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  1. The amended ford uk website. Makes no sense whatsoever! Basically says the 2ltr diesel is the only one getting SLA. The solid blocks mean ‘as standard’ If that’s correct then it’s saying every models getting the multi link .
  2. Sorry Roger, I’m assuming your fiesta is twist beam? I’d read the 2018 ST had it. Not sure about the ST-Line fiesta?
  3. 😂 mines on motability! Short of robbing a post office where else does a Glaswegian get £27k from! The article speaks highly of the twist beam you have in your fiesta. Out of choice I’d go for the SLA but if the twist is not noticeably different...
  4. As far as I can tell that was written in 2019. I’ve got an article here from an Australian Website from July 2018. Seems Australians knew they were changing to twist beam whereas forduk kept it under their hat until after it’d been changed May 2019.. I’d say a ST-Line X at £27k + should be classed as a higher grade Ford Focus
  6. 1st. Sorry you’ve had such bad luck. #worstcarever.? Can you list the issues? Ive braced myself already!!
  7. How did u get the software update? At the dealer ?
  8. I’ve read there’s no way to turn it off? Is it a beep or a light? Or both? How close to a collision do u need to get ?
  9. Software update needed! (I think) really should be a recall...
  10. I’m due to get delivery of an ST-Line soon. I spoke to someone on YouTube who had 22,000 miles on his 2018 ST-Line x. Had minor issues with battery and electric windows sorted. Had change oil msg at 3000 miles. Said his pre collision warning was far to sensitive but reckoned it’s a software update he needs for that. Which engine ? How long u had the car?
  11. He said it’s a software update needed re the collision assist. The guys a driving instructor hence the 22000 in 1 year..
  12. I spoke to somebody on YouTube has 22000 on the clock, 2018 ST-Line X , not sure what one. Had minor issues, battery and electric windows. Says sorted himself, not sure how. Had change oil msg at 3000miles. And pre collision assist “way too sensitive”. I remember now! It’s a 1.5 diesel, so has the twist beam. Says he’s had no trouble with it apart from these listed.
  13. As for the titanium, all the research I’ve done suggests there is no noticeable difference between the multi link and the twist beam.