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  1. They probably could fix it if Ford technicians were f*****g intelligent enough. I had the displeasure of ‘talking’ to one today..
  2. Bite the bullet and get a music subscription….
  3. Also the GTE new cost the same as the A Class 250e £36k or there abouts. Mercedes want 6k AP…smh
  4. I thought quarterly but seems much more frequently. There’s now 2 Golfs only. A hybrid and the hybrid GTE. But the id3 AP has plummeted! No AP on the base model and just over a grand for the MAX PRO. Good on motability! I’ve been thinking for months they need to give incentives for going EV. Financially that’ll do me. I still want the GTE though! Tom , are you eligible now?
  5. Won’t be long England will be needing our drinking water. Who holds all the cards in that situation?
  6. As mentioned earlier it’s Ford that’s the most confused !
  7. Looks like all new build houses in my area have solar panels. Luckily they seem to just need daylight rather than the elusive sunshine! Also a few miles away , what was when built (a decade or so ago) the biggest wind farm in Europe. I don’t have facts or figures about how much is generated unfortunately. But someone somewhere seems to have a plan.
  8. Ford in USA are advertising you could power your house from their latest F150. Plugging your house into your car rather than your car into your house..
  9. GPs around here have been in hiding (on the golf course) since covid hit.
  10. You’d think latest maps would have all the latest roads and addresses etc. My local medical centre, about 3 miles away. Built a decade ago..According to Ford navigation it doesn’t exist!
  11. It was on another ford forum. I can’t even remember which website never mind thread. So, you now have F10 ? But it’s not saying ‘up to date’?
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