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  1. So, Tom and his Mrs have invited us all to the Country Park , 10pm sharp. I’ve got a new phone with a cracking camera on it too. 😊Happy days
  2. I think the salesman was convinced I was gonna pay for the adaptive LEDs when really I would have probably paid for the normal LEDs if the price was right. I’ve got led DRLs and horrible yellow halogen headlights. He’s shot himself in the foot tho cause it’s his dealerships got to try and sell a 3 year old car WITHOUT LEDs in 2022
  3. In hindsight I should’ve got factory fitted camera , blind spot thing and LEDs . Cant modify anything cause it’s a lease car.
  4. Generally Parking in rural locations 🤔 Dogging?
  5. 100% first car I’ve had with sensors. Wish I’d got the camera too. Standard on the titx I’d imagine?
  6. I get the beeps when it’s working , which is most of the time. Maybe I just need to have more faith! What about parking face on into a kerb , ignore it , knowing got about a foot to go...
  7. Am I alone in thinking I can’t trust these sensors sometimes? like getting really close to another car etc and not getting a green warning never mind an orange warning ? to trust or not to trust ?
  8. Not sure what the advantages would be....but if it’s giving you oil life etc that you’re not getting on the normal app then fair enough. I think I’ve got all features already.
  9. The locate your car option on the app may well need data on your phone but shows the car modem is giving off a signal no matter where it is.
  10. Look after up to five business vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. So you can focus on the work. that’s what FordPass pro does...
  11. I think All new Fords have modems built in. Pro FordPass will be for company fleets
  12. I think the modem works for live traffic , remote start and alerts without wifi from your house or wifi supplied by the Vodafone deal. 🤔 the Vodafone (100gb for £100?) sets up a wifi hotspot, I believe the modem functions without that. Waste of money too as we all have data on our phones these days.
  13. A long way of saying “we don’t know “
  14. The wifi theory is a red herring. IMO The manual will know..