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  1. If it’s a lease car your handing back or your selling it to someone you don’t like , get a SMART repair. Chips Away or something.
  2. Don’t know your circumstances from what you’ve posted.
  3. Considering your talking about what is probably about a 20k car I’d spend the £600 if possible.
  4. Someone mentioned the cut to size ones on here a few months ago. Made me laugh. I’ve got a 2020 ST line X . I wouldn’t even fit the ford ones on it. Each to their own tho.. they maybe only fit on the ST and the RS
  5. I do like the desert island blue. Thought it looked best of all until I saw this video.....
  6. I see. I’ve got Ford Navigation but prefer Apple maps.
  7. It’s not my phone. I had this issue with My Samsung, now same thing with an iPhone
  8. As most of you will also do , my phone connects to sync the moment I start the ignition. What I’ve realised is if I go thru an area that doesn’t have much of a signal (right where I live) sync will show 1 maybe 2 bars for signal strength. If I then receive or make a call , even when I’ve travelled to a better signal area, it stays as 1 bar and then interrupts my conversation. If I press a button on the phone it’ll light the screen up and then show the 5 bars that most areas get. Obviously this goes against the whole point of hands free phone calls. Anyone else had this issue? I can’t even begin to think of a way round this short of a new mast near my house.
  9. I think the colour screen is in the ST Line X but not the ST Line . Ford Nav is nothing to do with phones. Again ST Line X has Ford Navigation, standard ST Line doesn’t.
  10. Good link. Waze is the only app I have out of them. Wasn’t aware of the rest.
  11. you Should be able to get all your compatible apps on sync thru Android auto.
  12. Whole feature seems a bit haphazard to me. Automatics have Auto-Hold too. Maybe I’ve just not figured out how to work it properly! I get the green A with an arrow round it, never seen it go red. Ignition button turns engine off and puts it in Park then I switch the park brake on. Tbh I don’t use it much but it is the main button next to the handbrake 🤔 i presume the traditional red handbrake light comes on?
  13. I thought the outcome of previous ‘conversations’ was that it’s not an automatic parking brake and you need to manually engage the brake every time you park the car. Not sure 🤔 I have an automatic , auto hold isn’t for parking the car in mine.
  14. There’s at least one big thread on this subject on here.