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  1. I have the st line x and the wheel is soft amt....materially. I never fond of to cold in the mornings without being heated. Now the metal on the gearstick, that's a whole other deal. no not enough to cancel imo.
  2. I guess the sat nav will tell you time left regardless of what unit has been set. good thing is it changes your miles left till empty to km/h. essential when autobahn tells you 52 km till next gas station.
  3. you can change the speed to kmh. what he means is once you do that then it also changes the sat nav. so both will be in km/h. Perfect for euro driving. PS. took 2 trips to Poland last year and changed to km/h while waiting to get off the ferry.
  4. but I like the feel.....when. its warm lol
  5. ps, it was on a damp road also, I eased in on the accelerator so there wasnt that much wheel spin and it's a nice pull all the way through the revs. You feel a kick at 1500rpm and its max torque seems to kick in at around 3500 but it stays pretty constant from 2500 - 6800 rpm. I had a 69 plate astra sri 150 (I think) for 2 weeks coz some idiot hit me in the rear and in sports mode the turbo seems to kick in instantly and although it hasnt quite as much grunt as the ford, you would have to be decent at the lights in a 30. In a 60 the astra wouldnt be an issue.
  6. It pushes revs up faster but not greatly in my 182 manual. Up to 1500rpm it still seems as sluggish as in normal. I've done a self test using a timer and got just over 7 secs but add error for me having to try to stop it when I got to 60mph. Waspishing very high revs in 2nd and being manual I didnt wanna waste time changing gear again. What was upsetting was that it limited revs at around 7200rpm.
  7. I agree, I too use it this way. The sync navigation got me all the way to poland from uk just fine.
  8. my citroen picasso and Renault scenic grand both had this function. the hand brake is auto applied after turning the engine off. The manual Ford does the same thing however as said it can be glitchy. I have just done some more tests and yes mark-uk is correct. it will not for some reason auto apply the hand break while the seat belt is undone. In fact it it gives the following messages. 'Close the door and fasten seatbelt to tun on' when you are stationary with the handbreak on. 'Press brake and switch to turn on' when stationary with handbrake off, even if seatbelt was off other results The auto brake MUST be on for the handbrake to auto apply. If the auto brake is off and you are driving it will not actually turn on after pressing switch until you brake and the auto brake applies. you can turn it off in any situation. It seems to remember what setting it was in when you start the car (or just after), not when you turn it off. If I alter the switch just after I start the car, it remembers that setting, not what I change it to before stopping it.
  9. Yes if the auto hold function is on then the handbrake auto engages when you switch the engine off.
  10. ST-X 182 mk4 desert blue. 5500 miles Likes 1. Cornering. This car saved me from imminent death by simple sticking to the road. When turning a corner there is so little roll and the front end just keeps level. Had an Astra SRI 69 plate for 2 weeks and it has nothing on it where handling is concerned. 2. It look beautiful especially in rain with sun out. 3. Engine makes if feel close to a hot hatch but this is also a dislike. 4. Space in cab, kids have lots of room even tho there is a full sized adult in front. 5. Heated seats and cab warms up quickly. 6. Lane assist and adaptive cruise control let's the car drive its self on motorways. 7. People heads still turning when I pass 🙂 Dislikes 1. Damn engine is just to slow for it's great handling but then will wheel spin like hell in 1st and 2nd when really pushing it. 2. sports mode does not give enough difference to engine performance from normal. SRI put into sport seemed to make the turbo kick in instantly and you deffo feel the difference. 3. metal gear stick gets COLD in winter. 4. MPG isnt that good but I know this is partly due to my driving. Average 25 in city and 50 motorway. 5. rattle from driver door if stereo is up loud. wind down window and it stops. 6. It doesnt have ther performance of the fiesta st even tho it's the same engine. 7. cant use maps when using android auto 8. if turn car off then turn in readers light then open car, get out, lock car, light stays on.
  11. Hi all, Sorry to hear about some of these issues. I have a July ST-X 1.5 182 and have had very few issues. Had the emergency failure pop up but that fixed itself with a switch off then on. The Stop Start has always been a weird one in all the cars I've driven with it. It seems to be a combination of battery life, battery pull (what's drawing power such as rear window grill, heater settings etc) and mainly the outside or engine temp. Worst I've had is the handbrake not auto engaging. I parked in front of a wall on a down slope and half stepped out of the car as it started rolling, I managed to pull the handbrake inches from hitting the wall. I did some testing and realised that the Auto hold also seems to control the auto handbrake. The AH, AHB and SS turned themselves off when I go into sports mode. from what I've read it is only supposed to be the SS. Saying that, I know it's great having all this tech but I dont think we should ever fully rely on it. Just like a manual handbrake, before I get out of the car I always pull the handbrake lever even if it has already auto engaged. I often keep my foot on the brake even when Auto brake is on and have learned to be quick enough to manage clutch from braking on a slope. The error messages are an issue and ford should be able to diagnose them. Try the prev comment of updating all modules. Maybe get an OBD reader and the torque app for £5 for both to see if there is any more info it can give.
  12. Is there an easy way to take of the limiters so it does same BHP? Dont get me wrong, it pulls a bit but it looks faster 🙂
  13. Has anyone noticed the break responce being less in ech mode? I could swear in my new stx when I switched to echo I had to press harder on the breaks to get the same responce. I'm loving the car by the way.