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  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some of those torx bolts that secure the rear seat benches, pictures attached. Anyone know what they are and where to get some?
  2. For the door seal, if it's the classic problem of the seal hanging off the bottom there are fixing kits for a few quid on ebay which I have used to great success in the past.
  3. Thanks, do you know what size pads go with those please?
  4. Hi Guys I have a 2011 Mk3 Focus needing pads and discs but I'm unsure what size I need. It is a Zetec Estate with the 1.6 TI-VCT engine. From my research it seems the 1.6 TI-VCT cars get the smaller brakes, except mine is an estate so I'm not sure they got the bigger brakes by default. Pictures attached if that helps.
  5. I had mine in at TCH Derby, they did want me to pay for a diagnosis as you say, but after some persuasion and a disclaimer that if it didn't fix the problem they weren't liable they did it for me. Probably the same at most dealers.
  6. A software update for your cars PCM. Needs to be done at a Ford dealer, cost me about £80. Unless anyone else has any other ideas, that would be my suggestion having had that exact problem myself.
  7. My 61 plate 1.6 TI-VCT did this a lot. Some research here suggested a PCM update, completely fixed the issue and the car is so much more powerful now too.
  8. I'm really considering selling my 2015 Fiesta for a Mk2.5 Focus Estate 1.8 Petrol. I miss my old blue Focus that is still my profile picture here. What's your thoughts about selling a relatively new and reliable Fiesta for an atleast 11 year old Focus. I can think of pros and cons to each car, but mainly I'd be concerned the age of the Focus would be it's downfall, it's why I had to sell my old one. My heart says Focus but my family and potentially my wallet say to keep the Fiesta...
  9. Hey guys, wouldn't normally bump a post but this is causing problems, anyone got any ideas?
  10. So that was interesting... Went to change from second to third and the gear stick got stuck just after pulling it out of gear, then had to coast with the clutch down until it was safe to pull over. Couldn't move the stick at all, it released once I had stopped. Any idea what could have caused that? Happened a few times within 5 minutes then seems fine. Almost as if the clutch wasn't properly disengaged or something. 2015 Mk7.5 1L Ecoboost.
  11. After hard acceleration then letting off the throttle, my Fiesta will often shudder a few times when coming down the rev range instead of smoothly coming down as expected. Is this normal, or is it a problem? Any tips would be appreciated, and whilst I'm here making a new topic I'd like to know how to know when to change spark plugs. I bought my car used so I have no idea if they were changed when they were meant to be.
  12. 2020 Update: Halfords no longer sell the Ripspeed trim in the guide, and the new Simply branded one only takes 49mm pipes, I measure the diameter when cut to be about 52-54mm.
  13. Make sure to check the coolant pipes going into the turbo, these rust on the 1l Ecoboosts and if they split them you loose all your coolant. There's a big thread about if here on the forums. Check the wheels are straight, not sure if later models or different wheel designs fixed this but I've heard of Mk7 Fiestas having buckled wheels alot.
  14. So I went and got a K&N drop in filter, not a massive difference but it's something. I do agree with the above post saying its louder at WOT, the power band seems to have moved slightly higher too. MPG has increased by about about 1.3, I drive the same roads in the same way everyday and it's been +/- 0.3 MPG the whole time until now. Overall would I go and buy a brand new one? No. But getting a used one for £10 and using an existing cleaning kit was worth it in my opinion. These little 1l ecoboosts are quite sensitive to how you treat them I reckon, running Shell V-Power and now this K&N make a big difference to responsiveness, more than it has in any of my other cars before.
  15. Just out of interest what tyres are the new Fiestas shipping with these days?
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