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  1. For me the car wifi is useless. Unless you’ve got passengers with iPads or laptops I guess. Was very expensive on the mk4 too, can’t remember the price exactly .. 100gb of data for a £100 iirc .
  2. The 1.5L 182bhp version is in the Ford Bronco in USA also..
  3. Auto updates is surely the easiest way 🧐
  4. In uk there is an office , can’t remember what it’s called.. FordPass support or something. They took calls , helped myself and lot of others with anything software , map, app related.. sometimes better to talk to somebody rather than emails..
  5. I’ve got a 2019 1.5L ecoboost. What’s the horror stories? Mines got over 45k miles on it… For mk4 the 1.5L petrol or the 2L diesel are probably the only engines I’d consider. Btw both discontinued within a couple of years of being released. For emissions reasons apparently 🧐
  6. 3 years the S/S has worked on mine. Got used to it , didn’t bother me. Last few months I’ve been switching it off every journey. Could do without it tbh. But was previously getting 370-400 miles out a full tank. ….. now getting 320-330 miles 😳 Costing me money. Only thing that’s offset it a bit is petrol down to £1.39
  7. Cheese and wine nights were fairly common in the 80s. Boxes of wine and cheap cheese.. probably pineapple too iirc
  8. Not unique to the 70s lol . The cheese and pineapple yes
  9. ?? I’m not talking about friends with benefits 😂 it’s not a car keys in a bowl situation 😂
  10. Thanks for the replies fellas , should put her mind at rest.
  11. But to shatter on both sides 🧐
  12. It’s a BMW. Maybe that’s the problem!
  13. It’s somebody in my local community fb group. Bit of a mystery for sure.
  14. Quick question, my neighbours rear windscreen shattered while she was driving. Thinks someone threw a brick or something. Doesn’t look like it to me… is it possible it’s something to do with the heating element? I’ll attach a photo…
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