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  1. What kind of car loan is it you have? PCP of HP? Or is it a personal loan?
  2. I like it! Is it useable with the seats not quite flat? I’ve been thinking about whether the top half of the seats will come out to get it fully flat...
  3. @iantt that whooshed over a few heads...
  4. Started sandblasting the paint off my motorbike foot pegs today ready for powder coating. Had to modify the sand blasting cabinet I bought as the air seal on the inlet was terrible! Sand blasting is quite painstaking, but satisfying!
  5. I’ve got a bad case of “water hammer” at home just now. Switching off the cold taps and the pipes rattle and bang through the house! I’ve improved it slightly by bleeding out the system but it’s still there...
  6. I went and had a look last night at mine in the dark and sure enough they do light up! You could maybe get a random LED strip cheaply and wire it on to the connectors? Don’t know how your soldering is...
  7. I do like my first attempt at powder coating going very well. Tested on a big M14 bolt, coated the threaded section black and the finish is amazing. Went for full coverage on the threaded bit and it was hanging by the head so I wasn’t trying to cover the full thing. Powder coating gives an excellent finish for minimal effort, compared to painting where maximum effort still produces an average finish at best!
  8. I had to go out and check there, but I don’t know if either of them actually lights up. There is a bit of a glow but I think it’s just reflective no? Would need to check again when it’s dark
  9. I would put money on it being a leak that point where their roof meets your wall. Get some boards to put down in the loft (loft boards are cheap) even temporarily so that you can investigate properly. I would imagine you will find that when it’s raining the brickworks is slick with water very gradually working it’s way down. It may even be so slight that it’s difficult to see, but you will feel somewhere with your hand that it’s wet. Address the source of the water, and then clean the mould off the wall as best you can. Then seal the plasterboard with a solution of PVA glue and water painted on liberally and then you can paint it over. However only do that once you’ve found and dealt with the source of the water! I had this in my first house where the flashings around the chimney breast were leaky. Water ran down the chimney brickwork which had been plastered over and came through the walls.
  10. Bread mould isn’t usually white or powdery. It’s probably cocaine.
  11. Ok I’ve gone ahead and ordered a PS4, it’s arriving tomorrow. In the end it came down to me being more familiar with the controller, and also a bunch of my friends who don’t live nearby have PS and so I can play online with them to have a chat. Disappointed to hear that Gran Turismo isn’t so good any more. I will get it and see how I like it - a big campaign mode will take over my life so it might be good for a mess around online. My friend is also going to give me N4S so I can see how I like it, and I’ve just seen that there is an Isle of Man TT game so I will give that a shot too.
  12. Looking good. Might as well have bought an ST by this point maybe? 😜
  13. During lockdown I’ve been thinking about buying a console. My wife also wants to play The Witcher games after watching the Netflix series so I have an opportunity here to buy her a gift that also benefits me... I was PlayStation all my younger life, although I’ve not played any console for a long time. My natural default is PlayStation, but I don’t know if there are any good driving games for PS4? I haven’t played a driving sim since Gran Turismo (the first one) and I’m guessing they will have come on a bit since then. I know Forza is well regarded but is that available for PS4 or is it just Xbox? I would prefer not to get xbox but it is a bit cheaper... it will come down to which has the best driving games, so I await everyone’s recommendations
  14. We have all wondered that at some point of course...