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  1. I’d guess it’s the Motorola phone rather than the ford sync . Have you connected other phones to check?
  2. Google says made in Germany but used to be made in Thailand. Changed 2018
  3. I read somewhere the 1.5L 182 auto (which I believe is no longer available in uk?) is still available for factory orders to Australia.
  4. I’m pretty sure I posted a copy and paste from another Ford forum a few months ago with people saying the 8gb maps update thats on the ford website is an error by ford. As for OTA , I got F9 on it, as I wasn’t offered it on the website tho some did. connected for a few minutes every time I parked at home, and resumed from wherever it’d disconnected every time. Took about a week . 22GB I think. I just got the sync update from the ford website, even tho my auto updates in the car were saying all up to date.
  5. You need to review it on here! I looked up the topper I have in Amazon orders history . £42 cracking value for money . I looked at the Dormeo website, they’re good at making you think you’re getting a good deal! however I’ll likely invest in one myself at some point.
  6. Im pretty sure there’s a disclaimer somewhere on every one of these automatic car washers . Whether it’s 2 weeks or 2 minutes later there is no come back.
  7. I’ve never owned a dog but if I did......
  8. I put 1970s 5 Series BMW wheels on an A plate Fiat Uno ! A long long time ago!
  9. Probably both. I was dubious when it arrived , no brand , no info apart from “leave to expand for 24hrs” . I suffer from chronic back pain, I had the best nights sleep in years, had it a few years now still very good. Amazon has loads now , probably mainly Chinese , there’s no way I can tell which is which with all the different manufacturers. You don’t have to spend more than £50-£90 depending on size. I’d definitely recommend 3 or 4 inch thickness. About sheets, I’ve a sheet on the MF topper , doesn’t fit the mattress underneath. Not a problem for me. I’ve got a MF pillow too. And slippers !
  10. I had spinal fusion 23 years ago. Few years ago I bought a silentnight orthopaedic mattress. It was terrible. Solution was a memory foam mattress topper. Generic , no brand name mattress £50 Amazon! . It’s about 4 inch thick . I tried a brand name one , 2inch thick double the price wasn’t great. As for the car maybe a wheelchair cushion although might be too thick.
  11. Hello Col I just tested mine. Album art appears on the 2nd tune played then flawlessly afterwards. I think it’s something I’ll have to live with. It’s a very minor inconvenience!
  12. It’s only from first getting into the car. It plays automatically but without the art. After pressing pause then play the art shows for that song and every song after. It’s a strange one. See the 8.2Gb map update , it’s saying I need it. Do I ?
  13. Posted on wrong thread there. Successfully downloaded the latest sync update yesterday. . when I get in the car it automatically connects to my Apple Music. The new layout is great but the album art doesn’t show unless I pause it then press play. Anyone else have the same issue?
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