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  1. I get the slow speed manoeuvres issue with autos. My late mother had a grand vitara automatic, it was tricky for me as a life long manual driver. My Mk4 is my 1st automatic, I can’t comment on the mk3 autos but the Mk4 doesn’t creep at all really, parkings really easy. I couldn’t say that about the vitara or other older automatics that I’ve driven. Try before you buy ..
  2. Just noticed no dial gear selector. Will this mean no remote engine start?
  3. Sounds like you got the update OTA (over the air). Got wifi on your driveway ?
  4. Any idea what date for the facelift mk4 release? I’ve got a lease coming to an end middle of next year.
  5. Amplifying engine noise into the cabin , I actually thought that was an urban myth ! It’s been a committee of boy racers that thought that up.
  6. The digital dash and sync4 infotainment I’ll need to see a proper review of. The Golf 8 dash looks better but 100 menus doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. The attachment that Alexp kindly posted lists a lot of features but not clear what’s standard in what model and what will be available in packs.
  7. Yep , not clear about that. Maybe the vignale 🤔. Cost the same as the ST afaik
  8. Matching the 7 speed automatic gearbox with the mild hybrid 1L is the only real plus for me. All leather interior looks nice. I’d rather have buttons than touchscreen for climate controls. Outside looks alright. Was hoping for a plug in hybrid tbh
  9. Venezuela rum costs way less than coke a cola so a triple rum and coke cost less than a single rum and coke. For my livers sake I’m glad I don’t live there.
  10. What’s the price for petrol or diesel elsewhere in uk? I’m near Glasgow currently paying an eye watering £1.40. !!
  11. Kinda need Traffic Announcements when Fords Live Traffic is hit and miss at best!
  12. I don’t ever use radio but is there not a button to turn that off? TA or something?
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