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  1. I appreciate all the responses 👍😊
  2. Weak signal would explain the remote start failing but I’ve been unable to connect all day. I can’t ‘forget’ network because it’s not listed on the WiFi list in my phone. I had it all working yesterday ..Vodafone5020 or something. Even connected an iPad. I had the ‘connected’ symbol on the app earlier..wasn’t connected at all. Unable to activate the car is the brick wall. At the moment
  3. Sorry I’m getting mixed up with WiFi and modem. The modems not working, that’s why the remote start wouldn’t work. I've now uninstalled and reinstalled the app. And a master reset. situation now is the activate vehicle button in app isn’t responding to me pressing it. vodafone app thru the Ford app is saying it’s connected. Same issues as I posted earlier. Too much technology Guy! For all the money these cost you’d expect them just to work!
  4. Remote start didn’t work this morning. In car soon realised modem wasn’t connected. Pressed Ford Pass Connect button, tried to open Connectivity Settings..says “cannot be displayed at the moment”. tried Vehicle Hotspot Button..said same. On my phone went thru app into Vodafone, my account , my car nickname had gone back to ‘car 1’ I changed it , went back to Ford App, got the connected symbol at top of screen. back in car ...”cannot be displayed “ again..
  5. I don’t really see why anyone would want this feature. There’s the central lock button on the door if it’s a safety thing. Personally I never drive with doors locked. If u get into a bad crash it could be costly.
  6. I had to change cables , Auto Android was often cutting out. I’ve just activated the WiFi today too so not sure if it was the new cable or the WiFi , gave google maps a good 30 minute test tonight , didn’t cut out once. Samsung 5
  7. I’d certainly hope so! What did the salesman say? the brochure is often outdated and sometimes doesn’t even make sense.
  8. Got the Vodafone 3 months started too. Hoping auto Android will run smoother. Good so far. not great speeds right 8mb ..upload 13mb im getting 40mb in the house upload 10mb
  9. Sorted! dealership were wanting me to book it in! Didn't need to uninstall the app. Removed Vehicle then added Vehicle , that’s all! Live Traffic on.
  10. I tweeted them, got a phone number for the FordPass team. called them , they say uninstall then reinstall the app then master reset. If it doesn’t work call them back. Been to the dealership, no technicians available today.
  11. I’ve added preferred dealer and plate number live got Fuel Report between Vehicle Details and Vehicle Support
  12. Got all that apart from ‘Subscriptions’ below Vehicle Support is in red writing..REMOVE VEHICLE
  13. I’m not getting a ‘Subscription ‘ option. Getting ODOMETER PREFERRED DEALER FIND A DEALER Service Intervals GLOVE BOX Owners Manual Vehicle Details Fuel Report BETA Vehicle Support
  14. U guys have probably seen my posts re my modem not connected. As I can’t seem to get Live Traffic working. But my info on the website and the app shows it is connected. I’ve done remote engine start (doesn’t work every time) . I’ve even had the mpg , price of fuel I’ve used in October. None of this would work without the modem connectivity. I think. I’ve googled Live Traffic not activated and yet to find an explanation how to activate it apart from some American guy showing how to slide a button! I need to go back to the dealer with it.
  15. That’s what I’m seeing on the website. So that’s where I’ll see updates and links for downloading?