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  1. I did the same as Bob, it worked for the cruise controls but radio controls were still wonky so I just replaced that switch cluster. I would try cleaning it first and if that works great, if not you can spend like 10£ on a new switch cluster from ebay.
  2. I used forscan to enable it in the control module, then went through the above procedure to engage it. Hit 15mph and the doors automatically lock.
  3. Just sounds like the injectors, mine sounds pretty much the same.
  4. and they switched the rear seals too, the ones that were originally installed fail and leak and cause a dry clutch to become a really slippy, jerky, crazy wet clutch lol. (this happend with mine, 2015 TI). Forgot to mention since my clutch pack was replace, Seal replaced, and TCM updated it's been awesome. This is by far my favorite car (aka I'm old and have driven a lot of cars lol).
  5. Test the fan to make sure it still works, if it works but it's not coming on automatically I would check the temp sensor to make sure it's still connected and doesn't have any breaks in the wires; then check for output with a multimeter and replace if it's not working.
  6. I think this has come up on here before. The bearing is backwards. I think one side is magnetic and the other is not so the sensor cannot detect it. I bet if you do a search you'll find some more specific details.
  7. I've not had any issues really, although a couple days ago while I was getting out onto a motorway, I had slowed to like 5mph, looked and then floored it to get out and the car revved and then dropped right into neutral. Guessing the TCM got confused or something. Been fine since but it was unnerving to say the least.
  8. Oh they know about it; How could they not? They can't say anything is my guess.
  9. Feel like I am talking to a wall. Have fun. 🙂
  10. Like I said, the standard TI is not on the website anymore. Only the ST and Active.
  11. Looks all you can get the ST and Actives now, the standard TI is gone.
  12. It's even worse than that Mavroz, the Fiesta isn't even available on the build and price page. I wonder if people are panic buy cars? 😉
  13. You can through the
  14. Totally crazy right? This is the first year I've done the monthly plan, I had no idea it was an option. I never saw it before. 🙂