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  1. It’s absolutely fine and perfectly legal. You’ll need to change the bumper, grill, lights and bonnet all at once. Do you really hate the pfl front end that much?
  2. Maybe mine’s got loose from repeated removal but I can just pop it out with a screwdriver or plastic tool. There’s just a few little hooks top & bottom you need to tease round.
  3. Or a heater matrix leak? Have you checked for wet carpets?
  4. I don’t have a towbar so I’m guessing it’s redundant anyway then. There’s one mention of it on the interweb, apparently it turns off the rear parking sensors when a trailer is attached? Any advice on the pin outs?
  5. And, for a bonus point - wtf is a trailer control unit? That’s the fuse I’m planning to piggyback from.
  6. Hi guys, I’m doing the swap from a mk7 centre console to a mk7.5 with armrest and illuminated cup holders. I just want to check I’m wiring it up correctly before I blow up my car! The grey connector on the console - can I just wire a +ve and an earth to either pin? I’m presuming the top pins and bottom pins power the cup holder lights and rear power socket and it’s only a simple circuit so they can be either way round. So the arrangement will simply be; +ve EARTH +ve EARTH Am I correct?
  7. Isn’t the standard K&N 57i just loose in the engine bay too though?
  8. Is it like the audio controls - give it a bang with your fist and then it works as it should?
  9. Really? How come? I was thinking more air = more bang. It certainly perked up my MINI compared to the standard panel filter!
  10. I’ve got a spare K&N cone filter from my old R53 MINI Cooper S and was wondering if I can just stick it on my Fiesta Metal. Can anyone see a reason why not? I’m just planning to screw it onto the end of the intake hose as a direct replacement for the air box. Normally I’d be worried about potential heat soak but the standard fit K&N just sits free in the bay too and that’s considered ok. I’ve got my autool to keep an eye on AITs too!
  11. Cheers guys, I’ll have a try this weekend. Good idea to use a plastic rod!
  12. I should probably mention it’s a 2012 metal!
  13. Hi guys. I’ve got a load of usb stuff installed in the car so I’ve stuck a cheap usb hub behind the glovebox. Problem is I’ve got a phone holder on the driver’s a-pillar, how can I route a power cable from there to the hub? I can’t find any easy route behind the centre console/ radio area. I tried to yank the knee bolster off to see where it could go and I’m glad I gave up - it’s a ***** airbag!!!![emoji95]
  14. We have a winner!! I put the deposit down on the white metal and I'm picking it up on Friday after its been serviced and MOT'd. The test drive was good. The car pulled well and felt a lot more nimble than my mini does. From what I could see the carpets were dry and the bodywork seemed perfect (but it had just rained so I'll probably find a million dinks when it's dry). One of the front fog lights was a bit loose but I'm sure it's a quick fix to sort it out. Can't wait to pick it up and have a proper drive this weekend, I just hope the weather perks up. Thanks for your help guys, I'm sure I'll soon be quizzing you on what to upgrade first!
  15. Thanks for the tips and confirmation that they are a trustworthy seller, my boss also knows them and said the same. Do you have any recommendations for any common faults i should look out for when i go to view the car this afternoon? I'm aware of possible rust issues around the arches and petrol filler cap and the possibility of water leaks into the cabin - anything else?