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  1. I see. Is that folding shelf is the same as what the manual linked above calls the "loadspace floor"? If that's the case then at least that bit matches.
  2. Interesting, did you buy new? It sounds like you definitely have not been given the right number, whatever the right number is!
  3. I'm getting to know my new (new-to-me 1yo) company mk4 estate, and I'm trying to figure out how many "loadspace floor supports" I should have. I only have one (photo below) - is this right? The link below is to the page in the manual that deals with it. One of the steps for "Increasing the Loadspace Height" is "Remove any additional loadspace floor supports." - but I only have one. There are lots of drawings on that page of the manual, but neither the pictures nor the text indicates how many there should be. Has anyone on here looked under the floor of a brand new mk4 estate? Or does Ford's website say anywhere how many are normally provided? It seems like two would be more appropriate but it's not really obvious.
  4. My company decided to try the cheap one from china first. But if anyone is looking for these in the future, there are actually lots of official options from Ford: VLGE0&pf_t_vehicle_code=Filter_VehicleCode%3A All_VehicleCode
  5. Thanks. 2nd class post brought them from Kent to East Mids overnight, impressive.
  6. Thank you both, I genuinely appreciate your responses, they certainly provide some reassurance. But tbh I am still hoping someone on here has come across something more official, ideally from Ford themselves. With all respect to yourself and Eurolites, I hope you don't mind my thoughts: I had some reservations about how much I could trust that. As with many things, just because the seller says something is suitable, does not always mean it is. But it seems Eurolites is the best I can get so I've now got a set ordered. I get that, but I had two doubts about it: I was not totally confident mine are not the Adaptive LEDs - there is a strip around the edge of the light which comes on when I unlock it etc, and that strip seems to be LED. Even if mine are not the Adaptive LEDs, my impression was that there are still also some lights which are not corrected by the sticker, and that have to be adjusted adjusting something within the headlight unit, like hinted here: I just wanted to make sure mine are not one of those cases.
  7. I am driving to Europe in my mk4 and can't find a definite answer whether I need a sticker or the lights adjusting. It's the most basic Zetec. I had a good look through the settings and I really cannot see the option in the menus (examples in thread linked below) I attached three photos of my headlights. I thought I'm ok with google but struggling with this one, so I was pleased to come across this bit online: "Very often, neither the car manufacturer’s handbook nor the instructions provided with the deflector kits, have been helpful in this regard."
  8. Thanks, that looks much more like it. Definitely need to do some more looking. Would be impressed if it happens to fit mine as well as the Golf in the photo. The problem is they might suddenly become very interested in the condition of the bumper when I'm returning it. Naturally, if anyone has any more thoughts they will be very welcome.
  9. Thanks. If anyone looks at this thread after that listing ends, it's for a "boot liner sheet tray mat". It's a decent workaround, but only that - a workaround. As it happens, the photo in the listing shows the liner in a car which has a proper black plastic protector on the boot sill/bumper - and ideally it's one of those I'd like to find. Just not for £50ish where single-figure options exist for other cars. If it helps, I don't mind cutting a "universal" protector to size if anyone can recomment a decent one. Mk4 is sweet (blue car in photo below - credit to, but the plastic of bumper is glossy and a magnet for scuffs and chips. The layout on mk3 (silver in photo below - credit to was much better for a work car, the plastic of the bumper surface was matt and much more forgiving.
  10. Hello, I am struggling to find a boot sill/bumper protector for mk4 estate (2019 1.5 diesel 120BHP, basic ZETEC trim FWIM). I found two basic options: several "proper ones" like this at ca. £50 lots of cheap ones like this at £7 The problem is that according to ebay none of the cheap ones fit my model. It's not really a new or rare model, and the shape of the sill is reasonably simple. It's a northgate work car, northgate or my employer won't fork out for a proper one, and I don't fancy it either as it could be swapped for a different one again at short notice (or I could have it for four years). I would love some suggestions for how to provide some protection to the boot sill/bumper for somewhere nearer to £7 than £50.