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  1. No no, dealers make money from referring people to finance companies.
  2. If the pad is moving, then it will knock when braking yes. Get that calliper off, check the pads are in correctly and that the pins and retaining clips are all good.
  3. I had this after replacing discs and pads on my Ranger, and it turned out to be that the bolts that hold the caliper on at the driver side had worked themselves a bit loose, so the caliper was moving slightly when the brakes were applied. Bit of red threadlock and plenty of torque sorted it.
  4. Where have you read that? I've just recently done a change on my 3.2 and I probably left it way longer than 10 mins (I tend to undo the plug and leave that while I do the air filter etc to let it drain fully) - no major engine problems following that.
  5. What would be helpful is a wiring diagram. Does anyone know where I can get one? Last I looked Haynes didn’t seem to be doing a manual for my car for some reason...
  6. Tried unplugging, and actually ended up cutting the extra wires at the point where they were soldered on. Extra lights no longer connected and standard light still doesn't function. I need to take another look, as the more I think about it the more it makes sense that in soldering in the additional connection, I've actually ended up doing damage somewhere. It actually wasn't me who did the soldering, as I shy away from electrical work because I always create more issues than I resolve (as in this case...which wasn't me). I had noted that the additional lights worked when the doors were opened, but not when the engine was running on auto, which is the same as the standard running light. I need to just sort myself out and do a proper job of electrics - I can do everything else on a car or motorbike but for some reason I have the fear about electrical stuff.
  7. They’re definitely running lights, and should be on when in auto - I know this because the right one is on, and only the left is affected by this issue. I suspect I’ve just killed a wire somewhere as I think the issue may have shown up when I wired in the running lights that are built in to the raptor style grill.
  8. No Tom! I was hoping you would come along with some good info, and I was delighted when I saw you commented. Booooo
  9. Both rear lights are fine as far as I know yes, but then they're not running lights...haven't checked in the dark when the auto would have the tail lights on.
  10. Hi On my 2015 Ranger, I'm experiencing an issue with the running lights which I can't wrap my head around. When I unlock the doors, both sides front running lights come on as normal, however when the ignition is on, if the headlight selection switch is in the "Auto" position, the left side running light goes off. If I switch to dipped or full headlights, it comes on again. So the bulb is clearly fine as it works in other positions, but just that side's running light doesn't work on the "Auto" setting. Anyone got an ideas what could be causing this, or experienced something similar themselves? I'm stumped. Thanks
  11. My Focus slams the brakes on if I slowly edge up towards the wall of my office when parking. Big gravel skid. Gives me a fright every time.
  12. I know its horrendous. Only done 40k miles, but I suspect at least a few of them were hard. I got it in November last year, and the front wheel was very badly misaligned, on the same side as this disc came off, so I think it has had some kind of bump in that corner, maybe kerbed or a proper bad pothole, and that has bent the disc. Excessive wear on the inside pad, so it being bent it has then been rubbing constantly on the pad, generating heat all the time.
  13. The job is done. Bigger 3-jaw pullers, bit of heat around the hat, and many skelps with the 4lb hammer. Thanks to everyone who gave tips, and to Stef for the offer of a lift...! Check out the state of the disc that came off. Definitely heat has been a factor here. Hopefully the pulsating brake foot will be gone now.