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  1. Mine does this too, a bit of research a few weeks ago says its the fuel pump priming but I'm not certain. I would also like to know for sure.
  2. I had mine done, didn't feel any difference. I did see the guy spray some go go juice in the intake to make it feel a little different when I first drove it, after that wore off it went back to normal. Still had the usual Mk2 TDCI DPF problems after the procedure.
  3. I have that pressure washer, with the foam thingy it comes with it's a bit underwhelming. Maybe it'll be better with a proper lance but I've resorted to using my snow foam as a normal shampoo in a bucket.
  4. +1 for checking the spare tyre and tools, whilst your in there check for moisture, my Mk2.5 boot lid leaked and I would have to sponge out the wheel well every few weeks. Other than that I think it will be a solid car, I had loads of DPF problems with mine but that was a diesel, everything else never skipped a beat apart from the leaky boot.
  5. I'm on PC but if I had to choose a console I'd get the Xbox. I prefer the Microsoft exclusives and specifically I think the Forza games are better. I could go and buy a PS4 at any time but I've never seen anything on it that makes me want to do so, in terms of games or as a general entertainment centre.
  6. Probably very very expensive insurance, apart from that I don't see any problems as long as he doesn't have a lead foot, it's more powerful than most people would have as a first car but not unreasonable in my opinion. What version is he looking at?
  7. Ok, thanks for your advice. I'm going to keep fighting to get the dealer to fix it, but if not at least I know what to do.
  8. I might take it out and check the connections but I'm not going to take the display apart. Car is still under warranty from when I bought it not long ago but the dealer is being a right expletive. I shouldn't have to do this at all.
  9. Just done that, definitely missing an entire digit plus most of another. If someone knows how to check the connections that would be great.
  10. I've not disconnected the battery but I've pulled the instrument cluster fuse for a bit which didn't help.
  11. It changes but because the middle of the screen is pretty much dead you can't see what it's trying to tell you. See on my picture above how most of it is just not there and here you can't read the mileage properly:
  12. My 2015 Fiesta's screen has stopped working properly and I am unable to see mileage, MPG etc. It did work and faded over a couple of days, could this be just a loose connection and how would I check this? Is it a common problem?
  13. If you want an upgrade get a 7018b off eBay for less than £30. Granted its the cheapest lowest quality touchscreen unit I've ever used but it does actually work, and sounds OK. It does Bluetooth streaming and can take reversing cameras which themselves are only less than £10 on eBay.
  14. Not sure for certain but it looks like the clips are in about the right places, here's some pics of ones I've got laying around. Can take a closer look later if nobody else can confirm before then.
  15. Ford Focus 2008 1.6 TDCI. Making a strange whirring noise.