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  1. I had to replace mine right after getting the car, one of them totally snapped and it was making the worst squeaking sound ever. They had rusted clean through and broke.
  2. Mine was a rear spring, so I replaced them both. Just take a peek under there and see. I was also able to hear it by just pushing up and down on the rear of the car. I looked under there and I could see the right rear spring had rusted through and broke hehe.
  3. Becareful when removing the rear side clips or they will break and then you're bumper cover won't stay flush to the sides of the rear quarters. You can replace the mounting clips pretty easily, they are just riveted in place to the body. The previous owner of my car had a hitch attached by some fly by night and they totally did it all wrong and broke both clips on both sides bleh. Just take your time. 🙂
  4. Can you get a recording of the sound you're hearing and post it on here? That might help.
  5. Maybe the problem is the soundproofing you installed?
  6. That is a very good point.
  7. Did you check and see if it's enabled, I think all the settings are in the radio. It might just be disabled, maybe one of the sensors failed and in order to hide the error they just turned it off?
  8. Mine does this too, in fact sometimes I bump the down button with my knee, which has scared the crap out of me haha.
  9. No clue, this is my first one as well. 🙂
  10. At first I laughed, then did my own math and it's been's been 28 years for me, I waited until I was 18 to drive. Every car I've had has been manual (except my chevelle) and petrol. 😄
  11. I feel your pain man. I had mine for about 3 months before I found two big ***** dents in my door. We had a really big storm and it blew someone's bin into my car at just the right angle. I ended up paying 250 quid to an awesome guy to remove the dents (PDR), but there wasn't any paint removal. That's a damn shame. 😞