toast. If the battery is still good, they'll test the charging system.
  10. I had the same type of issues with my 15 plate, it was crystal clear but cut out too often. I just went back to bluetooth from my phone.
  11. That's excellent. It's not hard to do but at least you didn't have to worry about accidentally setting off your airbag; that was the only thing that worried me when I took mine out and disconnected it.
  12. Depends on how much is leaking, if it's leaking internally and burning coolant that could lead to overheating and eventually cracking the block. It's a well known issue. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss. I would get this checked while under warranty.
  13. If it keeps happening I would get the car in to be inspected, it could be a blown head gasket and the engine could be either leaking or burning coolant.
  14. I had similar issues with mine. I ended up just replacing the buttons on the steering wheel and that sorted it right out.