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  1. "normal" driving a mix of stop start 30 mph 40 mph 50 mph 60 mph roads and a number of hills as in daily commute average mpg is 56.7 At 70 mph "satnav speed" on motorway M62 Leeds to Manchester and back average mpg 58.5 Can get it up to 60+ mpg if taking it easy. Short runs local shopping etc drops to 54/55 ( get this if using air con etc ) These are real world not screen mpg Focus 1.6 tdci titanium x on a 62 plate now on 21000 miles
  2. Possibly the mass air temp sensor ( I think that is what it is called ) on inlet pipe is playing up or blocked / dirty
  3. Horn is under the offside headlight.
  4. Yes I am running these and they are good. Had HIDS in till one of the bulbs went and changed to those. Not up to the full HID brightness but close. Get flashed more with these than I ever did with the HIDS For info I drive on unlit country roads.
  5. Benfield Ford york road Leeds 3rd service £207 And they offered to change the battery in the keyless remote fob for £18.50 which I refused. They tried the hard sell by saying the fob will need reprogramming if anyone else does it. Changed battery when it got home and all working.
  6. Detailing World will have all the info you will ever need Menzerna polishes work very well
  7. Dent in my front door cost £395 to have done this was caused by another door
  8. A common fault is worn selector on the fifth gear this leads to a worn gear Can be changed without removing gearbox if this is the problem
  9. Car has to be level and is topped up through the plug hole you have seen. Top up till it is just below the level of the hole.
  10. A broken wire in the door loom It will be broken near the plug / socket on the door
  11. Got mine in August had it a couple of weeks direct from Haynes
  12. Vredestein SNOWTRAC 3 195/65 R15
  13. You will need to check the loom in the door sound like a broken wire Common fault due to the bending as the door is opened/closed It will be close to the plug Try undoing the plug then peel back the rubber and look for a broken wire.
  15. Common fault on the 1.4 TDCI You will need to change the copper washers under the injectors to stop the fumes Don't know about the diesel leak Backache of a job Got a set sat next to me to do my son's