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  1. My Focus is the 120. I've had two of the 1.6 versions in the past, both the 115, and the difference in power on the 120 is incredible. Feels way more than 5bhp difference. Regarding chipping the truck. I wanted to do it to add a bit of HP and also get better mpg, but everything I read about the main systems that were home-installable just said that it bypasses airflow and fuel sensors and almost pretends to be a remap. So it makes the engine think its getting more power, and better mpg but really its just indiscriminately putting more fuel in without letting the sensors know, hence the simulated better mpg. With bikes, it has always allowed me to not be too bothered about fast cars. I bought a bike a few years ago for less than £5,000 and its supercar fast. You need to spend £100k to get a bike-fast car, but you can get a fast-car-fast bike for less than £10,000. If that makes sense....
  2. I looked into chipping my Ranger but decided against it when I read about what is actually being done. I would consider a proper remap on the Focus, but my wife also drives that one and its supposed to be our "sensible" car. So I would be better of remapping or further modifying one of my motorbikes. Or getting another bike. Funny the difference between useful performance upgrades on cars and on bikes - I spent hours and hundred of pounds doing various things to my bikes, one of the main things is shedding weight. One of the best performance upgrades you can do, especially on a lightweight V-twin for example. I've saved a kilo here and there, and then spent all this winter eating junk and put on a stone round my waist. Best performance upgrade on a bike then.....go for a run and stop eating junk! Weight not such a big issue in modifying cars. I would like to get a petrol car to modify just because that's what I know best from all the years working on bikes, and all the hours on YouTube watching mighty car mods. Would love an ST (in orange of course to match my Ranger) just to see what is possible after a remap, maybe an upgraded turbo, air intakes etc. Just for fun. Wouldn't be spending £30k on one, although a friend of mind just bought an RS and I am extremely jealous. Was thinking more like £5k for a 10 year old ST that needs a bit of work...
  3. With regards to upgrading the 1.6 TDCi....I've been thinking about different ways to increase performance on both my 1.5 TDCi Focus and my 3.2 TDCi Ranger...but I've come to the conclusion I should probably just save my money and just buy a Focus ST or a Focus RS on top of those two....
  4. Ford are saying it needs a new steering rack, and have advised that I don't drive the car until they've fitted it. Part comes in on Tuesday.... Arnold Clark offered me a courtesy car....a Fiat Panda. I have declined and suggested that between themselves and Ford, they can figure out who is providing me with a suitable car. Not a Fiat Panda.
  5. Yeah its not the same - its all the time not just when its been sitting. I guess I will just wait and see when I take it in tomorrow.
  6. Picked up my new 2017 Focus last week, and I spotted the first time I parked it at my house that there was a scraping noise from the steering when at low speeds. Took to back to Arnold Shark to get their mechanics to look at it (I would have dealt with it myself if it hadn't been so new), and they said it needs to go to a Ford dealer to get a warranty repair. I have no issue with that as its going to get repaired, and thankfully its not getting handled by AC's mechanics, but it was just a girl at the service desk that I spoke to who was unable to tell me anything about what the problem was. Her words were "something wrong with the drive shaft or something like that". I am mechanically competent and though I prefer bikes I can work on cars no problem, so its irritating me that I don't know what's wrong with the car, and I can't get anyone to tell me. Due at the Ford Dealer in Perth on Friday, but I wondered if anyone has had the same issue or knows of a common issue with this model?
  7. One of my Mondeos, I switched it on one day to go and play golf (as you do when you have a Mondeo) and it told me I had 30 miles left. Got just near the golf club and it started coughing. Looked down and it was saying 0 miles. I had only driven about 6. Then conked out as I tried to get to the nearest petrol station and destroyed the fuel pump from running empty. Point is...the thing lies. Don't take the chance!
  8. Number 1 handling upgrade is usually a good set of tyres. The difference that good tyres make you would not believe. Its so underestimated. Secondly, I would say probably suspension upgrades. A good set of coilovers perhaps. After that I would maybe say weight reductions and balancing changes. Usually the first two are plenty though. Your Kuga for example, has a better engine than your Focus (I think its maybe the same one that's in my Focus), but its big, heavy, and badly balanced.
  9. By all means look at dealer rates, but just don't use them! Particularly for what they would call "subprime", they will overcharge you. Also a lot of the bigger dealers that run their own schemes will just flat decline.
  10. I've got a Raptor Grill on my 2015 Wildtrak. That's the only thing worth having out of the Raptor package as far as I'm concerned! Everyone seems to have it now though. What finance options are you looking at? Just dealer rates? I see you're in Scotland - if you want help or to run a few numbers give me a shout.
  11. Interesting @Ranger88 - I have the 3.2l and I just can't fathom how they can get the 2litre engine to produce 213hp. I suppose twin turbo will help, but then I'm also not sure how much having two turbos is as efficient as having one good turbo. Its not like its a 90s Supra. I've not driven it though, and actually I've just picked up my new Focus, and its got the 1.5TDCi which is doing 120bhp. Compared with my 2014 Focus which had the 1.6 making 115bhp, it feels night and day. Its actually rapid. So they're obviously able to some kind of trickery. Are you going to get one? A client of mine is looking at the Raptor to replace his 2015 3.2 limited and I'm helping him with the loan.
  12. Appreciate it Tom. Managed to push them to £1,236 so I've just put a deposit down on my 3rd Focus! Exciting.
  13. Cheers Tom. Vauxhall were offering £4k for a vauxhall on a new vauxhall....but I absolutely didn't want to end up with another vauxhall! I'm going to go up to the dealers today and just ask the question, but I put the details into the Evans Halshaw thing, WBAC and all that and they were all talking £700-£800. The great thing about scrappage is there's no questions I know the back box needs replaced. I've just put in a new EGR valve which was a killer job but there was a check engine light because the valve was seized solid so that would have been some money off the trade in.
  14. Not sure how long it has been on but I see Ford have just started a new scrappage scheme on new cars. £2,000 trade-in. I've been considering trading in my wife's Corsa (horrible) to buy another Focus (will be my 3rd...) but I'm concerned that because the Corsa is a diesel I'm going to get offered a terrible TI value. I had been hoping to get up to about £2k for it anyway, but I was going to trade it in against a 67 plate TDCi Focus for about £11k. Is it a bit of false economy that I'm thinking about buying brand new, paying more as well as paying a fortune in depreciation just so that I can get £2k for the Corsa no questions asked? Anyone have any experience of the scheme and things to look out for? Thanks