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  1. If you want an upgrade get a 7018b off eBay for less than £30. Granted its the cheapest lowest quality touchscreen unit I've ever used but it does actually work, and sounds OK. It does Bluetooth streaming and can take reversing cameras which themselves are only less than £10 on eBay.
  2. Not sure for certain but it looks like the clips are in about the right places, here's some pics of ones I've got laying around. Can take a closer look later if nobody else can confirm before then.
  3. Ford Focus 2008 1.6 TDCI. Making a strange whirring noise.
  4. When I really focus on MPG my 1.6 TDCI MK2.5 Focus can get just over 80mpg, what's the best you can force one of these new Focus to do?
  5. Not sure where to get some but just make sure when you buy them that they are type approved, otherwise it's not legal.
  6. Funny that, the first time I see it is loading up this thread. I probably will take advantage of it though.
  7. That looks about right, I'll give it a go. My broken one doesn't have that bit that extends down past the threaded part but maybe it just broke off.
  8. I need one of these plastic screws that hold the big plastic thing above the front grill. I've looked online and I can't find it because I can't think what to search for, anyone got a part number or name? Focus Mk2.5
  9. How do I remove the lower control panel? I've got the Torx screws out and got the panel out loose but it's being held back by the wires or something so I can't get behind it to undo the wiring.
  10. Agreed. My mate has a Mk3.5 ST-3, it has barely any legroom and especially with the Recaros feels very cramped. The Mk4 is much better but I still don't think the comfort is as good as the Mk2.5, the rear seats especially feel like they have hardly any padding compared to my car.
  11. Maybe it was a Ghia that I saw, forgot all about them. All I've got is that in the picture, maybe I'll buy the rest if I see them. The cubby cover dosen't look too hard to change but the bigger bit below it looks a bit harder. A quick look on eBay and theres a matching cubby for £10 but with £10 postage. I know that probably isn't bad all things considered but I'm used to my Amazon Prime...
  12. So it's off a Titanium then, that seems to make sense. I've seen wood trimmed Titaniums unless that was aftermarket. Either way I'm happy with it, I almost bought a plain matte black one for £20 with £9 postage before I stumbled across this one with the controls included for £30 free postage.
  13. I just bought this radio fascia off eBay because I think it will look better than my DIY carbon wrapped one that's a bit wrinkly, but I'm not sure what spec Focus it's off? I can't find anything about this particular part, it's not a standard silver or matte black one, and it's definitely not one of the official carbon ones off a RS. Anyone know?
  14. If I get a way to plug my laptop into my car (is USB to OBD II a thing?) I can do my own forced regens? I've needed it done twice in less than a year so far because my DPF didn't have it's 75k service or whatever it needs. This would save me alot of hassle and maybe the original poster too.