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  1. Update to the original topic of the thread - just done an oil change there and reset the warning. Thanks all for your comments. Procedure for resetting the warning message: Press the start button without depressing clutch to switch on ignition. Press and hold the brake and accelerator pedal until "oil system reset in progress" shows up on the dash. Reset will take place and "oil system reset complete" will pop up.
  2. No surely Edd China is the cheapest mechanic - labour charge: £0ph!
  3. Have you checked the condition of your battery? In your 2016 car if its still running the sh*tey FoMoCo battery it came with it will be coming to the end of its miserable life by now. Put a nice Yuasa or something in it and you might find SS working better.
  4. Me neither. I usually do an extra oil change on all my vehicles midway through the service interval period anyway, so I have no issue doing this oil change now (in fact, I'm doing it today once I've been to get oil). My dad told me a long time ago "jug of oil is the cheapest mechanic there is", so I change the oil in both my cars and both my bikes every 6 months anyway. Sometimes longer on the pickup actually because it takes 9.8 litres!!
  5. That's interesting - so its a 1.5 diesel, so could be dpf related? The car does mostly motorway miles so I reckon the DPF gets plenty of regen. But are you saying this is specifically a message to change the oil, based on some kind of oil dilution sensor? And then there is a separate service warning light/message?
  6. Makes sense that it’s timing, as I know it was so in all my other cars. Just thought it was weird that it said in this car oil change rather than just service due. Made me suspicious that it was being specific about the oil.
  7. My 2017 Focus the other day threw a warning/info thing at me yesterday saying “oil change required”. I presume that this is just tell me it needs it’s next service, but it got me thinking about what actually triggers the service warnings? Is it as simple as a set number of miles elapsed since last service? Presumably there’s not some clever sensor that somehow determines the condition of the oil.
  8. I bought a wreck last winter to “tinker with” and that became a full engine swap and replacement of everything except the frame and wheels. That bike is now my DRZ440s. My other bike is a 650, and that is plenty for me at the moment - lightweight twin. Like you, it’s not about the top speed, because my bravery runs out at 120 anyway. It’s acceleration and cornering which matters, and as much as I would love a BMW S1000rr, I just wouldn’t be able to flick it around like I do my SV650s, or like my CBR 250rr before it.
  9. I didn’t mind him too much in Shed & Buried, and I loved the concept, but I always wished they would do more proper resto rather than spraying it with a hose and selling it on again... A bit more like Wheelers Dealers maybe... While I’ve got WD in my mind, maybe it’s a formula that you have a duo featuring one mechanical genius that does all the work, and he’s accompanied by an absolute plonker that blows all the hot air!
  10. If there were shrines at the side of the road on the Mountain Course there would be nowhere for spectators to sit! Bugs me that these guys engage in one of the most dangerous sports we know of, and yet most of them need a job to keep them in tyres, and then the MotoGP where no one has died since Simoncello, they’re all 19 year old millionaires!
  11. Very true. If only Sam wasn't a complete package along with Henry.
  12. IOM during the TT is amazing. I didn't ride mad Sunday, but rode up and over the mountain numerous times at ridiculous speeds through the week. Riding past the police at 120 is a thrill. I wouldn't go back to the TT again and again, too much hassle having to book the ferry more than a year in advance, costs a fortune and camping the only option. Glad to have done it once, but I could go back to the NW200 every year. Much more relaxed, less busy, and all the same racers. Its a shame that Henry Cole is really the only prominent TV guy in motorbike, because he's a proper tw*t.
  13. I went to IOM for the TT two years ago, last year I went to the North West 200 in Northern Ireland, and this year I think I'm going to Oliver's Mount in Scarborough. I think I will look into going to BSB this year when its at Knockhill.
  14. I love Scott Redding. Very excited to see how he gets on in WSB. Although I follow road racing a lot closer.
  15. I got my bike licence when I was 28 (now 33), and ever since I have wished I did it sooner. Now got two bikes, and I love them, even though I ride them a lot less now because of the two kids. I love cars, but the way I see it to get the thrill, speed and acceleration I get from my bike out of a car, I would need to spend £100,000. My most expensive bike was just under £5,000. They're far easier to work on, modify, tinker with, take apart and put back together, and they're a lot cheaper to run and insure. Don't worry about what other people think of you riding about on a 125. I did a year on a CBR 250rr (I'm 6'2" and 15stone so not small), and it made me a much better rider rather than jumping up to a bigger bike straight away. Make the most of your time on a 125 to become a better, safer rider. I've still not bought my dream bike (Triumph Daytona 675) as I don't have the space to store it, and I'm not prepared to get rid of either of my bikes. As far as safety goes, I am much less brave nowadays too with two kids and a wife at home, but actually statistically more fatal motorbike accidents happen to lone riders who make a mistake on a country road, not because of other road users as mythology would suggest. So if you take care of yourself and ride well then you're doing ok.