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  1. So I can just replace that with an aftermarket one? Or modify the existing? 🤔 I want it to go Pt-sss
  2. Does anybody know if I can fit a blow off valve to my new puma or is that a bad idea? 😬
  3. Ahhh, Thank you very much! Looking at it now that makes more sense. I've cable tied it to the backside of the front crashbar, that should be okay right? Maybe it'll give a false reading due to heat from engine/rad. Cheers buddy. 😀👍
  4. Does anyone know what this plug thing is for? I replace my front bumper and found it just freely dangling. My best guess is something to do with the airbag? Previous owner had an accident and bodged the whole thing back together hence why I'm replacing bumper. Thanks
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