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  1. Seems you are the first member to manage to break the mk4 cup holder already! Mines an automatic, different cup holders. I have sat in a mk4 manual and thought it looked a bit flimsy. Does it still hold a cup ? Or now just extra storage?
  2. Worked for me. Set it to low , had it go off once since, for a cyclist cutting in front of me. Had the car since October
  3. Just noticed condensation today for first time. Same on both sides. Had the car since October. Don’t have the LED headlights....unfortunately
  4. I had exact same thing. Ford technical departments instructions to the Ford technician never worked. I had removed car , deleted app etc no joy I’d been in touch with the Ford app support people . They did tell me they’d issues with Androids at the time (3 months ago). I tried on my brothers iPhone at the time..still no joy eventually the Ford Technician decided to disconnect the battery for a while, worked. It’s possible it was fixed from their end. Not sure. good luck edit* just realised this thread is 6 months old!! I assume you fixed it?
  5. Mines a lease car. I ordered it without driving one, the dealer couldn’t find one for me to test drive. The gamble paid off. 😊
  6. I’ve a mk4 . S/S didn’t work at all for a week there then last few days worked every time. Cold engine, blowers on , headlights on rear heated windscreen on ...still worked , starting at lights 50m from my house after an all night cold start. Short journeys always too.
  7. I’m getting 29mpg in a 2020 1.5 Focus. Into 40s on motorway. 15mpg can’t be right, I knew someone had a Lincoln Navigator done about 15. Just a little bigger than a mk2 focus. Sounds like you’ve tried everything to fix it , u should trade it in to Arnold Clark without telling them , give them a taste of their own medicine.
  8. This threads old to say the least , my friends got a 2016 mondeo vignale. It’s got climate option on sync. I’m not sure if that’s sync 2 or 3 but I don’t have climate on my 2020 focus sync3. Having watched the Ford sync3 video I’m not surprised they binned it. Over complicated. The right hand drive theory might be a factor but I’m happy with the current set up.
  9. The guy that posted (top of page 4) ‘recoded’ , posted end of November saying new battery had resolved the matter and he’d post on here if any change.
  10. Is there a shuffle button? To get a random playlist out of all my songs,playlists and albums?
  11. I’m in my car now and realised I can simply turn CarPlay off in sync settings. Plugged phone in all good
  12. I’ve realised yesterday if I stream through Bluetooth I can use Ford Navigation at same time. Which is great. Not sure if when I need to plug into usb to charge my phone it’ll automatically change to google or Apple maps. Will be testing that this morning. Apple maps is alright but I prefer the built in sat nav.
  13. I only ever wanted music streaming and thought I needed AA or Carplay to do so. Even tho built in Navigation doesn’t run at same time as AA / CarPlay. Changed to Apple , worked well but now realise I can connect Apple Music thru Bluetooth and still use Ford Navigation. Yes I had same issues with AA , changed to Apple . If you need one of these ie if you don’t have Ford Navigation and need google or Apple maps I’d recommend Apple CarPlay.
  14. Only had to press a few buttons! Cheers for pointing me in the right direction 👍
  15. This is great! not only got the Apple Music Siri working now, also I can use Ford navigation at same time! That’s not possible with Apple CarPlay.