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  1. As soon as I get moved into my new garage unit I'm going to get both of the cars in there, get the seats out and everything to give them a proper clean. Bets on how many McDonalds chips I will find under each seat?
  2. Evans Halshaw reckon they buy cars and say they will beat WBAC on price? Might be worth asking. Also if you’re looking at replacing it, offer it as a trade in on the next and let them settle the finance on it. Just don’t tell them how much your settlement is until they hit you with a trade in figure.
  3. When it comes to early exit, PCP and leasing are notoriously challenging, and you will usually be penalised for settling early. HP is the way forward as far as I'm concerned as you actually get rewarded with interest rebates when settling early - I'm sure I've told the story here before about my pickup on HP with a balloon which I settled 14 months into a 36 month agreement and saved a few thousand quid. I can understand the allure of PCP and leasing for the low monthlies, but what most don't know is that HP can be structured with a balloon to the same effect. You've mentioned looking at lease deals, but can I just say please exercise caution and if you do go down that route then go as short a term as possible! Lease is the hardest to get out early from by far, and as you've seen from your PCP deal, your circumstances can change a lot in 36 months. Regarding selling the car while on finance, you can't exchange it with anyone while it is technically owned by the finance co. However it happens every day and you just need to make sure you go to a reputable trader who will settle your finance for you and do everything in the right order. They know what they're doing, they do it all the time. Back to the pickup mentioned above, I had £10,800 as my settlement. I went to WBAC and they gave me £13,700 for it and settled my finance directly. Very smooth and they give you all the necessary documentation to make sure you're not doing anything wrong. It sounds like you are being offered a favourable settlement figure right now and that's rare in PCP world, but I would look at how much you have left before you can do a Voluntary Termination. I only say that because I know from experience that pulling off a VT on a gouging PCP lender is eternally satisfying. They will try and fight you but they know that they absolutely cannot win (if you do it all right) and they're just hoping you back down and get scared. If you stand up for yourself then you can tell them to jog on and it feels great!
  4. Especially on an SV650! Stock exhaust on that thing was more like a cannon. I swapped that one out for a carbon fibre one immediately.
  5. This particular weight saving mod on the CBR was a carbon fibre race can, very light and noisy but not actually road legal....
  6. My old CBR had a big pipe the size of an old-school dustbin. I had the police at the door once after a week of me leaving for work at 5:30am....
  7. I’ll do them at cost or potentially free if you’re making that journey mate. I’ll call it practice
  8. I was actually in Kent last week - I could have picked them up! Not sure they would count as hand luggage on the plane home though.... I am in Kent fairly regularly with one of my biggest clients.
  9. Something I do like - it looks like I have found a suitable light industrial unit to get a full sized powder coating oven and have a bash it doing it commercially. Shortly I will be tapping up the forum members here to do wheels and other parts...!
  10. yeah sorry what I was getting at was in the context of MOT which was being talked about stop/start has nothing to do with emissions testing
  11. Stop/start has very little to do with emissions, more for mpg. Couldn't possibly be checked at the MOT as the emissions tests checks gases when engine is running, rather than over the course of a normal drive.
  12. The TPMS came on in my ST last night too. Weird. I wonder if maybe the sudden change in temperature has affected the pressures.
  13. Keep an eye on it, and if the TPMS comes back on then figure out which tyre is lower than the rest. That’s the one that’s leaking.
  14. Did you put the right amount of air in to the correct pressure? If the TPMS light comes back on again then you’ve got a problem. Otherwise you’re fine.
  15. No I don’t do tyres myself as I don’t have a tyre machine (yet).